Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eureka Moment : Inexpensive 2-Way Desk Mirror

Hi Everyone :)

I've been doing make-up to this one client and she got so interested with the mirror I'm using. She wanted to know how much I bought it and she was expecting me to reply with $%#*$&@ amount LOL

She was surprised when I said "PHP88.00" (approx $2.00)

I'm lucky, I'm a bargain shopper and hunter! :) And it's not crappy mirror!


The Box :)

The Mirror The right size, perfect for your office table LOL Perfect to take along when you do make-up to clients
and show them the final look

The Stand Foldable, very convenient to take along

Unlike those inexpensive mirrors who's got mirrors on both side

but both are the same.
This vanity mirror comes in

Regular Mirror

Turn it backwards,
the Magnifying mirror
to see your pores
and oh so bad Blackheads lol

(as you can see Crabby is nearer 3-4x)

Philippine readers can purchase this at Japan Home Center
for Php88.00 (approx $2.00)
I've purchased 2 already :)

Hope my Eureka moment is helpful! :)

Stay Happy!


  1. You're definitely a SMART shopper twin. For 2 dollars, I'd have gotten a very crappy looking mirror. That mirror looks expensive. You lucky gal! HEHEHE

  2. this mirror looks really useful. will u get dizzy looking at it? like those attached in the hotel bathroom ones, i get dizzy look at the magnifying side

  3. I love Japan Home Center! It's packed with super cheap stuff. You can get lost in that place! You're right...this does look like a good buy. I'm a grab me one soon!

  4. lol crabby says BIG HI! kkk
    sooo cute :D

    that mirror would sooo help in extraction, and doing my brows...

    and thanks nikki~ you always know what to say to make someone feel better, and warm & fuzzy inside :P

  5. this stuff looks cool and really useful!

  6. totally good buy!
    and crabby is so cute

    show me all ur stuffed toys one day!!

  7. wow! they have amazing stuff at Japan Home Center! really affordable too! how's the seminar nikki? :)

  8. wow very cheap! my mom just gave me one but it has a plastic frame in pink :) 2 way mirror din..:)

  9. Cinthia twin, I'm sure we'll both be happy if we shop together :D I'll be shopping with a hottie and you'll be shopping with a "CHEAPO" lol

    Prettybeautiful, if you are looking closely at a certain area, you won't get dizzy, but if you use the magnified version for "overall" view, definitely dizzy-o! :)

    Lootwagon :) Grab more! heheheh This is the cheapest, nice quality 2 way mirror I've ever find :)

  10. Rasilla, awww..well..that's what blogger friends are for *hugs*

    Anastacia Park :) I'm sure you already have a good mirror with you :D

    Yumeko :) I don't have a lot, but if I have a chance, I'll show it to you, gosh! I'm turning 30 soon and here I go showing stuff toys LOL

  11. Sab, seminar went great! :) Thanks for asking :) I enjoyed meeting new friends! :D

    Liz, I know! She's been with me in my past FOTD :) She's a cutie and everyone loves her! :) Even on reflections lol

    Miemiemie, 2 way mirror really works no? :D

  12. I just went to the nearest Japan Home Center, but couldn't find this! I want this so bad!

  13. Melvel, which branch? I do know it's not available on ALL japan home centers, I bought mine at hmm..Market Market :) Goodluck searching :)

  14. Nikki, I went to the Greenbelt 1 branch. They had all sorts of mirrors, but they didn't have these. :(

    I did get some organizers. I wanted to get those fences you got before, but it's also OOS.

  15. Melvel, oh yeah! I do know the other mirrors they have, most of them in plastics, well do take a look at some other branches :) Goodluck!!! The fences? Oh no, also OOS? Don't worry there's a lot of other branches, is Robinson's OTIS near you? There's not a lot of people shopping there, that's where I also bought my Back-up 2 way mirror and fences :)

  16. $2? What a bargain! I love using these 2-way mirrors. Great for when I do my eyebrow tweezing, and looking at my massive pores :p

  17. Tine, it's actually a mirror that makes you feel bad LOL I seldom flip to the magnifying one :)

  18. i'm also using a 2-way mirror. but the stand broke so i need a new one :( i'll go and check out japan home center :D


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