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Askmewhats Reviews: Cover Girl TruBlend Foundation

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As seen on my recent Askmewhats Version of the looks I've created, I've been using my MAC Studio Fix foundation, which I told everyone DOES NOT MATCH MY SKIN! I look like I have hepatitis or something as the color is too yellow on me. I've always thought I'm an NC30, so drop that thought! ---- I AM NOT NC30 and never will! lol

Since I bought the foundation already and it'll be good to use it for clients, I still would like to use it as a mix and match foundation for people who probably has my skin tone and I wouldn't want to put MAC Studio Fix foundation into waste as the coverage indeed is great!

I've been hovering around Cover Girl stall and it's funny how the first SA who helped me out still remembered me. I wanted something for mix and match so I am looking into a foundation that's easy to blend and of course in LIQUID form. That's when I decided to purchase my first CG TruBlend foundation.

I chose the lightest shade of all. It's in IVORY.

Cover Girl TruBlend says ---

TRUblend Liquid Makeup has color spheres that go beyond just matching your skin tone to actually merge with your skin, for a naturally flawless look. Specially designed to work with TRUblend pressed powder, concealer and blush; select your foundation, 1 - 6, then look for the corresponding concealer, blush and powder!

  • Oil Free
  • Dermatologically-tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)

Askmewhats says ---

  • doesn't cake on my skin
  • if you are a make-up artist, this is PERFECT for blending foundation
  • I've tried wearing this alone, though not my shade for review purposes, felt light on my skin, I don't feel like I have any foundation on
  • no allergies or skin irritations
  • affordable
  • best for dry skin
  • love the packaging! Love that it comes in glass, not cheap plastic ones
  • love the pump!!! (why can't MAC SF give the pump for free if CG can???)

  • if you have oily skin, this could be a bit of a problem on oil control, as the foundation is a bit watery.
  • if you're looking for heavy coverage - this isn't it. This is for light to medium coverage

I have read and researched about CG TruBlend being reformulated. I've read so many raves about the old formulation and the new one (the one I have) is crap. Now, I also wonder why they changed the formula? And how good is the old formula? Anyone used the old formula? Let me know

In my opinion, I would say this is a good and affordable product. It's definitely NOT a "Star Performer" but for it's price and the amount of product you get with good packaging, it's worth a try. I like this for "blending foundation" purposes but I wouldn't buy the TruBlend in my shade and use it as MY foundation. Again, there are better products out there :)

  • apply using your fingers or foundation brush/stippling brush. Do not use sponges as the sponge will absorb the product easily, especially with the texture of TruBlend. Prevents wastage.
  • use this to mix and match your old foundation that isn't your color, remember how many squirts you need to achieve the right color :) Mine is 50% MAC NC30 and 50% CG TruBlend.
  • OC-ness Alert: Always wipe the pump with cloth or tissue before you store this.

Will I repurchase?

Maybe, I have a feeling this will take a long time to finish up!

Where can you purchase and how much?

SM Department stores for Php645.00 (approx $13.70)
But if you're in the US, I've seen Ulta online selling these for buy one get the 2nd bottle 50% off! Good deal!!! I've seen a lot of BOGOF for CG products! (lucky gals)

Now let me show you swatches

One squirt
Texture is just right, not too runny or creamy

Spread the product using fingers
Not bad for such small amount of product I squirted

I know, the shade is totally off, too light on me,
but here's to show you the nice coverage
and how it turned out to have a matte finish
(please click to enlarge)

I hope this review helps to readers who wants to know how this works :)
If you have further questions, ask away! :)
I'm not calling this blog "Askmewhats" for nothing ya know *winks*
Happy Friday or Thursday to everyone!!! :D
Stay Happy!

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  1. Great Review :D The foundation might be very light on me. So are you lighter than NC30? That is my shade :)

    I absolutely adore the Aloha Nails that you did. I wonder if I can do that too for I don't have steady hands. haha :P

    Yeah my mom and I, people often mistaken us as sisters. Its funny :/

  2. I love your detailed reviews!! <3 You're truly a big asset to my beauty blogging world, hehe!

  3. hmmm the finish looks quite good, but too bad the color is too light for u

  4. I've never try CG foundation. Although most of the others drugstore foundation don't work for me. It always break me out. Thanks for the review sissy.

  5. i like those pump bottles

    btw all the best for ur seminar!

  6. OOh you have COVER GIRL! Do you guys have the Crest mint glosses there?

  7. Iyah, I like this light one to mix to my NC30, up to date, I still don't know my MAC shade, in SF powder foundation, NC30 is fine with me :) The liquid is just too yellow on me :D Sweet cheeks, your mom looks super young!!!

    Fuz, oh no! You are a big "enabler" to my beauty world, because of you..girl! I am looking at Lunasol and Coffrets!!! STOP ME!!! hahahha

    Prettybeautiful, oh worries :D I chose the lightest shade to mix it with my MAC dark foundatioN :)

  8. Cinthia twin, you shouldn't be looking at any other foundation as your current one works so well on you!!! I still remember your review about it and I've been searching high and low for the same foundation, but not a lot are selling them :)

    Yumeko, thank you dear! :D

    Kahani, yes we have CG down here but NOT the crest mint gloss, i've asked them, lol the SA gave me a blank look, they just sell the regular lip gloss :) But I understand why you're looking for's FAB!!!!!

    B, thank you B sis!

  9. Good coverage! Well.. again, I don't think it suits my oily-combo skin. Nonetheless, thanks for the review!

  10. Anastacia park and Devi, you're welcome :) I'm glad to have done this review :)

  11. The original TruBlend was amazing -- you really couldn't make a shade mistake because even stuff that looked off in the bottle blended out to match whatever skin it was applied to. This reformulation is different and I don't know why. Think I'm gonna ask some questions.

    Like the new formula for the natural finish, though. Of course, I have to use primer and M.A.C Blot Powder to keep it in place -- oily skin!

    How come you chose Ivory? Did they not have some kind of handy shade-chooser thingy, a fan of plastic sheets with colour swatches you could hold up to your face to see what shade is closest? I'm thinking Creamy Natural might have been better for you, hon.

  12. Janine :) Don't worry, I bought the lighter shade on purpose because I bought a MAC shade by mistake right? So I use the Trublend to blend it to my MAC Studio Fix to make the right shade :)

    I can't wait for the answer on the newer formulation :) I wonder how nice the old formulation is :)

  13. I've actually heard a lot of good things about this foundation. I'm going to test it out when I head to my local drugstore just to see how it is :)

  14. Tine, you know what? I've heard much better stuffs about the old formula, do check them out at the counter and give it a try before you purchase it :)

  15. HI!
    I know this comes bit late but I just came obsessed bout CG foundations;aquasomootht&radiance.I live in Finland,no CG here:( And cant find online store that deliver here,drugstore does,but shipping costs are over 26dollars!
    Do you know any other places? Also cant do colour match,cause you have to have Usa mobile number..
    Maybe creamy natural? I am nw,nc,20-25,N3 in studiofix..
    Someone help me :):(
    Also the whipped one,since I have drier skin..
    Contact anyone who knows:


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