Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cover Girl Advanced Radiance

I am not a liquid/cream foundation girl! (I have to clarify that as early as now). I'm a powder girl , which is a total no-no as I have really dry skin. You can literally see my skin flakes during the colder season and the "stupid" me kept on using face powders for oily skin. DUH!

I've known Cover Girl since I was in Highschool. As I'm a magazine addict and I can always see Cover Girl advertisement in Magazines like Teen Mag, YM , etc... The first Cover Girl product I've used is their eyeshadow quad. But I threw it away as it is older than my dog!

The first I saw Cover Girl Products here in Manila was at Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas. I was supposed to just look around for Drugstore products but their nice booth caught my eye!!! The BA (Beauty Adviser) was super nice and accommodating, she answers to all my "what's this and that".

As I originally didn't plan to purchase anything, I was quite honest to her. I told her about my dry skin, my allergies, etc... and she recommended me to try the CG Advanced Radiance with Olay. She gave me a sponge and I did my application.

Pros --
1. Smells divine!
2. Easy to blend, it's creamy texture made it super easy to apply, no spillage and no wastage.
3. My skin looks really radiant!

Cons --
1. You have to take time to really make sure all the parts on your face is covered, no streaks
2. You have to clean and wash your sponge after application. (NO to bacteria!)
3. It takes just a li'l bit longer to apply compared to face powders

I told the BA that I'll be strolling the mall for some time to check if I'll get some allergic reactions to my skin. I did, for a good 1 hour, and took a look at my's as fresh as I first applied it!

Verdict ----
SOLD! hahaha (I bought mine in Buff Beige), I am using it EVERY Single day, sometimes with Foundie brush (during weekends), sponge (on days I have a couple of minutes to spare) or my fingers (for super in a rush day). It looks good no matter what.

Tip ---
This can also be used as concealer, just squirt a bit and dab directly to your blemish. (Pat gently, DO NOT rub)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. How heavy is the coverage of CG Advanced Radiance? I don't think we have Cover Girl here though.

    I'm a tinted moisturiser gal! I have dry skin too and don't like heavy coverage (on a daily basis anyway), so I usually dab on Vichy Lumineuse in 00 Naturelle Satinée, which gives me a healthy glow. On days when there are no dry patches on my skin, I use MAC Studio Fix (the compact powder foundation) using their 187 brush. Because of the brush, I can apply a sheer layer. But the most important thing is to always moisturise! That's the most important step in my skin routine.

  2. It is NOT heavy at all, it stays put like it's your own skin!

    At times when my skin is super dry as well, I mix my foundation with my Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. So the coverage is way lighter.

    The cover girl by the way, doesn't make my skin dries up as they have Olay moisturizer in it :)

    I love brushes as well! And I try to use it as much as possible, but just don't have enough time! :D

  3. .my mom bought this in medium beige from a co-worker who went abroad..i took since she doesn't use it..the coverage is awesome..the smell is like freesias or some flower..
    anyway it's too pink for me so i mix it with a few drops of 4U2 BB cream and clean&clear oil-free moisturizer then let the mix dry so i can use it as concealer.

  4. .where can you buy covergirl in cebu?


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