Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tip for the Day: Dry Hands and Feet?

** Beauty Formulas are available at Robinson's Department Stores and SM Watson's

I've always have rough "dishwashing expert" kinda hands. I am quite shy to shake someone's hands and I would feel that I can lose the job interview everytime the HR person shook my hands! I've tried hundreds of Hand creams til I found my "baby".

Beauty Formulas Non-Greasy Hand & Nail Lotion was first introduced to me on my Malaysia Trip. I went to Sasa Store and bought a couple of items. When I paid at the cashier, the sales lady asked me if I want to buy their Hand lotion, told her NO as I know it won't work! She handed me this Hand & Nail lotion and told me they have a "buy 1 get 1" promo. What a heck! What can I lose? I can always give it as gifts to my friends!

I did gave one up to my colleague and she used it in the office after washing. She was thanking me like hell saying it's such a great product! Hmmm mmm, I went home, used it..and I am SO IN LOVE!!! I use it every night before I sleep and my hubby (then BF) held my hand and told me my hands are really soft! (take note: we were dating for 10yrs so he knows my hands like his own). Since then, I used it religiously EVERY night before I sleep.

As I was saying, I was born with a block of DRY SKIN all over me! And my feet weren't an exemption. Since the hand cream worked for me! I bought the same brand -- Beauty Formulas Intensive Foot Cream. Used it, and you know what? The brand didn't fail me! (tip: wear a socks

Pros ---
It really works, it's inexpensive...and did I say..IT REALLY WORKS?

The hand & Nail cream is just too watery, so be careful to store it upside down so that you won't waste your precious lotion

I'm going to repurchase!

Extras ---
I don't know how much it is to be exact at the moment, as I was panic buying and bought a couple.
Price for Hand & Nail Lotion at Robinson's malls was P109.75 (which was last year's price)
Price for Intensiv Foot Cream at SM Watson's was P135.00 (this is recent)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I think I've seen Beauty Formulas before in Asia, but not here. I'm a fan of Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated (unscented). I have dry hands too (and all that constant washing up doesn't help). I keep a tube of it on my desk at home and at work. Next time I'm in Asia, I'll be sure to check out Beauty Formulas hand lotion. :)

  2. Ohhh I'm going to give Neutrogena Hand cream a try as well :) I can give my Beauty Formulas a li'l bit of competition and I'll report back who's the winner...FOR ME hehehe

  3. Ohhh do!!! (BTW, pics up!)


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