Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Etude Coverfit Two Way Cake

Aside from my review on Etude Coverfit Two Way Cake Foundation, this is also a quick review on my experience with HK Facial Shop. This is my first time to order from them and I tried ordering just a single product first as I want to check their products and services.

I've placed an order from HK Facial Shop and the product reached me around 2 weeks time or more. Not bad, and I have to blame our local postal service :)

Etude is a Korean brand. Sorry but their website is in Korean. They also have another line of cosmetics from same company called Etude House, the packaging of Etude House is pretty and more interesting as I guess they are targeting the "younger" generations (a.k.a. teenageers). While packaging of Etude is more on the "mature" side, I still find them cute for my taste.

The Etude Coverfit Two Way Cake Foundation is interesting because it's not overpriced and at the same time, it comes with a free refill. So I get a compact, and 2 Foundation! Not bad.

But is the product worth it? Read on for more details.

Etude Coverfit Two Way Cake says ---
Etude Coverfit Two Way Cake
It comes as a set: one case and two refills
(sorry, this is all the information I got)

Askmewhats says ---
  • a nice bundle of 1 compact with 2 foundation
  • refillable
  • no allergies
  • affordable
  • hygienic: has a nice plastic for the sponge not to come in contact with the foundation
  • has light to medium coverage, which is good.
  • gives out a natural look.

  • not meant for dry skin, it flakes on me a bit
  • has a mild scent: Con for people who doesn't like scented foundation (I don't mind the scent though)
  • if you are looking for heavy coverage, this isn't the one. This is more of a light to medium coverage
  • powder isn't as smooth as MAC SF Powder Foundation or P&J Dual Powder foundation
This isn't a bad product, but I'm sure there's a lot of better ones out there. I haven't tried this wet as I don't want to ruin the powder. Overall, this is best to be used as a setting powder. I think this will work better for people with oilier skin :)

  • if you want to use this as setting powder, apply this powder foundation using a big fluffy brush instead so it won't cake on you
  • if apply using a sponge, apply with a patting motion rather than a rubbing motion to prevent caking.
  • if you use this wet, you have to use wet all the way, as it will ruin your pressed powder <--- applies="" even="" eyeshadows.="" li="" to="">
Will I repurchase?

No, I find this too drying for my dry skin :)

Where did I purchase and how much?

At HK Facial Shop for $24.99 (including shipping), which is approximately Php 1,200.


The packaging is made of plastic
I love that it has a cover

between the sponge and the foundation

Side by side with MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation

Bigger as seen on photo
In real life,
the plastic of Etude Coverfit is a bit cheap looking
But bearable!

Here's how the powder looks like in #21 Light Beige

As used on one side of my hand

It blends well on my skin

Coverage is light to medium

(you can click photo to enlarge)

I know not everyone can relate to my review here as Etude is not even available locally. But don't worry, I know I've said this before, if you want to try Korean Powder Foundation that works? Go for The Face Shop. I find the Powder Foundation from TFS is even better compared to Etude. That's my opinion though! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm not familiar with the brand. Thanks for sharing your finds girl! This was a good review :)

  2. hmmm i always thought that powder/foundation from these korean brands eg etude house, TFS, skinfood would not perform better than those mac and etc.. and looks like it is quite true :P

  3. haven't heard of this, but it's always nice to find out about new products. sucks when things aren't available though :(

  4. Lootwagon, oh I believe Etude is just like The SKin Food and The Face Shop when it comes to products they offer. It's not available locally though but I believe they have it in other neighboring Asian countries.

    Prettybeautiful, I would say The Face Shop performs really well, NOT MAC but it performs good, but this one..yeah..skip it. I still have dryness on my skin at the moment and I just used it for a week!

    Yumyumsushi, don't worry this is a "MISS" product :)

  5. too bad it didn't work out for you, the casing is so pwitty though

  6. oww! it's so sad! Also i don't like all Etude or etude a house products, it's not good products, but it's just i think :)Try mamonde or Enprani or IsaKnox, Beyond or skinfood, thats proucts super super cool :)

  7. At least the packaging is cute... hehe~

  8. M, the casing looks really girly! But yeah, I have to give it uP :)

    Anastacia Park, thanks for the recommendation, you are giving me more excuse to shop ;) hehehe take care

    Ahleessa, hahahah try to depot this and use it on other foundation huh? hehehe

  9. ate nikki! hay..kung pwede lang nga sana ayoko muna umalis or yung sana pwede ko na isama si bf..kaso kelangan ko muna makarating dun and wait ng at least 1 year before kami ikasal..hay..

  10. Hi Nikki,

    I planned to get this product. I already ordered etude's bb cream and if the shade is right, I'll buy coverfit as well.

    Whew, good thing you did this review! I have dry skin too and this would have caked on me (at ayoko mahabol ng icing huh). Girl, you just saved me some cash!

  11. Miemiemie, well time flies so fast naman, just enjooy the time you can spend with him habang kaya, saying goodbye is so hard talaga but you survived the past, there's not exception to now :)

    Kittenpaws, hey I'm glad to be of help. Let me know how you like the Etude BB cream :) Never tried them :D thanks for being so sweet for leaving a comment!

  12. Thank you for the review, I've yet to try anything from Etude! It does look kinda dry, but the packaging is cute!

  13. Etude is not a high end product. Emprani is. I got of their lisptick.. its so moistursing! i love it and it doesnt try either.

    For more reasons to shop - check Tony Moly (it's like cute cute brand. not high end; Innisfree , for me they are competing with skinfood)and Banila Co. its my first time to hear about Banila Co. A bit more expensive than that what a mentioned above. i checked their site (in korean though) the colors are nice and a bit more daring than others.

    Korean cosmectics are affordable when we buy it there but when transported, its way damaging! LOL


  14. Dahee, super thanks for the useful information :) I wouldn't know about any of the brands you mentioned until I visited Seoul :)


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