Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Late Christmas Early Birthday Gift

Gracie! Spoils me like there's not tomorrow! She sent me a lovely Christmas gift included the wonderful wrapping! My eyes opened up like I'm not Asian with small eyes when I saw what's inside. I am so glad to postal office didn't open this right in front of everyone! hahaha

Gracie, are you sure this is a Christmas gift
and not a Bridal Shower gift?


After she tries to undress me with her gift, lol
she gave me 2 lovely blouses
that's "so ME" and "so HER".
I'm sure everyone knows which one is "so me"!
The Kimono dress! "So her" is the halter silk top.

And a wonderful birthday gift from her!
This girl is not stopping!
Thanks so much Grace for spoiling me to death!

Revlon Make a Sheen Olive It Up
Revlon Make a Sheen Express'o Yourself
Ruby & Millie Complete Eye Kit (the lovely leather bound square pan)
Benefit Lyin' Eyes Brush on Concealer
Ruby & Millie A Decade of Color Natural Eyes (gold)
Ruby & Millie A Decade of Color Night Eyes (dark purple)
Benefit Lemon Aid
Rimmel London Sweet Seduction Colour Palette

Thanks! More product reviews and looks to be done!
I appreciate the lovely presents and friendship Grace!
You won't see a photo of me in that lingerie for sure!


  1. Oooh sexy lingerie! hubba hubba! LOL. What a great loot! Enjoy your goodies!

  2. wow sexii silky blue lingerie!! wut r u gonna do wit that huh??? o_O ahaha

  3. Lootwagon :) thanks

    FuN an MakeUp, hahahhah what am I going to do with it? Wear it and strut it on streets! hahahhaa Gosh, I'm going to get arrested!

  4. Hahahaha! Oh, c'mon sis! Don't be such a spoil sport! Why not create and FOTD and wear those to complete the look *wink wink nudge nudge!!!

    Of course not sis... I didn't expect that your would post a photo of you wearing those... we have to preserve your dignity and reputation hahahaha!!!

  5. Love the sexy lingerie and I'm sure you're gonna look hot in it mamas! Happy early birthday babes & enjoy all of those amazing goodies!

  6. lol nikki ''My eyes opened up like I'm not Asian with small eyes'' you crack me up with your antics.

    all those goodies look ... so good =) lucky duck!

    that ruby and millie complete eye kit looks interesting hmmm

  7. wow, great loot! Enjoy your goodies!

  8. Lookit you!! Oh sooo spoiled! We are so blessed to have wonderful people around us :)

    That is one sexy lingerie! haha! :D I'd be shy to wear that infront of the husband. hihihi!

    Ohhh! I love benefit! :D

  9. WOW! I love silk too :) hahah

    you got awesome stuffs!

  10. Gracie! What do you mean about preserving the dignity???? LOL Are you challenging me..hold on... *drops clothes, wore sexy lingerie* MODEL POSE! LOL

    Yas, thank you sweetie!

    Jo, Ruby & Millie really looks wonderful, I will definitely be creating wonderful looks with it

    Gio, thanks

    Iyah, shy to wear in front of the hubby??? *HIGH FIVE* hahahaha we sound like we're not even married! hahaha

    Anastacia park :) Thank you sweetie :) Silk is wonderful!

  11. oooo...*reeeoowww*...I like the "unwrap me" bit... ;) and the black lace is haawwwtt!!

    wanna hear how the Revlon make a sheen kits work for you... :)

  12. LOL. Nice lingerie. I bet Keith loves them very much, no? :P LOL

  13. You and your gifts! You are sooooo love, my darling. Yaaay, someone's got a b-day comin' up!

  14. Bee, hahahhahah I can't believe you saw the "unwrap me" hahahah Imagine, the old lady from customs see that! hahahha I will let you know how Revlon works, I'll probably do a look soon!

    B, thanks girl! You sent me so much love too!

    Nic Nic, she is! :)


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