Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reader's Corner: Q&A + SkinDeco's Pressie

I haven't been doing this for quite some time, so there's a couple of questions to be answered today! Feel free to share your thoughts or additional comments if you know the answer to some of the queries. Thanks! :D


What good eye cream can you recommend?

Askmewhats Answers:

I am sure a lot of you have your favorite eye creams. I myself used so much I can't seem to keep track. I will just write down the ones that gave me a lasting impression :)

I have used Clinique All About Eyes eye cream for years, I would say puffiness did subside but of course, I am very consistent with it for more than a year. Consistent meaning morning and evening!

Currently, I am using Garnier Light Roll-on Eye and I will do an in-depth review on it. I would say, I see good results especially on the puffiness side. The darknesss? Well..that is quite hard to remove! I think I'm born with panda eyes :) Yes, I stopped using my favorite Clinique All About Eyes cream because I know readers want to hear my thoughts on it. That's how much I love ya all!


How do you depot ULTA e/s?

Askmewhats Answers:

Use a cutter or small knife to slowly pry it upwards. There are no holes on ULTA e/s and you just need to slowly pull the pan upward. BE CAREFUL. Most ULTA e/s are easy to depot as the glue concentrate is just a small blob concentrated at the center. There's just one that lose our calories. The ULTA e/s Plum Noire as the glue was scattered all over the pan!


What glitter polish do you use on most of your nail art tutorial?

Askmewhats Answers:

As seen on my previous post, Elianto White polish doesn't work for me but it doesn't mean all their nail polishes are bad! I actually love the glittery polish from Elianto and it gives out a really nice shimmer on ANY nail art I've done without covering or changing the art itself :)

Check them out. For Php99.00 or (approx $2.00). It's worth it.


What's the difference between the white and light green Paul and Joe compacts? Thanks!

Askmewhats Answers:

** Old Packaging, Light Green colored compact

Good question, I believe the light green compact you are referring to is the original packaging of the P&J Dual Powder Foundation, if I remember it right, the colors are numbered 01, 02, 03 04 etc...

**New packaging, newer formulation, cream packaging

Around mid-year last year, P&J came up with a better formulation and better coverage. The packaging is Iridescent Cream (not white). I was told the formulation has been improved and it goes on smoother than the old formula.

The obvious difference though, the old P&J Dual Powder foundation has SPF25 while the new one is only SPF20. <--- don't know why they can't make it the same.

In my opinion, I've used both and both did not fail me. And you'll know it's the newer version as the colors are numbered 10, 20, 30, 40 and so on :)

It doesn't make much difference, if you are 02 before, then you are 20 now :)

And the good thing is, if you love your light green packaging, you can still use it as P&J Dual Powder foundation comes with refills :D


How to clean nails and put on polish?

Askmewhats Answers:

I definitely do have my manicures and pedicures done professionally every now and then. Let's say once every 2-3 weeks. On weekends that I would change nail art designs or nail colors, I would use some cuticle liquid and brush it with a nail brush.


Do you know where to purchase China Glaze polish in the Philippines?

Askmewhats Answers:

Correct me if I'm wrong, we do have China Glaze polishes available at Rustan's mall right? If you want to find the reseller/distributor, I saw this ad in METRO magazine, the company is in the Philippines and their website is They sell Ardell and China Glaze polishes. (Please order from them at your own risk, I've never ordered from them)


How much did you pay when you ordered Tiny Tapir's Cloth pantyliners?

Askmewhats Answers:

Of course the price depends on the quantity and the type of product you ordered. The prices are written on the website and it's in Malaysian Ringgit. I suggest you use an online currency converter like Oanda. Please convert it from Malaysian Ringgit to US Dollars as they charge USD for international buyers.

Shipping will be manually calculated. You can send them an email telling them the product/s you wish to purchase and ask for an approximate shipping rate and see if it's ok for you before you purchase online. Just to give you an idea, I paid MYR20.00 for unregistered shipping (my choice) for 4 cloth pantyliners and that's equivalent to $5.56 (approx Php260.00)

DID YOU KNOW? (Local Readers)

If you chose "unregistered shipping" most of the products will be sent straight to your home, if you chose "registered shipping", no matter how small the product you ordered, you will receive a Notice Card and you have to pick it up at the local postal office.


Unregistered or not, if it's a huge package, you definitely need to pick it up at the local post office


Is Ben Nye products available in the Philippines?

Askmewhats Answers:

I am quite positive there are local resellers selling these Ben Nye products, as I've seen a lot of local make-up artists using these or have Ben Nye cosmetics in their make-up kit. But I personally do not know any of the sellers. So whoever knows where to purchase Ben Nye...feel free!

And of course, there's always EVIL BAY but shipping could be expensive!


I want to give a special shoutout to a nice blogger friend Connie from Skindeco. Here's what she sent me for my birthday! Waaaayy advance!!! She told me she didn't expect me to receive it so early. Well well, postal offices are like that! They perform well the least you expected! :P

The best birthday gift from her is when she said she thought I look like I'm on my mid-20s! SAY THAT AGAIN PLEASE? hahaha!!!

Thanks so much for the wonderful Skineeds Acne Moderator (I will share this with the hubby), RMK samples (she knew we don't have the brand here and wants me to have a taste of RMK), she also sent me a lovely Jewel Eyecolor palette and I've always been admiring her wonderful lashes! And she sent me a set of falsies too!


I hope my Q&A help some of you out there :)
Feel free to email me if you have any questions :)
Stay happy!


  1. Nikki sweetie! Awesome Q&A...I read it all and thoroughly enjoyed it. I tried the Garnier Fructis Roll On and really like that one too! Thanks mama! I'm not sure who ships Ben Nye there, but I would maybe Google some big makeup art beauty suppliers over here to see if they could ship? I love how informative you always are..thank you!

  2. Lurve your Q&As sweetie. Very informative! :)

  3. Yas, I am so happy my Q&A helps! At times, I felt I'm not helping at all! But I'm glad to know it did help even a bit!

    Lootwagon, thank you !!! :D

  4. always love your Q&A :)

    i cant find china glaze in msia too :(

  5. Nikki, China Glaze is not carried by Rustan’s. Beautylane is the official distributor in the Philippines. I’ve been to their Alabang office, and they’re a reputable company.

  6. Prettybeautiful, I think whatever we're using, we can stick to them for now :)

    Melvel, hey!! Thanks so much for the added info, I'm sure I saw OPI and Essie at Rustan's! But thanks for clarifying about China Glaze :) I've seen Beautylane's ad on magazines, I'm sure they're reputable! :) Wonderful into! Thanks girl!

  7. i wish they sold china glaze in japan...dang

    btw i cant wait for te garnier review!

  8. Hey, Nikki! this post very interesting! Cool stufs you got, also that e/s palette looks good!

  9. Hi Nikki! I saw China Glaze and OPI nail polished @ Tips and Toes. They have brances at Megamall, Greenbelt1 and Trinoma I think =D

  10. I'm definitely waiting for the Garnier review :) I have horrible dark circles and am looking for a good product to test out. :)

  11. nice Q&A post :D
    i can't wait for your garnier review! :)) i'm using Clinique moisture surge refreshing eye gel... if this garnier give result.. i'll definitely make a switch to it! can save me some $$ for other stuffs :D

  12. when depoting its better to put a small amount of alcohol to "loosen" the glue, use a dropper to put a few drops then wait for a couple of minutes.

    wow!i did not know that choosing unregistered shipping will actually deliver it straight to my house...
    im gonna do that the next time i order something.

    thanks a lot for the info!

  13. I always love your Q&As, they're very informative!

    Can't wait for the garnier review.

  14. Yumeko, Review for Garnier will be coming out soon :) Do wait and see :)

    Anastacia park :) Thanks lovely!

    Ury, do they sell them at Tips n' Toes? I do know they use them for pedicures and manicures :) Thanks for the info

    Gingerbee, I guess a lot are waiting for my Garnier review :)Thanks for the comment

  15. miRaCLe, me too! If it gives out wonderful result, at least I can save up on eye products :)

    Thiamere, oh yeah! I forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder! I saw a vlog about putting alcohol :) Thanks !

    Gio, thanks I'm glad you appreciate it!

  16. you look you're in your mid-twenties!! :D

    The blackhead remover gel is one of my HG product. I hope it'll work for you! And hubby too. hee hee.

    The RMK foundations, the cream one should be your shade but the liquid one could be darker so you'd have to adjust the color.


  17. Great post sissy! I've been using All about Eyes for months now but don't really see any dramatic result :( I'd love to try the Garnier roll on eyes though. That sounds interesting. Can't wait for your review!

  18. Connie! I love it that you said it again! hahahahah I love you girl! :) Thanks so much, thanks for the goodies! Can't wait to try the falsies too!

    Cinthia sis, I know, I do think about you when I talk about Clinique skincare, I know we're the same on that :) I will let you know how Garnier goes :D

  19. ooooh i have that eyeshadow palette in purple :)

  20. Really Liee? Your purchased it at Daiso too? :D


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