Friday, February 13, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: CS Pink Angle Taklon Liner Brush

What to use for gel lining your eyes?
My favorite! If you must know, I love gel liners!
And I want to use the right brush to create a nice line!
Here's another review for another brush that can be use for gel lining!
Smile and read on!!!

Coastal Scents Pink Angle Taklon Liner says ---

1/4 " slant, fine and flexible.
Brush measures end to end 6"

Askmewhats says ---

  • very inexpensive (talking about the brush itself)
  • does not shed at all
  • right length and perfect size
  • gives out a consistent line
  • with the right angle, easier for "newbies" in gel lining
  • brush hair doesn't hurt the eye
  • if you're into pinks --- It's PINK!!!
  • if you're NOT into pinks --- It's PINK!!! :P
  • the fat "base" of this CS Taklon liner is a bit "new" to me, I am never going to be used to it, though it was stated over website though that this brush is flexible! So it is meant to be flexible
  • since this brush is a bit fat, it grabs on more gel liner as opposed to the thinner eyeliner brushes
  • if you are into thin eyeliner: this isn't for you as the thinnest line would be shown on photo below. Applied using CS gel liner in True Black with the lightest hand


Again, not thinking about the shipping, this brush is super affordable especially if you are a first time gel liner user.

This is not a brush worth stocking on or going crazy for, but there is nothing bad about this brush that makes you toss and turn at night!

  • Share shipping with a friend
  • Perfect to use this to apply eyeshadow on the bottom lashes!
  • Great to use this to apply "eye primer" on the lower lash line too as this is made of taklon!
  • If you are looking into a "thin" eyeliner application, use "highest point" or the tip of the brush encircled in the photo below

Line using the tip only and the line will be thinner

Will I repurchase?

No, but I want to try the black one though, I've read the black one works better!

Where did I purchase and how much?

Coastal Scents website for $1.79 (approx Php85.00), excluding shipping. Shipping is freakin' pricey for international buyers!

More photos to give you more idea

the brushes I use for gel lining

Smashbox Brush no. 28
Here's me going for a thin line
(check out how I angle the brush to create this line)

And here's me going for a thicker line
(check out how I angle the brush to create this line)

Previously, I've done a review on the
CS White Angled Liner Brush
I am Nikki,
I make sure to fine ways to make something dysfunctional


I've finally found the best way to use the brush!
Perfect for gel lining the WATERLINE!

Now, don't think that I'm using all 3 brushes at the same time everyday! LOL I'll be late for work! I actually use the liner brushes depending on my mood!

On days I love to have a thicker liner, I go for the Pink Angle Taklon Liner brush
On days, I want to have a simpler look, I use my Smashbox 28 brush
and everytime I want to line my waterline, CS White Angled Liner brush answers my prayers.

Hope this review is helpful to some of you who plans to purchase some CS brushes!
They are worth it for the price!
Happy Friday
and Stay Happy!


  1. Thanks for your review! I was thinking about getting it but since I'd prefer thinner liners, I think I'll wait and see how well the black one works.

  2. thanks for the review. you have sooo many kikay stuff. :-)

  3. Jenn, I'm not sure if i'll be ordering any from CS for now..not unless they have HUGE HUGE sale! :)

    Liz, you're welcome, I love kikay stuffs :) Just like you hehehhe

  4. Most (all) of the time I don't like brushes with white bristle, they seem harder to clean...

    For gel liner, I am in love with the stila 28 line and's designed for the smudge pots!

  5. thanks Nikki for this great review!been thinking which to now I know which to choose and not regretting it later =D

  6. thanks for the review
    wish it didnt cost so much in shipping

  7. Great review! 'Tis a pity the line it draws is so fat. Would very much prefer a thinner line :)

  8. Cool review! and also I love your nail art on the last pic!

  9. I want to share shipping with you then! hahaha... gawd, their shipping is what kills me every time

  10. thanks for nikki! I admit, I'm a gel liner virgin hence, this is completely new to me. but thanks to your entry I will try using it soon and will be on the lookout for good brushes. maybe I'll try this one! although international shipping does burn a hole in our pockets. sad.

  11. Thanks for sharing this. I must say the price in US$ is so lovely. Even the quality's not "that" good but it's nice to try. But talk about the shipping, it makes me dizzy abit,LOL

  12. thanks for the review :D
    i never know i have so much to learn for an eyeliner brush :p n now i learn thru your informative and cute post! thanks Nikki!

  13. Citrine, I love Stila brushes too :D

    @Ddy, I know how it feels to want to know more information about a product you want to purchase online! :) And reviews are super helpful for sure! :)

    Yumeko I know! :)

    Tine, I love thin lines too! :D

  14. Anastacia Park, I'm glad you love the nail art I did :)

    Liee, I know!!!! I'll let you know if I'll purchase anything from them, for now, I'm going for HALT. :D

    Lootwagon, oh!!! Gel Liner Virgin! Wow...don't start I am super GEL LINER addict!

    Tuniez83, shipping for international from CS is really crazy! Well, it saves us money not to purchase online! :D

  15. That brush is crazy cheap! And you know what looks like it would work pretty well as a nail know, for doing french manicures. Hmmm...

  16. That brush is crazy cheap! And you know what looks like it would work pretty well as a nail know, for doing french manicures. Hmmm...

  17. Hey hey, just a question...are there any cheap and good gel liners available here in the Philippines? (I mean, like, I could physically go somewhere and buy it?)

    And, uh, do you know how much MAC fluidlines cost? :)

    Mwehe, sorry, andaming tanong. :D

    Haha, I need to start practicing, erm, learning this eyelining thing!

  18. you know i never got the hang of the flat brushes but i'm thinking i should use that more now for more natural lines (i.e. when i do ppl who are scared of wearing makeup, lol)

  19. B, I actually thought of that! I plan to use one for nails but I have to buy a 2nd one! hehhe Cheers to nail addicts in us!

    Gingerbee, I haven't personally tried them but I've heard Fanny Serrano gel liner works good, try The Face Shop's too! MAC Fluidlines costs around Php1,200 or something, not sure but around that rate :) IT's ok, keep the questions coming! hahha

    Renren, I is difficult when some people are scared of eyeliners :)

  20. i have a mac liner its ok but it dries in the jar quick and it cracks .I just placed an order of stila gel liners in a 3 set so when it comes ill do a review on it .but thanks for youre review happy vday also enjoy

  21. Ruby14, hey! Stila works really good you won't feel bad! And so far, the liner didn't cracked and dried up on me and it's been with me for almost a year already! :) You're welcome for the review!


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