Saturday, January 3, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Coastal Scents White Angled Liner Brush

Who wouldn't want to purchase a $2.19 (approx Php106.00) brush and it'll work and last you forever right?

I'm one of those! I have a HG gel liner brush but I'm still on the lookout for something "more". When I say more, I don't even know what I want more :) But reading a lot of raves about angled liner brush, especially the Sonia Kashuk one, I want one myself. But since I don't have access to purchase the Sonia Kashuk angled liner brush, I settled for the Coastal Scents one. First because it's cheaper, 2nd because they ship international.

I finally got it and has been using it for more than weeks. I poked my own eye many times, but for the love of my readers who would love to read reviews about this brush, I kept on poking...ehm... using the brush for me to be able to do a proper review :)

Read on :)

Here's the CS White Angled Liner brush. yes, it is very slim
The length of the brush itself from end to end is approx 6.75 inches
The brush hair is 5cm

Here's a close up shot of the brush hair
I knew it's not pointed as seen on the CS website

Coastal Scents Says ---

The hairs are precisoin cut; white taklon; formed in a solid fluid line without a tapered pointed end for a beautiful flat line.
Long slim line black handle with shiny metal ferrule.
7" in length

Askmewhats says ---

  • very cheap (if you are living in the US and shipping amount is not calculated)
  • no hair fall
  • easy to create a wing look with this brush as the brush hairs are too short, easy to control
  • brush is firm
  • after a good first application, when you dip the brush again on the gel liner, it creates a big blob of gel liner on the tip, which makes it harder for me to create a fine line for the 2nd time.
  • expensive shipping
  • the handle is too slim, I had a hard time holding it


If you are gel-lining your eyes for the first time, as read on reviews, a lot of people prefer this angled liner brush as the angled portion of the brush assists you in lining your eyes without having a hard time in making sure it matches with the other eye. I think I am so used to using my flat liner brush from Smashbox that I prefer going back to it than the angled one. I find that the fine brush will give me more chance to poke my eye than the flat liner brush.

Here's my HG gel lining brush from Smashbox :)

Same brush as the Coastal Scents
White Taklon

  • always start with a thin line then slowly re-apply to get the line you desire
  • try to wipe your brush before the next application to prevent the gel liner from thickening on the brush tip
  • do not be in a hurry if you are applying gel liner, as this could seriously poke your eye lol (I am writing based on personal experience)
Will I repurchase?

No, this is enough :)

Where can you purchase and how much?

At the Coastal Scents website for $2.19 (shipping not included)

There is nothing fabulous or bad with this brush,
if you have the means to purchase it, why not?
It is inexpensive and it's a great brush for you to start up your collection!
Always try out different brushes when you line your eyes for you to know which ones work for you!
Enjoy eyeliner brush hunting :)
Let me know what your HG eyeliner brush is :)
Stay happy!


  1. good to know the brushes aren't that great. i can't use an angled brush anyway. what a shame. well, i don't normally shop online and no CS for me of course!

    thanks for the review.

  2. Nikki dear, I find the brush a little too long, and uh, the brush's head, a little too long too. I prefer it to be shorter, and a little more firmer, like our normal eyeliner brush. Tee hee...

    i haven't really try out the brush, so those are just unjustified opinion of mine. hehe~

  3. One thing about buying coastal scents brushes is that althought the brushes are cheap, the shipping is not (and is sometimes more expensive than the brush itself!!).

    Thanks for the review!! I'm always curious about using a liner brush like that!! :D

  4. thank you for leting me know!
    i have been eyeing that brush but sounds like its not for me
    esp since i have to pay the high shipping as well

  5. Happy New Year Nikki! Sorry for the late greetings :D But then, better late than never! *LOL crap excuse*

  6. Great review Nikki! I agree, just by looking at the tip, the width of the brush looks like it is difficult to work with. CS' angled taklon liners are better IMO, although Sonia Kashuk's bent liner brush is the best. SK is my HG liner brush. :)

  7. great review sis! we have the same HG liner brush :P

  8. Jojoba, my pleasure :) I think whatever you're using now that works for you? Stay on to it! lol

    Plue, true the brush handle is quite long , it is ok for me though, what I don't like is that it's too slim! lol

    Jenn, right on! the shipping is hell expensive!!! it breaks my heart to pay the shipping!

    Yumeko, no problem :) I'm glad to you save your money and buy something else :)

  9. Devi, no worries, its the thought that counts :)

    Aileen, I am thinking more and more of the Sonia Kashuk brush!! :)

    Dustbunny, it is easier to work out the liner with our HG brush right?

  10. Nikki: Just to let you know, CS took Bark off their gel liner list! Ah! so sad you know! >_< And I thought of buying truffle and back just to compare! >_<

  11. Plue, I know!!! I wanted to purchase BARK but it's GONE!!! *gasp* what happened? If it's out of stock, it still should be there, just like True Black..darn!!! :( Are you purchasing any?

  12. sis, there are a lot of my CS brushes that work well enough but i agree that their eyeliner brushes have tendencies do go haywire. :)

    miss yah!!

  13. I think it's not available permanently. >_<

    I am considering Deep Plum, Grape Vine and Truffle :P

    but then again, I haven't decide whether shud i be getting this or not :P

  14. i want to try the smashbox brush now!!

  15. I've been wanting to try this brush for several months now. And now after reading your review, I'm torn!

    To get or not to get?? *bite lip*

  16. Shen sis! Yup!!! There are a lot of good ones, the oval fluff brush is good!

    Plue, so?? Did you order? I did! Just 3!! I bought True Black, Deep Plum and 24K! Can't wait!!

    Yummy411, oohhh I'm sure there's a lot of good dupes out there!

    Tine, well if you're an angled liner user, you can try them as they're cheap, but wait for sales to cut off the shipping amount :)

  17. i would love to, but I missed out on the promo! :(

    I shall wait for your review on the Deep Plum. :D Hehe~

  18. Morning Plue, don't worry, I'm sure there will be more promos and better ones to come. I can't wait to receive my other gel liners :)

  19. This has been my HG brush for gel e/l; but it's a pain when there is a big gob on the tip.

    I had the SK version before; the bristles were not as firm and I think that's why i prefer the CS.


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