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Askmewhats Reviews: Charm Duo Fiber Brush

Thanks everyone for the New Years greeting!!! I had a great New Year with my family!!! We of course went out to have lunch then we are planning to go to Tagaytay this afternoon!!! I love the cold weather and I can't wait to go "up" there to feel the breeze! Manila is quite polluted so my lungs would thank me! :)

Anyways, I'll start with what I love doing best...Product Reviews! When I received this Charm Duo Fiber Brush from Sophie, I've got a lot of readers asking me about this and how it compares to the original MAC187 brush.

Charm Duo Fiber Brush says ---

Our bestseller brush, reminiscent of MAC 187, this dual fiber brush is great for applying blushes (picking up pigments is great!), setting powder, and even foundation for that ultimate, airbrushed finish.

Askmewhats says ---

  • almost no shedding, I think for 10x I've washed it, it sheds once
  • way cheaper than MAC 187
  • very soft bristles
  • it's PINK!
  • can pick up powder foundation/blush/finishing powders better than MAC 187
  • the MAC187 creates a MORE airbrushed look compared to Charm if you use liquid foundation
  • if you don't like pink ---- THIS IS PINK! lol


One reason people who has found dupes for MAC187 still purchases the MAC187 is because we really wanted to compare how good our dupe is with the original. In my case, I got the original first before I got the dupes. Why? Because I wanted more MAC187 and that ain't possible as MAC is quite expensive. I use the original MAC187 for liquid foundation and the CHARM Duo Fiber brush to pick up blushes and finishing powders! I can't even choose my favorite as both are useful!

  • always wash your brush before using
  • Charm Duo Fiber brush can be used for cream blushes too, gives out a naturally flushed look :) So pretty
Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

At Beauty & Minerals website for Php850.00 (approx $18.00)

Now let me show you the specs

The Charm Duo Fiber Brush is made of synthetic hair
The white portion is best to pick up liquid / cream foundation/blushes

The Charm brush looks a tiny bit shorter than MAC because of the HANDLE
Handle of Charm is 1 cm shorter than MAC
The ferrule and the hair length are both the same

As seen on photo below

Charm hair are shinier because it's made of synthetic hairs
while the MAC 187 is mixed
(the white portion is synthetic while the black portion is animal hair)

What's the difference between these 2?
L- Charm R- MAC

HAIR ---

The hair of the MAC187 is more scattered as compared to CHARM which in my opinion gives out a more airbrushed look as compared to CHARM. But the difference is too minimal and you can see it ONLY if you look CLOSELY.


Touch test, MAC brush is softer than CHARM but when you use it on your face, you can't tell the difference as both are soft.


Both gives out airbrushed look, very clean and foundation application is cut in half for both! Again MAC gives out a more "airbrushed" look as compared to CHARM but not too obvious.


CHARM works better for powdered make-up due to the brushes are closer to each other which makes it easier to pick up the pigments. MAC can work well on powdered make-up but it will be very light.


Both works well.


I personally haven't tried a lot of Duo Fiber Brush/Stippling brush dupes. But if you are on the budget, I strongly suggest to buy the CHARM one as it works just as well.

If you have the extra cash, it is great to have MAC187 as applying liquid foundation with it definitely is a breeze and the effect is definitely worth it :)

In my case, I am happy to have both!!! I use them almost everyday!
Hope you find this review and comparison helpful!
Stay happy!!!

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  1. I've been meaning to get myself a Charm FO brush from Sophie but kept forgetting. I promise I'll get one this year.

  2. the brushes look so cute!!! me have not owned any of these cute porcupines, planning to get some next year :D errr i mean this year. LOL.

  3. wow! i wanna get me some of these brushes too!

    btw i love your nails!

  4. finally your review appeared! it took 2 days for me to finally see it. anyway, i don't have MAC 187 but i'm loving my charm.

  5. great review nikki! I have that stippling brush from charm too. ;) From sofie too, purchased it fr her. :)

  6. Wow! This looks like a great buy! Thanks for this post. I'll see if I can give it a whirl this year.

    My beauty blog is

  7. Nikkiz, hehehe you don't need to promise naman :) hahahah Let me know if you got one and tell me how much you like it :)

    Prettybeautiful, I call them porcupines too :) Well if you're a powder user, you can skip this :)

    Sab, thanks! You still see the nails? hahahah

  8. Crystal, really? hmm..that's weird, well I'm glad you see it :) I know you got yourself the Charm Duo Fiber brush and I know you'll be loving it :)

    Nehs, I honestly think it's good enough :) But if you have one, you want another one, it's addicting! lol

    My Thoughts, thanks for the comment and letting me know your blog :) It's nice to know another beauty blogger.

  9. i do the same thing, i use my 187 dupes for blushes, works great!

  10. What a great and thorough review!

    I have the Lumiere Fiber Optic Blush Brush that's similar to this. Since I don't have the MAC 187, I think this one is awesome! So much so that I probably will never splurge on the 187. We'll see though, LOL ;)

  11. Renren, its addictive to have more stippling brush, it creates such a lovely naturally blushed look :)

    Lilan, yes, I remembered reading your review of it :) If it works for you, well you can skip the MAC, but girl! We have a whole year of temptation in front of us! :)

  12. hi....another wish list....hahaha...thanks for the review...i'm now convinced....although, im not a pink person..... How do you used the stippling bursh with cream pala....di ba messy?
    BTW, thanks for answering the Qs regarding the nail tools....

  13. Babysaffron, with cream, I use a small platic spoon to sccop out the cream and transfer it to a CD (I use as plate) then I use my stippling brush with it :) It works well. You're welcome I'm glad to have answered your queries.

  14. hi! been googling about makeup for sometime now and i always end up reading your blog. which is really helpful :) anyways, i wana get the charm duo fibre brush. i wonder how it compares to suesh' stippling. maybe you can make a review on that. :)

  15. Hi I just found your blog and love it. I would love to purchase a charm brush but I went to the website and it dosent have a purchase button or anything. Can you please help out?

  16. Hi Makeup By Alma, you can send them an email, we usually fill up a form to order but since you're outside the country, you can send them an email to get the quotation on both the product and the shipping info :)


  17. awh, i love this.
    i wanted to purchase it but i live in hawaii.
    how do i get them to send it?


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