Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

The year 2008 has treated me well!!!
  • I started cutting people's hair
  • I pursued my love for make-up and start painting people's faces
  • I got married Oct 2007 and 2008 is a well-adjusted year for me!
  • I've bought most of the stuffs I've been lemming for the past years!
  • I've finally done nail art and have created a lot of nail art designs (they may not be the greatest but it is a big achievement for me especially DRAWING is my waterloo)
  • No matter how stressful work is, I've got colleagues, who are always there to listen to my complaints!
  • I had the chance to travel with my family and my husband's family (who said life ain't fair? We can make it fair!)
  • No matter how busy I am, I still have "US" time with my hubby which strengthen our relationship!
  • there's so much more that I can think of, but the most memorable event for year 2008 was when I started to sign up for a blogger account and START BLOGGING...I've met so many wonderful friends both online and offline! Making friends really knows no boundaries!!! A great experience worth remembering!!!

So many good things happened to me and I must be good to have deserved all these! I know 2009 will be another great year for me, my friends, my hubby and my family!

I wish everyone a great year!
I'm sure the path won't be an easy one!
But with our friends, family and loved ones beside us to hold our hands...
Everything is possible!
And don't forget to start the year 2009 with a big SMILE!



  1. Happy new year to you too Nikki!! Your 2008 has been really well, but i hope the new year would be even better for you!! :D

    Awww... that's a really sweet photo of you and your hubby! :D

    ps: i'll remember to smile the first thing tomorrow morning! hehehe!! :D

  2. Jenn :) Thanks for wishing me well, I wish you the best 2009 and more better years to come!!!! :D Yeah, I always end the day with a smile and open my day with smile :)

  3. Congrats for a wonderful 2008! I'm sure 2009 will also be a blast for ya. Looking forward to your posts/reviews. :D

    Happy New Year, dear!

  4. You had a wonderful 2008. I hope everything turns out better in 2009 too :)

    Happy New Year !

  5. 2008 was the year I discovered your blog, and through it, I've found a friend :)

    Happy new year babes. Keep up the fantabulous work!

  6. Hope 2009 will be even better Nikki! :D

  7. Happy New Year! I'm so glad we've met!

  8. Happy New Year, Sweetie. You have a lot to be thankful for!

  9. aaa nikki... hepi nu year to you toooo... ^^

    been a great year, eh, 2008...?!

    i have also gone through lots of stuff and it's been fun and memorable....
    good to know you through blogging.....

  10. happy new year! i look forward to the new start!

  11. Happy New Year Nikki! Sounds like you had a great year, may 2009 be even better than the last!

  12. happy new year to u! :D
    2008 has certainly been greater ever since i started reading yr blog, and how i got inspired to do my nails :)

  13. Happy New Year too Nikki! :) i'm lucky to have met so many wonderful people thru blogging as well. :)

  14. I love your bag in that photo! Do you mind if I ask where you bought it? :)

    Happy New Year to you too!

  15. Happy New Year's been lovely getting to know you!! :)

  16. Teeyah, I'm sure 2009 will be more challenging for me! :) You have a great 2009 too!

    Pau! *hugs*

    Digital Angel, I wish you the best and hope you can see your family soon! I'm sure they miss you too!

    Gio, thanks

    Tine, I know! I felt so lucky to have met such wonderful friends like you and the rest of the great malaysian bloggers! I wish to meet everyone someday!!!

  17. Liz, thanks! Thanks for commenting on my blog and I got the chance to know you! :)

    Toma, thanks so much for the friendship and for emailing me! That was the first step of our friendship!

    Dwana, I definitely do! I've done so much stuffs that makes me happy! :)

    Mystiqueen, its really nice to look back and appreciate the happiness and good stuffs that happened to us, I always tend to just go by the years and just wanted MORE from life..well I guess I should just live to the present and enjoy it! :)

  18. Lily, Yumeko, blu3, Crystla -- thanks ladies!!! I wish you all the best too!

    Prettybeautiful, I know! We got to know each other because of our love for our nails! lol keep up the great work and we'll see more nail art from you !

    Sabby!!! I'm glad to have met you 2x!!! And I wish to see more of you this year!

    Melvel, the bag is a gift from Aunt, it's a Coach bag, I'm not sure if it's still available as it's been with me for years now :)

    Bee!!! *hugs* I will definitely give you a real hug when we meet ! :)

  19. thats such a lovely reminder, for yourself, of all the wonderful things in the past year~
    happy new year nikki! hope that its even better than the last :)

    ps i probably wouldn't survive if the post office closed for that long. its like a ritual now for me to check :T lol

  20. happy 2K9 ganda! may you be smarter prettier sexier kinder and richer this year!


  21. happy new year nikki!!

    I'm so happy that we've met here at blogger land..your posts are really worth reading and you always give me sweet messages that lifts up my spirit whenever I read them..thank you! I hope everything will be better for you this year :D

    p.s. you do haircut too?! cool! can you do mine? hehe :)

  22. Rasilla, lol I'm the impatient one but since I purchase stuffs and get stuffs through postal office and I got to know their "service", I'm used to it and I'm now more patient than ever! lol

    Iya, thanks girl! *muwah* back

    Gale, thanks so much for your nice comment, I'm glad to have left positivity to you :) do the same everytime you comment. and yes, I do hair cut and yes I can do yours :)


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