Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Askmewhats Version: Just another "Bridal" Look

When I had my one-on-one make-up lesson with the Chief Make-up Artist of P&J Ms. Cherry Pacheco Uy, the first request look I've asked from her is Bridal look. I know bridal look is one of the most difficult look a make-up artist have to do as it requires flawless skin that looks so natural yet a "glow" should be created for the Bride's most important day of her life. Plus that fact that everything has to be waterproof! LOL


Did you know?

I cried while walking down the aisle? The moment the door of the church opened, I looked at Keith, then to my parents, then I saw my mom crying! LOL There you go! Poise --- GONE! lol But thank God for waterproof make-up, I know how important that is!!!


A reader requested me to do a bridal look, I have to apologize as I didn't complete all the "Bridal" Look requirements, I've only used Mineral Foundation as I came back from work and putting on liquid foundation on my "already made up" face felt weird. But, because I love you my dear reader who requested this look, I've done this before the year ends. Congratulations in advance and I hope you have a great wedding next year!

Here's my finished eye look

Diagram time!

1. Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Barely Beige - swept all over the crease

2. Lancome Maquiriche Eyecolor Duo Matte Brown color - out V corner to deepen the crease.

For bridal look, try to use matte colors as glittery shadows will not show up good on photos.

3. Bourjois Beige Rose - to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

Choose any beige color but make sure not the shimmy ones.

Other products used not on diagram ---


BRTC Cover BB Cream Ellana Premium Foundation in French Vanilla
(thanks Shen love this!)

For the EYES

Make up Forever Concealer Palette no. 5
1st - the weird orange color under the eye area

2nd - covered a layer of lightest concealer on top of the weird orange color

Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black
Paul & Joe Duo Crayon in Black

Stila Smudgepots in Black using CS White Angled Liner brush

More products

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
NYX Round Lipstick in Georgia

MAC Sculpt and Shape duo in Shadester to contour

Final look

Eyes closed

Yes, I've used a natural looking falsies!

I'm ready to walk down the aisle? Been there done that!

I hope you enjoyed the simple Bridal Look!
New Years eve!!!
Just so you know, fireworks gets crazy down here!
Time to put coins in my pocket and jump around like a crazy monkey!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awww... sis! You looked so sweet on your wedding day. Ha ha ha! I'm not very good with water works either... I cry when I'm happy and worse when I'm sad. I easily get overwhelmed!

  2. Aw.. It's normal to cry ! I'll probably cry alot on my wedding day!..

    Beautiful look. Looks soo natural. I soo want that MUFE concealer palette. Im so curious with that orange looking concealer. thanks!


  3. aww you look beautiful there! great tut.. have a good NYE too!

  4. woah nag lalagay ka din coins na bulsa? hahaha :D

    pareho tayo tiis nga lang kasi sobrang bigat hehe

  5. Happy New Year Nikki! May your 2009 be healthy, happy, prosperous! :D

  6. oh I LOVE this fab post!!! i saw that pic of you on your special day and it made my eyes watery too. you were crying but you looked so happy!!!

    thanks again taking your time out to do such a proper FOTD.

    you are talking me into getting a MUFE concealer palette!

    never thought of using an orange shade on the eyes. i am having a bit of hard time trying to uderstand what colour correct which problem. And you know what? i even have a minor in fine art and i can't figure out which is which? sh.....

  7. nice :D love your final look. i have seen photos of brides without a good makeup artists, some made them bride look so slutty instead of elegant with the outrageous makeup

  8. Very pretty, Nikki! Sana ikaw na lang naging m/a nung wedding ko :-)

  9. Beautiful bridal look, Nikki! I completely forgot about Boujois shadows.. I really loved them!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  10. OMG I love that bridal look.. natural but elegant.. To be honest, I think guys some times gets put off if the girl has WAY too much make up on..

    happy new yrs

  11. aaaaaawwwe.. you are one lovely bride.

    Happy New Year, and keep on giving us that infectious smile of yours. :-)

  12. why do u put coins in ur pocket and jump around? HEEHEE

  13. Awww Nikki.. you looked gorgeous on your wedding day! Keith is one lucky man. =P

    Thanks for sharing a simple but lovely bridal look. Beautiful. =)

  14. Great job!

    Happy New Year to you:) I hope you have a beauty -full 2009!

  15. You look so radiant and glowy!! This is such a beautiful natural look!! Great job Nikki!

    Awww... teary brides make me wanna cry too!! That's such a touching photo!! :)

    Happy 2009 to you!! May the new year brings you all things wonderful!! :D

  16. Aw. You cried on your wedding day. I wanna cry, too, when I get married! Hehe. Gorgeous bridal look, Nikki. Happy New Year!

  17. Gracie, no wonder we're good friends, we're CRY BABIES on the loose!

    Beeyoutiful7, thanks for liking my wedding shot, I was so worrying about my make-up all messed up, when I'm finally with hubby, the first thing I asked is: "Are my falsies still intact?" lol :)

    NicNic, thanks girl! take care on your way back to Japan

  18. Aika, I cheat, i want more money! I put BILLS! hahahahha :)

    Liz, happy new year to you too :)

    Jojoba, it's ok :) I'm sure you'll get the hang of it, I just knew the use of Green and Purple, i was staring at the red orange one wondering what it's for, I will mix and match and will report back which works and which doesn't :) I'm glad you love the post :)

    Prettybeautiful, I know!!!!! The bride should look radiant and natural looking, now clownish :)

  19. Nikkiz, awww thanks for saying that! I'm touched!!!

    Nilla Cookie, I am so happy I got the Bourjois e/s from Malaysian friend, if not because of her, I wouldn't be able to try the beauty of Bourjois :) Happy new Year Lilan :)

    Purple snowflake, you are so right!!!! Eventhough I love putting make up on other people, people who have seen me would know that I'm into light colors or neutrals, hubby doesn't like it if I put too much! :) So does most of the guys! :)

  20. Liz, :) Happy New Year to you too and I'll keep on smiling for sure!

    Yumeko, it meant "fortune" down here. I think it's Chinese or Filipino think? I'm not sure, but we do that! We also create drive the bad spirits away, sounds crazy, but it's FUN TO DO :)

    Syen, hold on *hollers to hubby to read your message* lol he said HE KNEW he's a lucky man! Aawww..thanks girl!!!! My head is bigger now!

    THSG, Happy new Year to you too!!! More posts from you and videos! :)

    Jenn, I'm glad you like it, I can't believe I would cry! I'm not that type! LOL But gosh!! It was overwhelming :) You'll get there *winks* :)

  21. very simple and beautiful bridal look =]

    i changed my url so i hope you will be able to change it on your site when you have the time ^^

    merry belated christmas and have a happy new year!

  22. Teeyah, yes I did :) I think you will especially if you see people around you crying! hahahah :) Well in my case, my mom and Keith cried! hahaha

    Zashi, Happy new Year to you too !!!!

    Transter, thanks for letting me know, i already updated your new URL :) Happy New Year girl!

  23. I almost cried when my husband spoke of his wedding vows to me. It's not the conventional ones, so I had no idea what he was going to say. At that very moment, everyone in the church disappeared and it was just the two of us :)

    Happy new year, sweetie :)

  24. girl, when (if) I get hitched, can I 'import' you to KL to do my makeup ah? :)

    oh heck, just come over to KL and teach me how to do it anyhow! i'll feed you in return!! *teeheehee*

  25. Aw! How sweet that you cried! Tears of joy! :D I didn't cry when I got married. I cried when he proposed! hahah!

  26. Tine, awww that must be super sweet! I hope I can watch it over videos when we meet..someday :)

    Bee, oh girl! you're like family! Just feed me, I'll do your make up for free :) hehehe

    Iyah, awww..proposal?? did he propose??? Spill :)

  27. Nikki! You look so gorgeous on your wedding! :) you did your makeup if you don't mind me asking?

    i love the look that you did too!

    Happy New Year hun! i hope you have a good and safe one!

  28. You look gorgeous on your wedding day.

    I love that bridal look, it's simple and natural but beautiful!

    Happy New Year!

  29. OMG you're such a beautiful bride...why did i get misty when i saw that, lol?

  30. Pretty lady! Did you do your own makeup on your Big Day? You look gorgeous in your bridal photo as well as your demo.

    Happy 2009, Lovely -- you really have been a huge delightful part of my first seven months in the blogosphere. I'm still learning how it all works, finding my cyberfeet, and you always brighten my day. Thanks so much!

    Hugs and happiness! xoxo

  31. sabby :) no, i wasn't the one who did my own make up, I don't want to stress myself on my wedding day :) thanks

    Gio, I'm glad you liked it :)

    RenRen, coz you're close to your family and probably wedding bells is near for you? hehehhe

    Janine :) No, I didn't do the bridal look on my wedding day, I just recreated my own version :) Thanks for bringing up a smile on my face too! I'm looking forward for more gorgeous smiles from you!

  32. ur absolutely correct about matte eyeshadows working better...on my wedding day the makeup artist used matte eyeshadows except for under the brow bone...i had never had matte eyeshadows on me before and it was amazing...needless to say,i havent done my makeup the same ever since she graced my face....congrats! u were an absolutely beautiful bride. :)

  33. aww you look so gorgeous at your wedding!

  34. Happy new year, Nikki! And that really is an amazingly pretty and fresh wedding makeup look. =D

  35. Lily, thanks, oohh if only you knew how stressed I was lol :) But I'm glad I just enjoyed the moment :)

    Kahani, Happy new year!!!! I'm glad you liked my wedding make-up look! :)

  36.'re so pretty...
    felt the same when i walked down the aisle...lolz...i guess it's reaally like that.

  37. reynakatarayan :) Thanks girl!!! Aawww you cried too? I guess it's all mixed, tears of joy..and of course a bit sad coz you're living far away from your family!!! :)


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