Monday, December 29, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Kerastase Noctogenist Serum

Almost everyone working in the Philippines are on their Holidays! Sad to say, I work in a company that DO not follow Philippine Holidays! So I'm at work Dec 26th, Dec 29th and Dec 30th! NERD! lol

Anyways, everyone knows aside from make up, I'm also a Hair Product Geek! I love hair products that can promise smooth, shiny, silky hair! LOL Don't we all wish it?

I've been eyeing Kerastase products for the LONGEST time, what's stopping me is the price! LOL I find it really hard to shell out Php2,000 (approx $43.00) worth of ONE single hair product.

I am lucky that a contact have this product sold for half the price! I guess she's got the means! Definitely original! The lady works in a magazine company, the reason for the freebies and the reason for selling it to me at an affordable price!!! :)

The Looks

125ML tube

Kerastase says ---

For the first time, Kérastase offers total overnight care for your hair. Your hair needs to be looked after 24 hours a day to be in fantastic condition, during the day, humidity, sunlight and city living can be damaging to the hair and can cause it to lose essential moisture. Noctogenist deeply nourishes hair throughout the night, so you wake up with revived hair that is in optimal condition.

  • Amino Acid
  • Vitamin E Derivative
  • Silk Protein
  • Renews hair with softness and shine and adds suppleness and manageability.
  • Protects hair from daytime aggressors.
  • Nourish hair all night long
  • Replenish and moisturize hair whilst you sleep.
  • Awaken to beautifully radiant, replenished hair

Before going to bed, massage through dry or towel-dried hair. Do not rinse. Ingredients are absorbed by the hair during the night, leaving no residue. In the morning, style as usual.

Askmewhats says --- Pros
  • smells great
  • leaves my hair tangle free the next day, even if I shampoo my hair again in the morning
  • hair is soft to the touch, hair doesn't feel weighed down
  • hair is easier to comb
  • you don't need a lot, just a dime size
  • pricey, BUT the 125ml tube lasts long as you use only small amount
  • for lazy people: this is a CON lol
  • I don't see the shine that the product promises

The Kerastase Noctogenist serum is actually an overnight serum for thick hair, I don't have thick hair and so far, it works for me. They have another one for fine hair that is a spray on formula (never tried this)
Now, I understand why most hair salon offers hair treatment using this brand, as this product does deliver and come to think of it, even if its expensive, I don't need to pay a lot to go to the salon just for ONE treatment. One tube can last me more than 3 months for sure!

  • apply this from mid shaft of the hair down to the root area, avoiding the scalp
  • massage the product on your hair
  • slowly comb through your hair for the product to be evenly distributed
  • apply this on dry hair
  • you don't have to use this every night, you can do this 3-4 times a week
Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

Any salon here in the Philippines (ex. David's, Jessie Mendez, Bench Fix, etc...)
Costs Php1,500++ (approx $32.00)

Oh yeah, I had the chance to meet up with blogger Anne from Yummiebitez
She came to the Philippines to visit her relatives and she spared time for us Filipina bloggers!
It was great to finally see her in person!!!
She's really cute and pretty!
Pictures will be up soon...
well depends on how soon my fellow bloggers post theirs and I'll just nick it from them
LOL :)


  1. the product looks cool. but i am more of a natural product person so coconut milk will do. LOL.

    i am eager to see the pix of your meetup. that sounds wonderful! i hope to see you and some foreign bloggers one day too. (anywhere!)

  2. ahh I love hair conditioners. thanks for the review!

    can't wait to see pictures of you & anne!

  3. oh glad to hear you met Anne ! lucky lucky! too bad not many bloggers in japan T-T

    and this conditioner sounds good!! i wonder if i can get it here ,will hunt around

  4. Ooo this product looks nice! I love your nails too :)

  5. Jojoba..oohh Coconut, sorry I'm a bit allergic tothe scent of coconut, but I know it works so well! it works for my sister but I just can't stop teasing her about the smell :) Lol Photos will be up soon, I grabbed 2 photos only, need to grab more from fellow bloggers! hahahah

    Tina Marie Online, yup! Do wait up, it'll be up I hope sooN!

    Yumeko, they're mostly available at hair salon they don't sell it at drugstores. I'm sure you can find some bloggers in Japan, maybe the paths aren't crossed yet :) Let me know if you visit here! You choose whatever food tripping you'll like to try, it'll be my treat! :)

    Lydia, thanks!

  6. @askmewhats: i'll def try the brtc.. btw who's the ebay seller and how much is the shipping fee?

    and what kerastase product could you recommend for me if i want to prolong the straightening effect of hair rebonding

  7. @askmewhats: thanks... another question did the customs held your bb cream when it arrived?

  8. how long did the package arrived? .... thanks sis for your responses..

  9. aww yay i'm glad you guys had a chance to meet up! i wish i could meet with yall...guess what i think i'm coming to the philippines in May, i'm so excited!

  10. dustbunny all queries answered, hope it helps!

    Renren!!! YAY!!!!! May!!! I'm marking the calendar, let me know the details :) Hopefully we can meet up!


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