Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping: at Aristocrat Restaurant and a Post X'mas Gift!

Christmas, New Years...
Definitely a lot of food tripping! :)
When it comes to BBQ, there's only one place that I really crave for!
Aristocrat Restaurant!

Aristocrat restaurant is known or it's Chicken BBQ, and a lot of other Filipino dishes. In my case, I love their Lumpiang Shanghai (Filipino Spring Rolls). Of course, I ate here with husband's family! So don't be shocked with all the food photo I have as you scroll down :)

My Favorite
Lumpiang Shanghai
Php234.00 (approx $4.90) for 9 pcs

This is my ultimate favorite, it smells a bit funky but it tastes heavenly,
I can eat like 3 of these!!!

Pork Spareribs with Java Rice
Whole order
Php303.00 (approx $7.00)

Not the fatty one or boney ones like most that I've tried

Aristocrat Pork Barbeque with Java Rice
Php150.00 (approx $3.20)

BBQ? Pork? On Stick? Need I say more?

Aristocrat Chicken Barbeque
Php195.00 (approx $4.00)

This is my ultimate favorite Chicken BBQ
The chicken is scrumptuous,
the JAVA sauce that goes with this tastes so good togethere
They're definitely Husband and Wife!

Boneless Chicken Barbeque
(for the lazies) lol
Php149.00 (approx $3.20)

If you are on a date and you still want your POISE
This is the best meal! LOL

Crispy Fish (forgot the name, sorry)
Forgot the price too :( Another sorry

You know why?
Coz it's Forgettable!

This looks super crunchy and yummy but it lacks marinate
I love the sauce though! I could drink it! hehehe

Last but not the least,
Gulaman Sago Drink!
Php55.00 (approx $1.25)

What is Gulaman Sago Drink?
(answer taken from Pinoy Recipe)

Sago’t Gulaman is a very popular refreshment. In restaurants it is served in a tall, footed glass, in neighborhood stores it is ladled into plastic cups and in street stands it is simply poured into plastic bags and provided with straw. It can be taken as an after-meal beverage-dessert, a snack or a drink to accompany another merienda item. Sago itself is also seen in Tahu, Ginataan and Ginumis while gulaman which is made from seaweed called agar-agar can be eaten as a gelatin dessert with or without fruits.


Today has been super hectic for me. I did make-up for one who has an engagement and her mom! Photos will be up soon! :)

I also went home to visit my brother as he'll be flying back to Shanghai Monday *sadness* and I want to spend more time with him so I had lunch at home. I also went to Greenhills shopping center after months!!! There's still so many people!! I can't believe people still have money! LOL

When I got back home, I was surprised to see a package waiting for me. Why? Because it's Saturday, the postal office has been closed for a week for the Holidays, so I am not expecting anything.

It was a nice surprise as I am quite tired today. I got a post Christmas present from my friend Toma!

The card note is super sweet. I felt really touched that she took time to know the ULTA e/s shades I chose when I joined her monthly contest several months ago. I really love these shadows and I can't believe she sent me these.

Thank you so much for the lovely present and the lovely note :)

Cute Kitty Notebook
A cute oval magnetic frame
3 Ulta New formula e/s - Plum Noir, Galaxy and Calla Lily

Thanks for brightening my year!
Ooohhhh I'm going back to work on Monday :(
Take care everyone and I can't wait to keep 2009 rollin'!
More posts..more product reviews... and most of all...
More smiles!!!
God bless sistahs!


  1. Mmmmm!!! Everything looks so good~ I love crunchy fish!

  2. mm i could eat lumpia all day long!

  3. Happy New year to you too!!! Great food pics:)

  4. i love the food in Aristocrat too =D. Happy new year Nikki! Keep it up.

  5. Fuz :) Thanks

    Lily, me too!!!!!!

    THSG, thanks and have a great 2009!

    Kim, we bought love food I can say :) Yumm!

  6. your blog always makes me hungry. hehe. yeah, that primer would not work! esp. for ppl with oily skin. i'm too attached to my smashbox. i'm gonna wait till this mac prep + prime is empty and then buy smashbox. hehe.

  7. you're postings always make me so darn hungry woman!!!


    and that crispy fish looks killer but then crispy anything is always YUMMY! ahahhha

  8. I went to China buffet restaurant today and Ohhhhh dear I love their grill. I pick the veggies and meat and everything and I ask them put spicy sauce and garlic and they grill it for me. Very delicious.
    I am a fan of spring roll. I like egg rolls too but I love veggies more in spring roll :)

  9. that pork spareribs looks sooo yummy! btw, thank u 4 the goodluck nikki! ;)

  10. nakagutom sis! hehe.. parang ngaun gus2 ko na mgaristocrat

  11. Aw! You're making me hungry!! Yummy foods! Thanks for the comment girl! :D

  12. Spankedelic, I love Smashbox primer too :)

    Tia, and we're all supposed to be on a diet !LOL :)

    Digital Angel...ohh are you showing the food you just had? I'm sure it's yummy!

    Nesh, no worries :)

    Dustbunny, when was the last time you ate at Aristocrat?

    Iyah, no worries :)

  13. that lumpia looks soooo good!!!!!!

  14. the food looks amazing! it's back to school for me tom too. :(

  15. Yumeko :) You have lumpia that looks like that in japan?

    Sab, i know! :( It's back to work for me too! Goodluck, I hope you studied over the holidays :)

  16. Happy belated New Year!!! The food looks delicious! :)

  17. waaahhh..i miss pinoy food!!!!

    btw, happy new year!

  18. gulaman at sago is my favourite! i like the melon drink with coconut strips they serve in filipino plazas. aren't they good!

  19. nikki! suggest me a good empanada place pls!

  20. Thanks Aly!

    Amor, oohhhh come down here! i'll treat you some!

    Jo, yes I love melon drink too!!! Empanada?? here in the Philippines?? well my taste isn't that high, RED RIBBON CHICKEN AND PORK empanada is the BOMB!!!! :) Have you tried them jo?


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