Monday, January 5, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Kiehl's LipBalm SPF15

One part of my face that I really take care of. Are my lips.
I've been complaining on how dry they get, how easy I get to have windburn on a tropical country (weird), how easily I can get from normal lips to a lips of Angelina Jolie multiplied by 3! LOL How easy it gets to be discolored at times!

The list of complaints will go on, so what a girl to do? Take some action! I have been mum about my lips when I started using my Kiehl's No. 1 Lip Balm, the original formula, this product has both raves and rants. In my opinion, I love it, it works for me! I've finished 1 tube and now on my 2nd tube. I haven't formally done a review on it because I wanted to review something FIRST.

The Kiehl's LpBalm SPF15
*you don't feel the lovin' on my tone* lol

Here's my Lip Balm in Hue 58B

Kiehl's says ---

  • Helps protect against sunburn
  • Relieves chapped lips
  • Hue 30G is a light golden color with peach tones, similar to our Golden Berry Lip Gloss
  • Hue 58B is a sheer lip gloss with cooler red tones, similar to our Black Raspberry Lip Gloss
  • Not tested on animals
Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips. Helps protect lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. SPF15 sunscreen provides UVA and UVB protection.

Askmewhats says ---

  • the tint is pretty on lips, looks natural
  • easy-to-squeeze tube, you can get the product easily
  • not tested on animals! :)
  • has SPF15
  • ugly tip, there's something weird with the way they made the "applicator". No matter how OC I am in wiping the tube and the cap itself, every time I open to cap, it looks like THIS (photo below)....and no, it's not just sitting inside my bag, it's inside my make-up pouch and cap sealed tight all the time.

  • my chapped lips aren't relieved at all
  • the tint is gone in less than an hour


The first time I tested the color, I've wanted this so much and it made me want it more when I learn that it was out-of-stock!



On my most recent HK trip, I visited Kiehl's and imagine the excitement I have when I saw this color available. Good thing I didn't hoard and bought only 1!

I love Kiehl's No. 1 Lip balm so much that I can't believe I won't give the same lovin' to the Lip Balm SPF version. What I love about Kiehl's is the "no animal testing" and the simple and straight to the point packaging.

I know a lot of users rant about the bad packaging of the Original Kiehl's (photo below) because it's unhygienic, and with SPF version, they came out with a different applicator...I was thanking the heavens, but I got excited too early!

It still doesn't workout the way I wanted them to be....

What's wrong Kiehl's? Vaseline has great tube packaging for the lip products! I am just wondering....I really am...

  • always wipe the tube after use especially if you apply the balm directly onto your lips.
  • if you own the Kiehl's LipBalm SPF15, apply this over the lips, then top with a lipstick RIGHT AWAY, gives out a smooth base.

Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

I purchased mine at Kiehl's HK, there's only one Kiehl's store in the Philippines and they are located at Greenbelt 5. This Lip Balm SPF15 costs around Php700++ (approx $ 14.00). Sorry I asked the price 2 years ago so I can't remember the exact amount.

Here's how Hue58B looks on my lovely chapped lips! lol
Fresh application looks really pretty noh?

Do you own a Kiehl's LipBalm SPF15?
Does it work for you? I hope so!
There are some products that I try to love!
I did my best trying for 3 months! lol
Have a great week ahead!
It's Monday! Accck back to work after the holidays!
I'll keep on smiling! lol
Stay Happy everyone!


  1. the color looks so pretty on your lips! love it! i have to say that i'm also pretty OC about clean applicators on squeeze tube glosses'd drive me crazy if the applicator looked like that all the time! >_<

  2. Hmm that's too bad cos I've heard lots of raves about this lipbalm. Thanks for reviewing this anyway!

  3. I still have yet to try Kiehl's. Happy Belated New Year!

  4. Thanks for the review~ I've always wanted to try the No.1 lip balm. I still do! Hehe. But yea, lip balms with SPF never work for me for some reason.

  5. Kiehl's lip balm is over rated for me. It's the petrolatum in it that don't work well for me although I'm sold on Rosebud's which has this ingredient too.

  6. I have almost the exact same problem Nikki, that I end up chewing on my lips all the time.

    If you're looking for something to solve the lip situation, you might want to try Carmex (untinted but makes a good base for other lip stuff that dry my lips out) and for gloss that's pigmented and oh so moisturizing, Pure Anada (no I'm not paid to do this, I just really love it). :)

    Good morning!

  7. aww too bad it didn't work out for you cuz the color is really pretty.

  8. the color is nice, but too bad it does not work. one thing about lipbalm/gloss for me is, they turn into some sticky substances on my lips each time after i eat or drink. have to wipe them off and re-apply. do u have this prob too? or is it just me :(

  9. Vivi yay to OC-ness! :) :) :)

    Devi, don't get me wrong, the lip balm is great the SPF balm isn't :)

    Fabuless beauty, let me know how you like or dislike it if you finally tried it.

    Fuz, no worries, my pleasure. I don't know why this SPF version doesn't work for me, I wanted it to work!

    Sesame, it really depends on what type of lips you have plus's weird, I guess that's the reason why there's so many products out there for us to choose!

    Shasta, thanks for the reco, I actually have tried Carmex and it doesn't work for me..sorry to lips are too choosy!!!! Pure anada could be interesting! :)

    Lily, i know! I am in love with the color first! Have a great day dear!

  10. prettybeautiful, I have that problem too! I guess most of us do!!! You're not alone!!!! :)

  11. thanks for the review, Nikki! I'm waiting for the Kiehl's #1 review. I've always wanted to try that but just never got to it.

  12. The color looks so pretty on your lips!! So shiny too!! too bad it doesn't last long and the packaging sucks!!

    Yes, please do a review on the #1 balm!! i'm curious to know more!! :D

  13. Hi Nikki! Happy New Year. Try burts bees lip shimmer..really does wonders for chapped lips. I love it and the best part is it gives color also and quite affordable as well. (only 295) available at all Beauty Bars

  14. Actually, I quite disliked Khiel's lipbalm despite hearing all the raves about it (reviewed it a while ago). I never even finished the one tube I bought - not sure where it is now :P

  15. Connie I'll review it as soon as I can, I don't know why I haven't yet, I'm a lazy bum! lol

    Jenn, now I definitely should review the No. 1 lip balm! Lol thanks for the request..yeah too bad it doesn't last.

    Ria, oh yeah! I've tried Burt's bees lip shimmer, the burt's bees original one works for me, I've used the lip shimmer, I think I bought mine at Beauty Bar, Podium and it was an old stock, it tastes so bad I have to throw it away and I got off...I never bought again, thanks for the reminder, you're right, the shimmer is super pretty :)

    Parisb, yes Paris, I do know a lot who hates it, well good thing it works for me...or I'll join you! :)

  16. i've always been curious about Kiehl's lip balm but how can i leave my true love MAC's lip conditioner? LOL

    maybe one of these days i will try it though, being the curious makeup addict i am. ha! :-D

  17. and btw, i find it amusing you are OC with the tip lol! just to share, my OC-ness is with my piggies jars not being same. i actually want to buy similar jars with that of The Body Needs just to transfer my other piggies in other jars haha!

  18. Ooh I have no wish for the original. But I was secretly lemming this exact balm. Thanks for saving me, Nikki! Muaks!

  19. it does look really pretty on though!

  20. I got some probs with my lips too. I used body shop lip balm stick (the pink one) and it has been working very good for me :) have you ever tried it?

  21. I like the color on you too:) Great pics, as usual!

  22. I have the Kiehl's lipgloss, and yep, it's got the same nozzle as yours. Too big for my liking, so thank goodness the colour (Golden Berry) drew me in instead.

    I'm waiting for their lip balm in Mango to come out here. Hopefully that should work better.

  23. Mhean, give Kiehl's no. 1 lip balm a try :) You are OC too! lol

    Kahani, I'm glad I saved you some bucks :)

    Renren, yes it is pretty, I still use it but I have to have a balm underneath! lol

    Acutelife, now I'm scared..I also tried the Body shop pink balm! I got hit on the head, i've tried so many lip products! LOL I got it as a gift from my bro, and it works ok :)

    THSG, thanks

    Yummy411, yup! :( Thumbs down for me

    Tine, i hope the upcoming colors will be prettier, i doubt if I still will purchase any! The Kiehl's No. 1 is what I'll repurchase :)

  24. The Kiehl's baby lipbalm is better than the original one! It doesn't have petrolatum, comes in a twist-up tube and it really soothes my lips :)

  25. Anonymous, thank you so much! I appreciate it, if I finish my 2nd tube, I'll look into the Baby LipBalm from Kiehl's :)


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