Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Green + Plum" Look

Oye Oye!!!
Good morning everyone!!!
First day of work for the year 2009 was crazy! I was super busy yesterday but that didn't stop me from playing with make-up!!! Call me hardworking? You bet!!! I'm the type to "go crazy" if I do nothing! And I always complain I'm tired..tsk tsk tsk

Here's the look I created! I enjoyed blending colors and try on different combinations, because...it makes me happy! :D
Here's the final look I've created! Like it? Read on :D

Diagram for everyone on the products I've used

Step 1:

I applied MAC Painterly over eyelid as base. Apply the apple green color from CS 78pcs Palette to the inner corner of the eye and the lower lashline. (Thanks Digital Angel for this palette!)

Step 2:

Apply ULTA's Plum Noir e/s on the center of your crease using a patting motion. (thanks Toma, love this color!)

Step 3:

Apply Protest e/s from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows on the outer V and blend blend blend! (Gracie, I do love this palette so much!)

Step 4:

Apply Bourjois Beige Rose all over the brow bone area to highlight. (thanks Malaysian friend for this, you know who you are!)


Eyes closed
The plum in the center was applied lightly with patting motion

Other products used not shown on diagram ---

The Body Shop Mineral Foundation no. 2
(applied using EDM Flat Top Brush)

Make up Forever Concealer Palette no. 5

Coastal Scents 78pcs palette blush

Stila Smudgepots in Black using CS White Angled Liner brush
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero for waterline
Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in Black
Shu Uemura Eyelash curler

MAC Lip liner in Gingerroot
In2It lipgloss COSO6

Hubby gave me Mauna Loa Macadamia Chocolates!

I can smell the chocolate even when box is sealed!!!!

Thank you dearie!
I worked hard! I deserve this!
(perks to be a model lol)

Make-up is definitely like a box of Macadamia Chocolates!
It makes you happy...
it's Orgasmic! lol
Have a great day!!
Stay Happy!!!


  1. cute look! i looooooove that candy! i haven't had it for a while. hehe.

  2. Oooh that's a very good look. I'm wondering if I should get the CS palette. I don't need that many colours, but it seems so much fun to play around with the colour combos.

    Hmm ... how? To buy or not to buy?

    What Would Nikki Do? :p

  3. that CS palette is haunting me!!! darn, it loooks great!!! what about the 88 e/s palette? lol

    hey, no monkey is as pretty as you ok? silly girl.

  4. Awesome look, Nikki !!! I am so jealous, I want that Shakedown color in Book of Shadows palette badly but they don't have it on singles =( =( =( and now that palette is discontinued. I'm so sad...

  5. very nice :)
    i love the pop of green on the inner corners of your eyes.

  6. everytime i see that palette i wonder if i should get it XD
    but i am afriad its hard to store

  7. I ♥ that look and the way to explain it all. I'd never be able able to pull that off. Some colors (like purple) makes me look...horrible.

  8. The first thing I noticed while going through your pictures for this post, everything you used on your eyes were given to you... hehe~ You are very loved by people! :)

  9. Spankedelic, me too!!! that was like first in a year or so! :)

    Tine, it is honestly good to play make-up with and I actually use a lot of the more neutral colors to work. My suggestion is, if you have means to purchase it in a "non overpriced shipping rate" go ahead :)

    Sad to say Jojoba, the only CS palette I have is this one! I'm glad I got this as gift at least I won't think about the 88pcs or 120pcs palette :) hehehe Thanks for the loving, I guess I'm a pretty Monkey then!

  10. Nanzy, oh girl! it's discontinued? Well I think they will come out with more palettes that would look like those that are on my Book of Shadows as I'm sure a lot of people are looking for it :)

    Tina Marie Online, thanks! :)

    Yumeko, it is a bit hard to store due to its size, but if you have make-up storage area,..it won't be a big hassle as it is quite slim!

    Dwana, purple doesn't look too good on me too, that's why I only use a few :) Thanks for liking my diagram :)

    Ahleesa, thanks for noticing, I knew that when I was typing my thanks too! :)

  11. i want some chocolates! you two are very sweet. :-)

    anyway, i love the color combo of this look. good job, as always. :-)

  12. Hehehehe... the last pic of you is soo cute!! :D

    This is a very special look!! How very creative of you!! I wouldn't have thought of that combo myself!! hehehe!!

    BTW, i love your hair!! :D

  13. the chocolate looks yummy!!

    but i'm on a diet now. gah. haha!

  14. nice color. i always love olive/green/yellow but somehow these colors just don't look ok on me =/

  15. Did you depot the Ulta shadows? How in the world....??? I've got about 30 of them taking up space!

  16. Liz, thanks, yeah hubby is super sweet, I'm lucky :)

    Jenn, thanks for loving my hair! I do take care of it really lol so the hair thanks you for complimenting it :)

    Sab, you on a diet again? aawww

    Prettybeautiful, if I applied darker, it won't work on me too :)

    Toma, yes dear, i depotted them, just use a short knife and try to pull out one side and the rest will come off easily, Ulta e/s have a small blob of glue just in the middle of the pan, its quite easy to pry them out but be careful! :)

  17. lol my grandma just bought me those! aren't they delicious?

  18. Yes they definitely are Lily!!! :)

    Ren REn, thanks!!!


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