Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stila Smudgepots vs. Coastal Scents Gel Liner

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I hope everyone have a great and wonderful day with their loved ones!
It was crazy yesterday! Super traffic and it isn't even the V-day yet! So I can imagine how tough traffic will get today! I'll PROBABLY stay home...and spend quality time with the hubby :D

After the UDPP vs TFSI showdown, I've decided do another showdown on my HG (holy grail) gel liner Stila Smudgepots and compare it to my newly purchased CS Gel Liner in True Black.

Sad to say, I don't own MAC Black Track or Bobbi Brown gel liner but I've used them, but not as much as I've used both Stila and CS.

Here's side by side comparison

Stila is obviously bigger than CS

Net Weight:
Stila: 4g CS: 3g
Surprisingly, it's just 1g weight difference! :D

Both looks the same when swatch on my hand
(See photo below)
Photo taken in Natural Light No flash

Photo taken with Flash

Let's start the Showdown!

Stila - clear glass jar with plastic cap. Very pretty and presentable.
CS - packed in a frosted glass jar with plastic cap, small and easy to take along BUT no label. You have to label them on your own.

(not including shipping)
Stila - $18.00 (approx Php850.00)
CS - $6.95 (approx Php330.00)

Gel Color

Stila - matte black
CS - matte black, a bit darker

Stila - creamy
CS - creamier than Stila

Drying time
Stila - dries quickly
CS - dries quickly, but Stila dries faster

Smudging Factor
Stila - no smudging, NONE at all
CS - no smudging on the upper lashline. I find CS True Black is creamier than my CS Truffle, so CS True Black smudges a tiny bit on the waterline.

How long does it stay on your eyes?
Stila - forever *lol* Just joking! Until you've decided to remove it.
CS - the lashline stays long until you remove it. For the waterline, it starts to smudge a bit after 4-5 hours.

Versatility and usage
Stila - only as eyeliner, cannot be used for waterlining, can hurt the eye
CS - used as eyeliner, can be use at the waterline without burning the eye. Since these are super creamy, can also be used as e/s base.

And here's a visual Showdown :)

As you can see, Stila Smudgepots remained unbudged
While CS is very creamy, so it smudges.
BUT, if I waited longer, I think the CS won't smudge as much as on the photo.

Since it got smudged previously, I tried to wet both of them
and the smudging didn't increase.

And the monster went overboard! lol
I smudged so hard and here's the final result

Stila Smudgepots in Black wins as my HG gel liner!
I believe it should! Because of the price difference!
But, if you're on a budget and wants to have a good gel lining experience,
Coastal Scents Gel Liners does the trick!
Feel free to test on Bobbi Brown gel liner as it works really well too!


By the way, I know shipping at Coastal Scents get gets to be more expensive than the product itself at times (for international), I am glad my wonderful friend Toma opened up Makeup Mix Shop and I am excited to see she will be selling these CS Gel Liners for $5.95 (approx Php290.00) <--- these will be available on February 20, 2009!

Yes, they are even cheaper than Coastal Scents and her shipping is very affordable! And if your orders are $20.00 and above (valid for any combo of products), shipping will be FREE!!! Yes, even to international buyers like us!!!

And there's more!!! (Sounds like home tv shopping! lol)

Starting today, you can get a free Makeup Masala Mineral Eyeshadow with any $15.00 order by using the code NIKKI.
Put the code and the eyeshadow name you like in the comment section of your order :)

Well, I hope I am helping you gals out :)
Take care and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Stay Happy!!!


  1. Great review sis! :) Happy V Day!

  2. hi nikki! oh wow thanks for the review. I'm currently waiting for my CS gel liners to arrive. but i havent used stila smudgepots. is it available here? ive been using MAC fluidline as my HG liner. it doesnt budge until i remove it (the only liner ive tried so far that didnt smudge on me)

    happy valentines!

  3. Lootwagon, thanks sis! :) Happy Valentine's day to you too!

    Makeupdweeb, Stila Smudgepots are not available here yet. If MAC fluidline works for you, I think you can stick to it and probably go for something cheaper like CS and hope they work for yoU :) Coz MAC and Stila costs almost the same and we're actually rooting for something cheaper right? :) Happy V day to you too!!!

  4. THANKKKKKKKKKK YOU for this review!!!! I just order my coastal scent gel liner on ebay becuz on CS, the color true black is always out of stock so i am sick of waiting for it to come back. Yes, i also notice that CS shipping price has went up!!! For domestic shipping too.

  5. wheee thanks for sharing
    i always like finding a new places to shop!

  6. Ohhh! CS looks like a great liner. if I'm done with my HIP cream liner, I might try that :)

    I have a Question, :) I heard they have lunasol and coffret there already? and if so, how much are the palettes? Do you also know how much is the shipping from there to here? :)

    Thanks! :D

  7. you allways did your posts very interesting!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  8. Thanks for the review. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Makemeup, really? Even domestic shipping? I don't get it! Well goodluck! I hope you get yours sooN!!!

    Yumeko, if it's cheaper shipping and great prices! I'll definitely HOLLER! specially to US international buyers!

    Iyah, hey! I've seen Coffre D'or at Kanebo counters, I haven't seen Lunasol yet. Shipping from here to there? It depends on the weight (if regular post office). It goes $10.00 UP for shipping :)

  10. Fuz! Thanks Happy V Day too!

    Anastacia Park, thanks sweetie, I am glad you find the post interesting!

    Gio, you're welcome and Happy valentine's day to you too! :) Hope you enjoy the day!

  11. Nice review! I am gonna check out cs soon!

  12. You did such a detailed helpful comparison! It confirms what I thought though, that CS gel liners are good but not good enough to surpass the higher end brands yet.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  13. Lydia, you're welcome :) And I'm glad you liked the showdown!

    Blu, so true! I've always been wondering why some products are SUPER expensive as compared to others.and with this, we kinda get the drift :D

  14. great comparison! very detailed. Thanks :D

  15. Connie, you're welcome :) Glad to be of service *winks*

  16. reading your review is making me antsy waiting for it to ship and then arrive at my place :)
    Can't wait! kk~

  17. I get what you said about shipping costing so much more than the product itself... so you can imagine how freakishly giddy I got when I discovered an online store that ships for free.. WorldWide!

  18. Great review! found this by accident (was just browsing, lol) but it's exactly what I needed.

  19. Rasilla, can't wait to read your thoughts on the gel liners you own

    ShuLace, I know what you mean, online stores who ship internationally for free is the BEST for us international buyers!

    Yoetke, I'm glad you find this helpful :)


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