Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Fish & Co. + More Pressies from Grace

I love seafood, I love fish! :)
No wonder when Fish & Co. opened up their chain of restaurants, you'll see me enjoying my lunch or dinner there! :)

Fish & Co opened its first branch in Singapore about a decade ago. And it has expanded it's branches across Asia and I'm glad it came to the Philippines. The first time I had my Fish & Co. experience was at Greenbelt 3 and I got hooked with the good customer service, wonderful Calamari and Grilled Fish! Their sauces are perfect marriage to the food they serve!

Here's Fish & Co. at Trinoma

Spareribs with Fried Calamari Veggies and Fries
approx Php1,000 (approx $21.00)

Spareribs are soso, not the best
Fried Calamari is definitely a MUST to try at Fish & Co,

We also ordered another platter that looks like the photo below, sorry, I had to take this photo from the Fish & Co. site, we were so hungry we ate it without taking a shot! :P

Platter that has grilled shrimps,
mussels, grilled Fish, fries, Calamari and rice
approx Php1,500 (approx $32.00)

And on my previous post about Gracie's spoiling gift to me, it's not even done! I didn't post them all together as I have to take time to take shots on them! LOL Here's part 2 of the gifts she sent me! She ain't stopping! I'm not joking! She is spoiling me to death!!! Thanks again Gracie for the gifts!

What's part 2? Read on,
I definitely have more products to review LOL

Lancome Color Fan Eye Shadow Palette
Lancome Color Focus Quad 350
Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow no. 4

Elizabeth Arden Lipgloss in Raspberry Glace

Elizabeth Arden Lipgloss in Sheerlit Red

Elizabeth Arden Bronze Beauty Bronzing Powder

Elizabeth Arden Eyelash curler

Elizabeth Arden Lash Optimizer Primer

Clinique High Impact mascara sample

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide mascara sample
Lancome Virtuose mascara sample

2 Clinique glosswear

MAC Glitter liner

Clinique Liquid Illuminizer sample

MAC Duo Eyelash Glue

MAC Falsies

MAC mineralized foundation in NC35

Max Factor foundation

Now now...
I felt like a kid with 2 huge lollies! LOL
Thanks Gracie!

These will be helpful and will be useful for clients :)
I was joking her that I'll put them all on my FACE --- at once!
I am having a good birthday and it's not even near!
I'll definitely be showing more looks using some of them!
Have a great weekend of LOVE :P
Stay Happy!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love fish&co seafood platter :D
    and their service in singapore is awesome too :)
    they even sing their version of birthday song to those having their birthday meal over at fish&co. it's funny n cute :p

    wow to the goodies that you got! :))
    can't wait to see them in your tutorials ^^

  2. I love your food reports. Everything always looks so good.

    BTW, I passed on the triple award to you. I think it is just to show much appreciation for all of your hard work to keep the world beautiful!

  3. lol you look so cute in the bottom picture! mm that place looks good too, I love fish :)

  4. Food Porn! Love it!

    Wow those are great stuff you got! Good to know you had a great weekend! :)

  5. How nice of Gracie....

    Love eating at fish & co. Though it takes time before they actually serve the food

  6. i love this restaurant when I was in KK. we went there very often because my son liked its fish and chips. great food for sure.

    the last pic of you is too cute!

  7. thanks nikki! happy vday to you too. your skin looks flawless! and check out the dude in the background haha

  8. so many goodies you two are in love ;) hehe great pic and happy vday!!

  9. i want those lollipops! :-)

    fish & co is everywhere here in SG, but i have not tried it yet because there are way too many options. :-)

    happy valentine's day, sweetie! ;-)

  10. aww that platter looks scrumptious! I can't wait to go home and try all those yummy grub!

  11. miRaCLe, yes, their service is good down here too! i love the food and they dont' sing bday song here though!

    T, thank you, I'll check it out :)

    Lydia, thanks :)

  12. Lootwagon, I definitely had a great weekend :) Hope you have a great one too

    Fuz, thanks sweet! Happy 1 yr blog anniversary to you!

    Dustbunny, you are right, it takes them too long for the food to arrive!

  13. Jojoba, I'm sure your son will like it, I'm old and I enjoy the fries! I can't imagine how the kids would react to the food they serve. YUMMY!!!

    Jo, I did checked the dude out too..he looks so funny..probably felt I'm a weirdo! hahahha I can't believe it gets super BIG! i didn't know they exist!

  14. Vanessa M hahahah we are definitely in LOVE :D

    Liz, same with hubby, he's confused if there's so many choices :)

    Shades of U, I'm sure you'll gain weight if you come over for a visit, so many restaurants popping compared to years ago!

  15. YUMMY!!! I miss Philippines sooo bad! I think we'll be going there next year! We should totally meet! YAY!! :D

    and how are you gonna eat those pops? eheehee!

  16. Mmm the fried calamari looks so delicious

  17. yummy food! happy valentines day nikki! love the big lollipops! ahahahha!

  18. food looks good! wow gracie is so kind and generous with her gifts!! enjoy! oh and happy belated v day, hope you had a good one!!

  19. Iyah! Let me know if you're coming! We'll be glad to meet up with you for sure!

    Jenn, hmmmmm..I love calamaris too! Too bad I have to stop eating them for awhile, no more seafood for me for now! :(

    Sabby! How's your VDAY? enjoyed the rest? It was super traffic on Friday on my way home but Saturday the day itself is much better :) Take care!

  20. Miemie, you too! Hope you had a great time with the BF :)

    Nicnic, I know ! She's like a real sis to me always making sure her younger sis has all those beauty stuffs :)

  21. the food looks good. That was very nice of Grace.

    love the big lollipops!

  22. Gio..hahahah Who doesn't love big lollies? But if someone really bought me one, i have NO CLUE on how to eat it! :D

  23. That food looks so yummy yummy! MMM!

  24. Anastacia :) hahaha I love Korean food so...if you post any of those..I'll go YUMMY YUMMY too!

  25. Sis! I do love seafood soooo much! We have a favourite seafood restaurant where we live and gosh!!! I pig out on oysters and lobsters when I get an opportunity hahahaha!


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