Monday, February 16, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Revlon's Olive It Up" Look

My favorite month! And it's great to know February is a month where a lot of our fellow beauty blogger's birthday month too! :) Happy Birthday to all February Beauties!!!

I am inspired February of every year. Not because Valentine's day falls in this month, but because the days are short, weather is nice! I get paid early! hahaha :D

On my previous post
I've got a lovely gift from my Ate Grace and my friend Bee wanted to see reviews on the Revlon's Make a Sheen palette. I will be doing a review on it with swatches soon! But let me show you how it looks like when I use the palette to create a spring/summer look!

And here's the outcome!
I'm inspired to use falsies in this look!

Askmewhats' Diagram!

Prior to e/s application, I have used MAC's Paintpot in Cash Flow on the crease area going a little above the crease.

Step 1:

Using an e/s brush from Coastal Scents. Apply the Olive shade of Revlon's Make A Sheen by patting it on the lid going above the crease.

Step 2:

Using MAC's 217 brush or any blending brush, apply the darkest color of the palette on the outer-v to deepen the crease. The color is brownish gold with a little bit of olive sparkles. So pretty!

Step 3:

Highlight the browbone and inner corner of the eye with the lightest shade of the palette.

Step 4:

Using a CS White Angled Liner brush, apply CS Gel Liner in True Black on the upper lashline and waterline.

Put on falsies of your choice
or you can skip this by curling your lashes

and use your favorite mascara!

Final Look :)

I find that this palette lives up to it's name. The e/s colors definitely creates a "sheen" look, it may look dark on palette but you need to use an e/s primer and pack on the colors if you want to create a darker eye make up! In my case, I want a simple "olive" look and this is perfect for daytime! Did I say my skin loves all shade of greens?

And what did I use for the rest of my face?

I recently suffered from allergies and it seems that I'm allergic to poultry and seafood AGAIN! I've got rashes and my skin dries up so bad I have to stop using make-up for awhile. Now I'm recovering, for this FOTD, I've used the least face product as possible!


Joppa Foundation in Medium Light #3

Joppa Finishing Silk Original Formula in Sheer

EDM Flat Top Brush

To make me blush

Thevi e/s in Matte Pink
Thevi Dome Brush

For my lips! Gracie, these lips are for YOU :P

Did you know?
Grace wants me to wear red colored lippie or any dark colored lippie! So, she sent me 2 Elizabeth Arden glosses in Raspberry Glace and Sheerlit Red... because..she wants me to pucker it up! :P

Burt's Bees Lifeguard's Choice Lip Balm
Elizabeth Arden 11 Raspberry Glace gloss

Final look!

Whew, I enjoyed doing this Revlon look!

It's fast, it's easy because I only use ONE e/s palette!

Thanks again Gracie for this!
I will be doing a review and more details on these
Revlon's Make a Sheen Spring Collection soon!
Have a wonderful day!

Stay Happy, yeah even though it's Monday ughhh :D


  1. nicely done~ love the extra look the lashes give you too :)
    dont know if i mentioned it before, but I have this one and show stopper copper (bronze look. I love it cause when I take it out with me, it works as shadow, highlighter and contour~ so everything in one :P

  2. Beautiful as usual! Let me start by saying that green is my favorite (e/s) color! I've seen these in the store. I believe Walgreen's had them (Revlon Make a Sheen Lustrous Shadow) on clearance? They might be sold out :@(
    I have been anti-Revlon for about a year but I might snag this...if it's still available!
    Thanks for the review.

  3. Ohh the false eyelashes look great on you, it's not too dramatic and beautiful. I remember that revlon palette :D I got my Korean friend exactly the same one and she loved it :)

  4. lurrrve this look! simple yet sweet :)

    cheers to feb!!

  5. Happy belated vday sis! =] Such a pretty look.. I esp love the lashes you used!!

  6. loveee those lashes!
    you look great!

  7. it babe!! oh ya, and you gotta teach me how to apply falsies one of these days before i end up poking my eye out! :p

  8. oops i mean look good* in falsies! lol

  9. Wow! you should wear falsies more often! It looks fabulous on you!!! Love the greens and olives. This EOTD is a very good look on you :)

  10. Rasilla, cool! I love it that you're enjoying yours! I have a feeling I'll enjoy these!

    Dwana, ohh I really love greens :) I can't wait to see how you like them! or the looks you can create with these!

    Digital Angel, hehehhe I am so lazy to use falsies on a daily basis, maybe only on days I wanted the extra "oommpph" :D

  11. Prettybeautiful, SWEET! that's what I'm aiming for! Thanks

    Miss Katin, thank you so much! Now I have to push to use falsies more often :D

    Fuz, thanks dearie

  12. Yumyumsushi, thanks for liking this! I love it when people appreciate the looks I create! thank you!

    Bee, it's not that hard, I'll definitely teach you when we meet!

    Nicnic, thanks, no worries, I got what you're trying to say :D

    Lootwagon, wear falsies more often? *zzzz* tooooo lazy! hahahah :)

  13. that revlon color intrigues me!

    hope ur skin is better HUGS

  14. i really like this brownish look.. and the lashes

  15. Yumeko, thanks! my skin is actually getting a BIT better :) Thank you dear

    FuN and MakeUp, thanks!

  16. Yep, the green definitely suits you :)

  17. you look lovely and the lashes suit you!

  18. very pretty neutral look! Love this tone down make-up :)

  19. You look absolutely divine in these photos! And you are rockin' the falsies well, my love.

  20. This is beautiful, as always. Love the falsies.

  21. Thanks Tine!

    Connie, hehehe I wanted to use the one you gave me but I'm saving it for special occasion :)

    Anastacia, thank you so much! I got your comment! thanks for leaving a nice message at cbox too!

    B, thank you, I don't have wonderful natural lashes like yours, so I have to depend on them! hahaha :)

    Gio, thank you!

  22. Awwwww you look upper dupper sweet sissy. Love the falsie look on you. Love it when you try new colors!!! So beautiful :) <333333

  23. Awww sis! That's a sweet look you've created! Very refreshing indeed! You make me proud. Red lipgloss looks great on you :D

  24. Cinthia, thank you sweetie!!!

    Gracie, awww because of you, I am venturing into red lippies heheheh Thanks to you! :)

  25. i love this look. fantastic lips! :) props!

  26. Nayna :) Thanks for the comment! Great day to you!


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