Friday, February 6, 2009


I guess a lot of beauty bloggers had done the showdown for both of these. But I'm actually more interested to test it myself as I live in a Tropical Country, who only has 2 season in a year. Rainy and Sunny! I'm glad I had the chance to try on both primers though both are NOT available in our country.

And I'm happy to report I've got results! Well readers, these are my eyes, my lids, my eyeshadows, do NOT take my word for it, some products would work on you but not for me or vice versa :) The report is based on MY experience using MY set of eyes!

I'll report back with Askmewhats Revisits if something happened that would make me change my mind :)

Here's the look I've created using UDPP and TFSI as labeled on the photo. It isn't a heavy eye make up as it's regular office days, so I'm on neutrals.

Not bad huh? Looks like there's no difference,
Read on for reviews and showdown photos

Askmewhats specs ---

lids: not oily
e/s staying power without base: does not last, stays on max 2 hours
problems encountered: bad base or no base would cause my e/s to line on the crease (visibly)
testing period: done the 2 base eye make up look for 4 days straight, shifting bases on different eyes and different e/s brands are used

Askmewhats says ---


  • e/s stays put for long hours
  • e/s are vibrant
  • dries up on lid quickly, shorter time to do your e/s application
  • packaging is wonderful, I love the squeeze tube
  • creamy, easy to apply
  • can easily share to other people and still remains hygienic
  • you have more time to spread this out as this doesn't dry up too quickly on lids


  • since my lids do not produce a lot of oil, applying too much will cause my lids to dry or flaky
  • bad packaging, cannot share using a wand unless you already decant this

  • have to wait for a couple of seconds to dry before applying e/s
  • e/s creases a bit on me and some parts, the e/s are gone


Photos speak thousand words, so I'll show photos first
Here's a simple Stila Quad look after 10 hours

Found any differences?
I actually did!
It's not as huge of a difference with the other showdown

But I circled the differences
and read on for more in-depth review

  • UDPP definitely holds my e/s longer than TFSI
  • You may think that it's after 10 hours, so I should give TFSI a break right? WRONG, the look on photo for TFSI is like that even right after 2-3 hours of e/s application, but the good thing, it didn't go worse, it just stayed that way until I remove it
  • For people with oilier lids, UDPP definitely is the answer as I've tested UDPP on oily lids (more than 5) and I got the same answer from all of them, it was tested to hold on the e/s without creasing and without fading for hours and hours!
  • I am honestly not confident to use TFSI on oily lids especially if they are my clients as minimal creasing happened to me, and I have to remember the fact that I have dry lids.
  • that TFSI is great for cooler season (winter in other countries) while UDPP is perfect for the warm season (summer)

Violent reactions?
I hope not! :)
But share your thoughts!
Have a wonderful day!
Thanks God It's Friday!!!
Stay happy!

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  1. Thanks for the comparison; I think I'll stick with my UDPP.

  2. I know, that's a problem because I don't even wanna touch my HK make up. They're too cute! I wish I could buy another set and use that then keep the other one as a part of my HK collection.

    Great review! I love my UDPP too much! :D Lasts 1 yr! :D

  3. I really do like that the TF is a squeezy container. Totally makes life easier. Less chance of contaminating the entire thing.
    Great vs review of the two though :)

  4. This is nice to know. Too bad both of these products aren't available in the PI :( Thanks for sharing girl! Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for doing this!
    I had been itching to buy the TFSI but I didnt want to just buy it yet since I still have a pot of UDPP.

    Great job!

  6. Interesting! Thanks for the review. The TFSI side's color looks nicer to me for some reason...

  7. whee thanks for doing it
    i have udpp and tfsi
    maybe now its winter,....should use my tfsi and save my udpp for summer

  8. cool results!! thanks for doing this! I'm yet to do my comparison btwn UDPP and L'Oreal De Crease. Actually, I have but I couldn't get great pictures. Now I'm actually relieved that I got the UDPP first instead of the TFSI (as I initially intended if it wasn't for the Urban Decay F&F sale)

  9. Toma, with our humid weather, I'll stick to UDPP too, but if you have dry flakey lids, TFSI definitely is the answer! :)

    Iyah, mine lasts almost a year now :) And I still have lots :) I know, i wouldn't dare touch those HK collection too! Too cute!

    Rasilla, the container for TFSI is PERFECT!!!!

  10. Lootwagon, so true! Even 1 , we don't have it here! But I'm glad resellers are popping up, so we can order from them soon! :) and as what they say...we can always purchase at "evil bay" lol

    Mrs. Zeus, if UDPP works for you, really , just stick to it! LOL I am itching for TFSI because I have drier lids on some days :)

    Fuz, actually in person, they are the same, must be the lighting of the room :)

    Yumeko, I would say both are great for people who lives in 4 seasoned countries :) I guess UDPP and TFSI works hand in hand :D

  11. hey ..

    that's a really useful post.. I was going to get the UDPP but haven't got around to it. Still trying to finish my Mac Paint pasture. LOL

    agreeing with fuz there,, the colour looks nicer for TFSI

  12. Purple Snowflake, well in person, they both look exactly the same, but looking at the photos, the effect is brighter for TFSI, I guess maybe it's creamier so the shadows came out better? :) thanks!

  13. Thanks for the comparison! I definitely need to do a test on myself since I got oilier lids than you... hehe~

  14. i agree with you on this sis. UDPP works better in our humid weather. :)

  15. Ahleessa, yeah! I remembered you telling me that you have oiliest lids :) I wonder how these 2 will work on you :)

    Shen, thanks sis for this! If not because of your generosity, I won't be able to satisfy my curiosity on the TFSI :) Thanks again!

  16. have you tried the artdeco primer? i'm in love with it. i want to horde it. :)

  17. wonderful review! :D
    definitely would like to try on UDPP.. but Singapore's sephora only carry TFSI :( and it's been out of stock for so long! i couldn't even have a try on the TFSI not to mention UDPP :(

  18. I guess I should be lucky I don't need primer for lids coz I don't have oily lids. I sometimes use cream eyeshadow as base. Thanks for the comparison though I'm sure many people have been wondering :)

  19. Liee, yes, I've used Artdeco primer and it works good for me too! But it has a bit of shimmer and at times, I'm not looking for that :) I hope you are able to hoard, it's so difficult to find and always OOS.

    miRaCLe, thanks, I know! Singapore opened up Sephora and I saw TFSI there!!! I hope you get Urban Decay soon! :)

    ParisB, aren't you the lucky one? I don't have oily lids but I need primer for the shadow to stay! Happy weekend dear!

  20. this info very helpful! great review!

  21. i prefer TFSI on myself too cuz i have dry lids, but nothing holds better than UDPP

  22. Thanks for teh review, it's very helpful. I think I'll stick with UDPP then, even though I hate the packaging.

  23. I was considering TFSI for the better packaging, but I think I will stick to UDPP. Thanks sweety!

  24. Anastacia Park, you are welcome sweet

    RenRen, great to know, thanks for your thoughts on the TFSI, I'm sure it works to a lot of people :)

    Gio, you're welcome, yeah, and I'm surprise they came up with new UDPP in SIN and it's still the SAME packaging!

    Yas, you're welcome

  25. Contrary to your review, I'm afraid I find the TFSI working better on my oily lids compared to the UDPP. I have super oily lids, and found that the TFSI gave my lids a stronger staying power. The UDPP's a tad watery for my liking :P

  26. Tine, hey! that's a refreshing info!!! I'm sure TFSI works better for some! :) I'm kinda waiting for someone to say so..and that's YOU :)

  27. TFSI works better for one of my lids vs the other. Very strange. Maybe one of my lips is oilier?

  28. Sesame, could be! :) I'm glad it works better for you, I'm sure it does to a group of people out there as I've read a lot of raves about it :)


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