Thursday, February 5, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: The Face Shop Top Coat

Everyone read my post as I was raving about Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat. (Smile and click review here) I did say I don't mind paying a couple of pesos more as this works as a base and top coat, multi-function product! But of course, I'm sure there are still readers out there who felt queasy to shell out that much, that's why I searched for an alternative. And you know what? I've found an alternative and it works even BETTER. The only thing is, I haven't tried this as base. I find this better as a top coat as compared to my Sally Hansen.

And what product got my raves?
no other than...

The Face Shop Top Coat!

(The reason why my nail art tutorials are not that frequent as before
because my polish stays longer! hahaha)

TFS Top Coat says ---

When you apply it to your nail color it penetrates all the way down to the nail bed to create a bond so strong that you can truly forget about your nail color chipping or peeling.

Askmewhats says ---

  • nail polish is definitely glossy and shinier. I would say the best top coat I've tried up to date.
  • nail polish stays without chip for more than a week!!! Because my work entails me to type all day, I type hard with the speed of 80wpm, lol my pinky on both hands chip first right after 3-4 days, with this top coat, it stays more than a week til it starts to chip a bit!
  • inexpensive
  • not all countries have The Face Shop products available
  • NADA!

I can't believe the shine it gives, I've literally used Sally Hansen on one hand and TFS Top Coat on the other, TFS wins hands down for gloss and shine. I also can't believe that it really prevents chipping or peeling. I'm glad "hard work" in nail art can stay longer than a week.

What I like more about Sally Hansen though, are their brushes! Nothing compares the lovely NYLON nail polish brush from Sally Hansen. But TFS polish brushes are work-able.

This is my HG top coat --------- FOR NOW! lol I'm open for challengers! hahaha

  • I personally haven't tried TFS Base Coat, but if it works, it's still cheaper to buy 2 separate Base and Top Coat as compared to Sally Hansen's.
  • Always make sure to let the colored polish or nail art (if you're doing one) to dry first before you further apply top coat, so your polish won't blend with the top coat making the polish not too shiny.
  • Apply the tips of your nails too, it will further protect your nails! Promise!
  • Always make sure to twist the polish well so it won't dry up fast
  • Never apply polish in front of an electric fan or air-conditioner
Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

At any The Face Shop stores for Php99.00 (Approx $2.00)

Now Now,
I am expecting most of you will let me know their HG Top Coat!
Keep the ball rolling!
What's your favorite top coat?
Or you don't use one at all? lol
Stay happy!


  1. ah~ mine would be Skinfood's top coat. I used countless bottles of it! :P

    But i think I will give TFS a try, let's pray it's at the same price level as Skinfood's! :D

  2. Sounds great. I'll ask my Korean friend to bring me a bottle next time she comes to town. Thanks for the rec Nikki. :)

  3. Wish they had TFS here in the US.

  4. I find Silkygirl's can make my nail polish last longer than TFS's. But I do love the slightly blue-toned shine that TFS gives me :)

  5. Oh Plue! Now I have to try Skinfood's! Let me know how you like TFS compared to Skinfood :)

    Liz, no problem :) Anytime!

    Fuz, I know! I'm sure it'll be a hit if they open a shop in the US. I guess that's how I feel when i wish we have some brands that's available in the US and not here :)

    Thanks Anastacia :) You are a sweet girl!

    Chian Li, oohhh Silky Girl, it's only available in Malaysia right? or Singapore too? I want to try!!! If I have the chance, I'll remember your recommendation

  6. That's such a great price for that kind of quality. But well, I love TFS nail polishes. They stay on pretty well. :)

  7. good find :D i am still with the sally hansen for now, but since this is so good at affordable price, i will grab one for myself the next time i pass by face shop!

  8. Liee, I love TFS polishes too :) and I like it that I can test on the colors before purchasing them!

    Prettybeautiful, let me know how you like it, if it works better than Sally Hansen, why not right? We're on to search for the more affordable alternatives!

  9. Great review! I've been seeing this in TFS but haven't given it the time of day. But now...I think I will definitely make a second look! You so got me interested with all these nail goodies. Thanks Hun!

  10. I'm using Paul and Joe's top coat but it doesn't really protect my nail polishes :( and it's pretty expensive!! T.T
    Will definitely try TFS top coat once I finish the costly P&J's top coat! ^^
    Thanks for the great review! :))

  11. Lootwagon, I'm glad to help out. The more we save the more we're happy :D

    miRaCLe, ohhh I hope you let me know how you like TFS after you tried it :)

  12. i love TFS top coat too!!! shiny nails indeed :)

  13. *tosses Sally Hansen outta the window* (well, maybe not it is expensive) but it doesn't keep my cheaper polishes chip free. Me wanna try face shop now!

  14. Marie, yay to TFS :) We both found the love for this!

    Kahani, lol I was thinking "don't toss it" lol it's pricey, it works well, but its nice to find some good alternatives huh? Do you have TFS there?

  15. Nikki, you should definitely try Seche Vite. A little bit expensive, but so worth the raves. My nails stay chip free and shiny for a week. I wish they sold Seche Vite here though, i had to get it from an e-tailer.

  16. Realllllyy now? Can't believe I didn't get one to try out when I went to TFS twice in Malaysia! Gah.

  17. Loving the price and your rave -- but nuts, don't think we have this in Canada. Pooh!

  18. Melvel! I haven't even heard of the brand! thanks for letting me know!

    Tine, oh, there's always a next time :)

    Janine, so sorry! :( I feel that to a lot of products you rave on your site!

  19. hi nikki! i have a nail polish collection and most of them are from THEFACESHOP. check it out on my blog. i think it's under my april posts. title is, "nail polish collection" and please comment! thanksie. btw, love your review and your blog. :)

  20. Hey, I have this Top Coat too! I'm ok with it. Like it too! But I prefer Silkygirl's Base/Top Coat more as it's shinier than this one. :)
    Love your blog!

  21. i love seche vite top coat for its thge best top coat that I ever have and I save lots of pieces of it for it is good over with konad special polish.. I also like the sally hansen dries instantly or insta-dri for it dries my nail polish in 30 secs.... i would def. try this TFS polish,..


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