Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Askmewhats Version: My Late Heatherette Look

Shocked with the title? LOL I know MAC Heatherette is "so last year", but I can't help but play with it because I haven't had the chance to do a look using this palette :)

To those who don't have this palette, do not worry as most colors are "dupe-able" :)

Here's my very simple,
Daily Heatherette Look

And here's Askmewhats Diagram!

Before I do the steps below,
I applied NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt
all over lids

Step 1:

Using an e/s brush, pat on Hoppin', or any shimmer pink e/s on the inner corner of the eye.

Step 2:

Swirl a small crease brush and blend with Mood Ring on the center of the eye.

Step 3:

Using any blending brush, apply Cloudburst on the outer V of the eye, making sure not to apply too much and slowly build on the color. Be careful with this as this can make your eye makeup look dirty.

Using a smaller crease brush, apply the same color to the lower lashline, around 3 fourths. Do not go all the way.

Step 4:

Apply P&J Face Color043 on the browbone and my favorite inner corner of the eye for wide eyed look.

Finish with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Liner in Zero
Curl your lashes and apply Lancome Virtuose Mascara

Of course, you must fill in your brows.
You can check out old tutorials
on what I used for brows

And the rest of my face?

The Body Shop Mineral Foundation no. 2

The Body Shop's Cheek Color
in Warm Copper

NYX Herades
Topped with Bath & Body Works Gloss
in Gold Dust


Note: e/s on the right side looks like it doesn't match the left one
I swear they both match!
my eye has just recovered from eye allergies
so I lost the eyelid on that eye
Still cute I believe, according to my MOM LOL!!!
It is indeed a quick look!
Use any light colored e/s and darken your crease!
Use a nice flush on the cheeks and prettify your pout!
You're all ready to go!
Happy Humpy Wednesday!
Stay Happy!


  1. pretty! I usually use shadows of the same color (different shades) this is something to try!

  2. Nice tut sissy!!! For some reason I don't like the Heatherette line. And you're right, the colors are very much "dupe-able."

    I like your look. Very soft, simple & pretty :)

  3. you did a great job with the palette!! very pretty and not over done at all :D

  4. i like this look nikki. it's subtle and your skin looks flawless!

  5. awww! it's so pretty nikki! i love your eyes there!

  6. do u reccomend those nyx pencils?

  7. Paint Me Gorgeous, OH! Do try different colors that complement each other, I'm sure it'll be a nice pop of color :D

    Cinthia, the packaging looks wonderful but the colors are definitely dupe-able :) and the first 2 colors are quite sheer, have to pack on the colors, or use a strong base! :D

    NicNic, thanks! YOu know me, in love with light make up! hahahah

  8. Jo, awww, thank you! But if you only knew, I just recovered from really bad face allergies, so I'm glad it didn't show up on this shot! :D

    Sab, thanks! :D

    Yumeko, I would say, NOT all NYX Jumbo Pencils are great, if you got oily lids, you HAVE TO prime your lids with your favorite primer before using this as this can easily crease! Some colors work well, I find the matte ones to be chalky, so go for the shimmer ones :D It is great as e/s base and the pink e/s that's quite light in this palette shows because of the pencil :D

  9. still cute :P

    sometimes i wake up without my double-eye lid also. O_o i used to have one side double, one side single, then, i dont know what happened, it became double lid now!!! :D :D

  10. Beautiful....subtle but just darling. I love your application! I remember that palette. Never had it but the packaging is HOT!

  11. Very cute!! :D Love all the colors~ You're always so creative!!

  12. This look on you is very subtle and refreshing. I like the color combination a lot!

  13. very nice look, i kinda dissappointed in myself for not buying the Heatherette e/s palette.

  14. Such a pretty look on you!! Don't worry, Heatherette is still a pretty new collection! I love the packaging of the P&J shadow you have.

  15. Great job! Cool tutorial! Love your little bit smoked eyes! It looks very hot n sexy!

  16. Beautiful! I had almost forgotten about this palette. Time to whip it out again and have some fun!

  17. Prettybeautiful, it seldom happens to me, it usually does the same thing as yours if I cried the night before hehehe thanks for agreeing about me still cute! hahaha you are too nice!

    B, so true, the hot pink sold us all! :D

    Fuz, thank you so much for saying so :D

  18. Lootwagon, that's my favorite colors too! Blue and Pink!!

    Makemeup, I know what you mean, I heard the Hello Kitty collection is wonderful too but a lot of colors can be duped :D

    Audrie, oohh P&J is heaven for me especially their packaging :D Thanks for saying I'm not too late, I have a feeling I AM, but come to think of it, the colors reminded me of Hello Kitty collection though :D

  19. from beauty and care island, thanks for liking the subtle smokey look :D

    Yas, yes! Mac collections came out too fast I can't keep track! :D

  20. Ang ganda!! I wasnt able to get that palette. I wish they'll sell it sa CCO :) I really want it. ehehe :)

  21. gorgeous as always! I love the pop of color

  22. Hmm, nice smokey eyes you are doing here. not just your average brown grey black purple, but with a new way to represent it. Love.. I don't catch those MAC collections. But now, seems like a lot of their collections are dupe-able. sigh, I guess that's why it's not a good idea to come with a/few collection(s) each month. :)

  23. Love the look, so pretty and soft!

  24. Iyah, I hope you can get them at CCO, but I think you'll be fine with your HK palette :D

    Connie, thanks dearie!

    Vivian, thank you so much, I'm glad you liked my semi smokey eye look :D And true, I wish they don't come out a lot of collections so often as it gets confusing and we don't get them on time here lol frustrating!

    Gio, thanks !

  25. I love this look on you!!! so nice.=] Anyhoo, I'm really loving the Styli-style liner. Didn't smudge on me. If you do get em, let me know what you think! I'll be sure to read your entry bout it hehehe.. Take care!

  26. Nikki this is sooooo pretty!!! I do have to say that lippie is GORGE on you as well!!

  27. Miss Katin, thanks so much ! Oohh I am lemming for the Styli-Style but I have to wait for a seller to sell them coz we don't have them down here :) I'll definitely do a review on it as soon as I get it :) Thank you for visiting, you brighten my blog :)

    Tanya, thanks!!!! I'm glad you like the lip color!

  28. This is a gorgeous look sis... I love it!

  29. This look is beautiful and I want to do it too but where can I get P&J Face Color043 ? Thanks!


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