Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Initial Look: Coastal Scents Haul

After a month, I FINALLY got my Coastal Scents haul! I honestly thought it got lost over mail. My first order from CS came in 2 weeks or less, and it went straight at home. I braved myself to order again as I'm confident it'll go straight to my home again and less than a month. WRONG!!! NEVER expect the wheel to be on top all the time! LOL My mom-in-law had to help me pick them up! Anyways, enough about shipment...I got them, I'm glad! *wipes forehead*

What did I get?

L-R Deep Plum, 24K and True Black

And see how pretty they are when swatched

Top-bottom: True Black, Deep Plum and 24K

True Black - came in perfect! Now I know why it always goes "Out of Stock", the consistency is great, it is definitely TRUE black, I am excited to use this as my HG Stila Smudgepots is getting dry as it has been almost a year with me!

Deep Plum - it came in with a "mousse-y" texture, I have to swipe a couple of times for the shade to come out as the photo above. I tried putting it on my lid and it looks, different, a good kind of different and the "mousse" texture gets dry.

24K - if Deep Plum is "mousse-y" in texture, 24K felt like whipped cream. LOL it bothers me at first because I have never tried gel liner to be uhm....a real "GEL" in texture lol But the texture can be put to side as one swipe gave out a really nice gold-ish color with the right amount of sparkle. So excited to use this on my lids. I have a feeling I need Truffle as base and top it with this one, have to test it, as it goes so well on my skin tone that it probably won't show up too much on my eyes.


You guys know me, I'm a smart shopper, since I'm already paying for shipping, why not add an inexpensive item that doesn't weigh so much???

The Pink Angle Taklon Liner Brush has it's own "award" from some of the beauty bloggers, and since my gel liners increase in quantity, I should increase the liner brushes right? RIGHT!

When I got this brush, I was having mixed feeling. Can't say it's bad, but it ain't that good as well. I guess I was expecting something else. I was expecting a slim brush, but the angled liner brush came in, well shaped like hmm how do I explain this... 3 DIMENSIONAL? lol I don't mind though, it's inexpensive, and I love surprises! :D

Here's the look, It's PINK again! :)

A closer look on the brush

The angle is perfect for lining the eye
(excuse the dirty hair coz I used it to swatch the gel liners)

That's the 3D I'm talking

As compared to my Smashbox Liner Brush,
CS Pink Angle Taklon Liner brush

Smashbox Liner Brush's Ferrule is flattened,
so brush is thinner

And here's a freebie from Coastal Scents
A Blue Diamonds Shadow Sample

It is pretty and the sample is good enough for several applications :)
On finger, without base!
You can't go wrong with pigmented shadows!

Do you own all CS gel liners?

I've read that not all the gel liners are consistent in their pigmentation.

Which color do you think I should include in my gel liner collection?

Any color worth looking back?

Have a great weekend and
Stay Happy!


  1. cs! love the stuff
    hate the shipping. haha

  2. i own nothing from CS!!! and I want that 88 e/s palette!!!


    you know what was i staring at? your painted nais!!!

    that's gorgeous. LOL

  3. nothing can beat on hg smashbox liner brush tlga! though i have the black on black taklon angled liner brush and its pretty good too but it doesnt give a fine line as to what our hg liner brush gives... its meant for more dramatic lining...

  4. CS brushes were a huge letdown for me, even considering their prices.

    Their e/s and glitter powder are good though. I have three glitter shadows from them that I really like.

  5. I'm glad you got your package! I love the way Deep Plum looks. (:

    These are gel liners right? Just making sure (:

  6. <3 Hi hi!
    The Pink CS Liner Brush really makes me mad :P it's too flimsy ahaha... I really liked the black on black taklon tho... it's so much better :)

  7. awww man i really want the true black gel liner now...

    too bad they don't make like a black/brown, or a "dark chocolate" color too.

    thanks for the swatches!

    btw, does this pink angled liner make a finer and thinner line than that white bristle liner brush you first got from CS? thanks!

  8. Wow! Those look like great shades! That sample is very pigmented! Definitely eye-catching! FOTD please :)

  9. I love gel eyeliners, especially the MAC fluidline or the Kate's one. won't budge even in this damn hot weather..

    today will hit 40 degrees out side I think..


  10. hurray for finally getting them :)

    I LOVE 24K, I've been using it a lot to line my lower lashes, and well just giving it that extra kick.

    I have been having troubles with trublack and indigo not staying though :( But hopefully that's just me~

  11. Gold gel liner is very very pretty, I also have that eyeliner brush :P exactly same one.

  12. another on my to buy list
    i keep saying i'll buy it but i havent XD

  13. YumYumSushi, me too! Can you believe that I emailed them just to ask for the shipping and they sent me an email with "DO NOT REPLY" note...what????!!!!

    Jojoba, I have to try hide my nails everytime I'm holding something because of you! LOL But I still failed :) Aren't there any local sellers who sell those palettes in Malaysia?

    Dustbunny, so true about OUR HG liner brush :) I'm glad you felt the same too

  14. Liz, really?? Everytime I order gel liners or anything from them, I told myself I have to order at LEAST 1 brush coz it's so cheap and I'm trying to save up on shipping! Their shipping rate is super crazy though! LOL

    Tina Marie Online, I really thought they got lost :( :( :( And Yes, they are gel liners and they can be used as e/s base too! :)

    Shexilicious, oh no! After I bought the pink one, I stared at the black on black and I told I should buy that one, but I didn't see it! And the price is almost the same as the pink one! Thought the quality would be the same! Thanks for letting me know :)

  15. Ichicgobunnie, I think they have dark brown called BARK before but they removed it, don't know why :) The True Black actually can be just a BLACK, it looks too black if you create a thicker line :) About the liner brush showdown,that's good question, I'll do that when I review the pink angled liner :) I'll check it out for you too :)

    Lootwagon, I'll definitely do FOTDs using different gel liners from now on :) for you gals to see the differences and effect :D

    Purple Snowflake, hmm...I've read some rants about Kate Gel Liner that's why I stopped thinking about them, now that you mentioned on how good they are, I want to try them again!

  16. Rasilla, I'll definitely use them a lot and take note on them, I think it doesn't always work to everyone as I know a lot have oilier lids than I do :) yay for telling me about 24K , I will try them on my waterline :) thanks!

    Digital Angel, how do you like your eyeliner brush? :)

    Yumeko, because you have so many cool stuffs to play with :) heheheh I cant' wait when you finally ordered and I want to see how it looks on your lovely eyes!

  17. ate nikki!!!1 i missed you! those gel liners look promising..hmmm right now may nadiscover ako on how to save my old gel liner that went dry na..what i do is get wet the brush across one wipey until it gets moist enough, then i dip it in the gel liner..un! magic haha..baduy ko no. pero it worked for me :) sayang naman kasi. haven't tried the local brands of gel liner, baka kasi hindi naman maganda. have you tried them na ba?

    oh and i hate liner brushes that aren't flat. gusto ko rin with firm bristles na flat..haha

  18. wow! the gel liner seems nice.. can't wait for seeing them on your EOTD :D

    the pink brush looks cute and nice to use :D

  19. Wow another hauls! :D

    Anyways, thanks for letting me know about Keith's sibling LOL. Wish me luck and of course I'll keep you updated! ;-)

  20. I think when I'm out of eyeliner again this one will be the next on my list to try. I try not to collect too many liners since they tend to dry up. Thanks hun! That's strange about the brush and I can see what you're talking about. Smiles hun!

  21. i'm really lemming for those gel liners! but i forgot to try them on during the makeup worksho though :(

  22. Miemiemie, thanks for the added tip :) That's a great one. I haven't tried Fanny Serrano coz I'm into colored liners and Tita Fanny made only basic colors :) lol

    miRaCLe, thanks! I will create looks using those :) Definitely! :)

    Devi, oh no..those are hauls that are supposed to be with me early on, but it all arrived together on the same day, I think the post office are so lazy to go to my house again and again so they wait for packages to pile up before the send lol

  23. Yas, I know! :) I try not to buy so much too but I am so into gel liners these days :)

    musicalfanlovesminerals, no worries, we'll have the chance to meet up again and I'll make sure to let you try it :) Let me know when you will be in Shang for a performance again and you can pass by the office before your performance :) Try it first before you purchase :D

  24. i cant wait for the review on the staying power of these liners. everyone's been comparing the CS gel liners with MAC fluidline---what are your thoughts on this?

    also, i just observed: are the names of the liners on the cap just written with a pen? i'm sure the eyeliners live up to the raves in terms of quality, but i think the packaging looks really cheap. its a deal-breaker for me. mahal pa naman ng shipping!

  25. HI Liz, I will do an in-depth review on these, I've used Truffle for long and so far, it is WONDERFUL, but not all the colors are the same or consistent I would say. I will do a review on each color soon :) The names..LOL are written by "yours truly" and the packaging actually is just super simple, no names, no nothing, so I don't want to get confused so I labeled them on my own :) Yeah shipping is super expensive especially to us, so I'll do ordering ONLY if they have sale so the sale would be like a cheaper rate for SHIPPING. :D

  26. oh, my bad!!! i thought the liners came like that! im really sorry. hmm, i really want to try this. like you, i can't wait for the sale! or at least, a decent reseller here in the philippines.

    thanks so much! i dont know if i said it already, but im a faithful follower of this blog. haha.

  27. nope we don't have those 88 palettes...

  28. thanks for the offer nikki! actually i can just drop by your office even if i don't have to go to shang since i just live nearby!

  29. now you're tempting me with True Black!! grrrrr... I have Indigo Blue and I love that color :D I'm eyeing on peach melba and the new maroon shade

  30. Jojoba, oh..that's sad...well who knows? They would be having a spree there locally :)

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, ok just let me know if you plan to drop by and I'll bring the CS gel liner :)

    Connie, well True Black honestly is my Best buy out of all the CS liners :) Sorry I am not tempting you, I am waiting for the Maroon shade gel liner to come out :) I want to see photos :)

  31. i wanna have one! huhu how long does it takes for the shipment?

  32. Hi Kae, thanks for stopping by.. took me 2 weeks the first order, but the 2nd order came in after a month or more! :( :( :(


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