Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Nails In Love!

Hello lovelies!!!

Valentine's day is near! I am sure there's a lot of Valentine's day inspired everything! So I've thought of doing a girl "In Love" nails! By the way, I bought art brushes from a local bookstore, I TRIED drawing hearts and I have to say, it is very challenging and I gave up for now...I need to do more practice as I don't want to have "ugly" hearts this coming Valentine's day!

I did an "almost" heart look though --- in a human way hahaha
Here's my version and interpretation, I hope you like it! :)

Step 1:

Apply a base coat, let dry. Apply one layer of any pink matte color. Let dry.

Step 2:

Apply 2nd coat of the base color.

While wet, drop a white colored polish and red colored polish, creating 3 dots. You can choose whatever color combination you like.

Step 3:

Quickly run through a needle going up, between the dots. A 3 heart shape will show up.

Again, you can do something different for the THUMB
In my case, I did 4 dots instead of 2 :)

Step 4:

Leave the nail art for a couple of minutes, making sure it's dry. add a glitter polish on the area where you run through the needle. You may skip this step if you don't have a thin brush.

Step 5:

Using my Testimo Polish for the first time (a gift from a dear friend last Christmas), slowly apply on the "pink" base area only, trying not to touch the hearts. I am trying to create hearts with some falling glitters :)

The reason for not going through the nail art, because the hearts won't show up clearly. I am trying to create a glittery, happy base with the hearts as the MAIN focus. That's LOVE! :P

Step 6:

Making sure the nail art is dry, top your nails with your favorite top coat. In my case, everyone knows its The Face Shop's Top Coat :D <--- for now!

Here's the finished "Nails In Love" look

and the thumb art
Now that sounds like "dumb art' lol

A Valentine's Day inspired eye make-up will be coming up!
What are your plans for the V-day?

Anything special planned out for your loved ones?

Stay loved...stay happy!


  1. GaSp this is sooo lovely!!!
    I really need to get me some new polishes to play with, you really make me want to try and do cute manicures -- sooo creative, so inspiring!!!!

    Thanks for this great tut!

  2. oh man, your nails always look so nice!!! i can't afford to have lovely pained nails as i have to work with food all the time. (Just baked 4 jars of meringue kiss cookies and 1 big tray of orange and peach muffins! been up since 4am! But i went to bed at abour 9pm though...) Anyway, i love this look!

    ps: is your DH Chinese? (his last name just reminded me so... :) Or are you Chinese too?

  3. that is so cute! i'm gonna have to try this. thanks for the tutorial!

  4. cute nail art nikki! i'm all for the daintiness!

  5. What a beautiful work of art for V-Day, darling. Loves it!!

  6. very nifty trick to get the hearts!I think I'll give it a try for V-day. If I can... I'm impossible with nails

  7. Very cute! Your nails so beautiful and that design looks romatic! Perfect for Valentine's Day :)

  8. Tia, awww you're welcome, I'm glad I inspired you even in my own mini ways as you've inspired a lot of us for those wonderful hauls you got! :)

    Jojoba :) We're Both Chinese :) Full blooded! LOL we were just born and raised here :) I'm sorry you can't do anything with your nails, I know how hard it is if you're working on a food business :)

    Tina Marie Online, you're welcome, I want to see yours! :)

  9. Ms Giling, :) Thanks

    Fuz, can't wait for your nail art post!

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, I know you're into dainty nail art :) How are you doing with yours??? Keep practicing girl! :D

  10. B, thanks! :)

    Yumeko, so girly huh? :) I love those colors too!

    FuN and Makeup, yeah it's a cute pink, I guess there's a lot of us out there who loves pink!

    Connie, give it a try :) No special tools needed but needle :D And a whole lot of patience! :D

  11. very cute!!

    ur soo talented..I love how you added the little touch of gold glitter..makes it even more special

  12. love this nail art :D
    would love to try this out when I finish my exams :)))

    thanks for sharing ^^

    happy valentine in advance :D

  13. Mary, awww I'm glady ou like the touch of gold glitters, when I do nail art, I just wanted to keep on adding something :)

    miRaCLe, goodluck with your exams and let me know through your blog how it came out :) Happy Valentine's day in advance to you too sweetheart!

  14. I really like the pale pink on you! I'm going to check out that colour from now on. Methinks it's a very sweet shade :)

  15. nails in love indeed! these are so girly and purdy sis! miss you! :-)

  16. Girl, your technique in creating those tiny hearts is pure genius! this is definitely valentine's worthy! great job! :)

  17. WOW!!! Thanks for this post! This is so nice! I would try it! :D You are very creative! :D I will buy more pink nail polish next time :D

  18. OMG..
    you always come up with like the cuttest designs..

    I might take a picture and go to the nail-ist and tell them.. I want my nails done like that =p

  19. lately i haven't been doing any since i'm busy right now. but i plan to practice some more. still not very good at it, sometimes i just stamp it! hehe.

  20. awww nikki! this is soooo cute! you really are so creative!

  21. Very cute, I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks for the tutorial.

  22. Love how this turned out! Amazing tut hun & you are so good!

  23. That is so clever! Great tutorial.

  24. you & your creative nails! this is really cute :)

  25. This is cute and perfect for Valentine's Day! :)

  26. Tine, pink polish really makes me feel girly! Though I've always tried different colors, pinks make me feel "at home" :D

    Mhean, thanks sis!!! Keep in touch on what's happening with you :)

    Lootwagon, lol A technique is needed coz I can't seem to draw!!! hahahah Thanks girl!

  27. Iyah, awww! Thanks, I'm glad I bring out the pink polish in you :D Love your Valentine's make up by the way!

    Purple snowflake, I wonder what the nail artist will say.."THAT??? That's so amateur!" lol..I hope they can do something about it and make it look better! Let me know how it goes!

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, you've been super busy for such a young lady! :)

  28. Sab!!! How have you been?? I missed you!

    Gio, my pleasure!!!

    Yas, thanks for the lovely comment, you know what? You gals made me go on, I always criticizes my own nail art and there goes the sweet comments, gives me the confidence, thanks!

  29. Katrina, thanks!

    Yumyumsushi, creativity comes out if you're desperate to do something but Can't! LOL

    Ally! :) Thanks sweet!

  30. OMG! You are such a genius when it comes to lovely nail painting!!!!
    I love it!

  31. this is soooo pretty and cute!! perfect for valentines!!

  32. jhoannz, you are welcome! My pleasure to do the tuts every now and then

    Mrs. Zeus, lol being called as GENIUS felt really good!!! :) Thanks for making me feel good on a Monday :)

    NicNic, thanks, I'm glad you think it's perfect for Valentines coz that's how I would interpret Valentines :D

  33. this tutorial is fantastic! perfect for vday!

  34. M, thanks :) I"m glad it's V day worthy nails!

  35. Patience.... now, that's my problem :p

  36. love this sweet look :) i created mine with black polish :D

  37. Hi Nikki. Your nail art tutorials are truly jaw-dropping!

    This one seems quite simple and somehow wearable to the workplace, but I'm afraid my shaky hands will ruin everything. You're just amazing! Catch you again some other time. Take care.


  38. Connie, hahahah I used to have the least patience too, but when I started ordering online, I got the most patience now! hahaha

    Prettybeautiful, awww, I can't wait to see!

    Tish, thanks so much for dropping a message! :) I am glad to know you like this!

  39. haha I tried to do this like a million times. I failed miserably.


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