Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Mann Hann

Another salivating post I guess :)

Good day everyone!!! We had Keith's relatives coming over from Hong Kong and we took them to SM Mall of Asia for shopping and of course, give them a bit of a taste of our Chinese fusion dish :) Our favorite place Mann Hann Restaurant!

Food isn't expensive, servings are good and of course, the taste of the food are wonderful!!! :) We stayed there til closing I think! LOL It was a late dinner, and we had fun stuffing ourselves!

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Php170.00 (approx $3.50)

Good for 3-4 person.

Steamed Fish Fillet
Php185.00 (approx $3.85)

Very fresh, love the sauce!

Broccoli Flower with Garlic
Php145.00 (approx $3.00)

I don't usually like to order Broccoli from restaurants
But this one tastes exceptional, the broccoli flower is sweet
and perfect amount of garlic

Sizzling Tofu
less than Php200.00 (approx $4.00)

Favorite tofu dish! I know, I love any tofu dish but this is exceptional!
Must try!

Spicy Spareribs
Php180.000 (approx $3.75)

I am not a Pork spareribs eater,
But this passed the hungry mouth of my hubby :)

Fried Squid
Php175.00 (approx $3.65)

I LOVE this, the squid is tender
and it was actually served with BAGOONG (fish paste)
But chuck the fish paste and ask for VINEGAR!

Php125.00 (approx $2.60)

Sticky soup with egg and pork
Pork is tender, you can order this with noodles
called MAKI MI

sorry forgot the price for this

I personally am NOT an oyster eater,
so I skipped this so I can't tell if it's delicious or not

It was my Mom-in-law's birthday on that day as well
We bought her UBE Cake from Red Ribbon :)
Ube cake also known as TARO cake


Hope you like my food post :)
Enjoy the week ahead!
Valentine's week!
Again a Valentine's day look will be posted soon!
Stay happy!


  1. Yummy post, you've convinced me to come to the Philippines! Will you pick me up at the airport and take me on a food tour??

  2. ahhh! ube cake! yumm!
    mannnn, i used to make a mean pandan ube cake. i should bake someday soon. i miss it. lol

    i should also ALWAYS eat before i come to your blog on the weekends!

  3. You make me drool like every sunday !! I am glad that I cooked spicy pork again, my bf always wants spicy pork lol.
    Happy Birthday to your mom in law.
    Foods look so yummy, I love love fried squid. :)

  4. I am so hungry right now. LOL.

    Happy birthday to your mom in law, sissy. I love oyster and those oysters there look so yummy! drool~~~~

  5. Kendall, I sure will! :) Let me know if you get serious about that thought :)

    Yumyumsushi, I've thought you've learned your lesson by now! LOL Always be full before you read my blog post that starts with "WEEKEND FOOD TRIPPING" lol

    Digital Angel, thanks for the greeting, I'm sure my mom in law is happy someone she doesn't know would greet her :) Woohh lucky bf to have food cooked by his lovey! :)

  6. Cinthia, at least we won't be fighting over food, oysters are all yours :D

    Shexilicious, :D

    Fuz and Nic, yeah! I know!!! I wanted to eat there again!!!

  7. OOHH! this foods looks yummy yummy! mmm

  8. OOHH! this foods looks yummy yummy! mmm

  9. i do like ur food.. i LOVE IT!!!!!!!! mMmmmmmmm im hungry now and look at that cake... good wit milk too.. yummie!

  10. Ooooh that Brocolli and Tofu dish looks so delish! *stomach grumbling*

  11. Anastacia park :) I can sense your hunger :D

    Fun & Makeup, your reaction is too cute! :)

    M :) Thanks

    Lootwagon, I am into Tofu and Brocolli too!!!!

  12. The food looks sooo yummy!!

  13. Ren, do you have Taro cake there?

    Gio, :) Salivating? hehehe i hope not! Are you into Chinese food?

  14. drooling at the dishes :p~
    wow! taro cake! i love taro :D

  15. looks so yummy! :D

    thumbs up for the ube cake from red Ribbon!!


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