Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Dainty Flowers" Nail

How-dy ladies and gents?

Here's another "dainty" day with Dainty Nails! I've created this nail art with the love of flowers! I really do! I've tried adding up colors the to the usual flowers I've been creating and I'm glad to still works! :D Talk about trials!

Here's the final result!
Petals aren't perfect

Prior to nail polish application. Apply a base coat to protect your nails. Let Dry

Step 1:

Apply one coat of natural base color. Let dry. In this post, I used ELF Nail Polish in Champagne.

Step 2:

Apply 2nd coat of the polish...

while wet, drop 5 dots of white polish

I've created 10 dots to create 2 flowers

Step 3:

Quickly drop a pink polish color on top of the white dots.

Step 4:

Using a needle, draw a line on dots going to the center. To create a more natural looking petals.

Step 5:

Drop a yellow colored dot in the middle as "flower bud" or you can use rhinestones.

Step 6:

Making sure the flowers are dry. Apply a thin coat of "glittery" polish. In my case, I use Elianto's

Step 7:

Apply a top coat.

You have your own dainty nails!!!
Smile and stay pretty-licious!

This is perfect for those who aren't comfortable with loud colored polishes!
If you don't have nail art pens, you can use the nail brush directly to create dots!
Hope you like my nail art tutorial for the day!
Stay healthy and Happy!


  1. Great tut!
    As always, beautiful.
    I'll give it a try one of these days! ^_^
    keep 'em cominG!

  2. Very dainty and pretty~ I absolutely love the color of that ELF polish!!!

  3. LOVE the sweet flowers! I replace the nail art pens with the dotting tool u gave me :P havent tried this needle method tho, will spoof ur design next time. hehehe

  4. Very nice color combination. I love it twin!!!

  5. ganda!!!! i hope if i try to do it, it'll turn out this way hahaha...

  6. Hey, Nikki! So pretty nail art ! Very cute! thanks for this tutorial, I do something from your tutorials :) Love your work!

  7. i love how you draw the designs yourself! i thought those were stick ons heh

  8. Where can I buy nail art pens? I bought nail polishes from Elianto and nail stickers too. Will try your tutorial this weekend. =)

  9. You always find time to do beautiful nails, unlike me, i always mess it up! Esp. when i have to draw the flowers using my left hand. But you do your nails great with either L or R hand.

  10. OMg... i will never get bored of your nail posts... They are all so creative and pretty... ~~~~

    hehe the pink is not too girly not too in your face.. love it ^___^

  11. Giling :) thanks, i'll keep them coming coz I do enjoy doing them! :D

    Fuz, the color is very pretty !

    Prettybeautiful, needle/toothpick, whatever you may find! :D Goodluck, can't wait to see your designs!

  12. Thanks Cinthia Twin!

    Miss Katin,who knows? It'll turn out way better pa! Goodluck!

    Anastacia, ooh now you got me excited, I want to see your nail tuts!

  13. Jo, awww, that's the sweetest compliment, if people think it's stick-ons, that means, the flowers look good! LOL thank you!

    Badet, I sell them myself, its at

    Makemeup, ooohh you haven't seen the "messiness" of creating I do mess up quite a lot! :D

  14. i love the color of the base coat! :) unfortunately we don't have that here no?

  15. soo gorgeous!!!

    love the elf color..very nice pink color...

  16. Purple snowflake! the base works great even alone! It's just my addiction to nail art that I can't stop just applying 2 coats of polish! :D Thanks

    Sab, sad to say, I'm always checking out our ELF counter, and No polishes! I guess they didn't bring it down here as we have so many companies selling nail polishes! I'm sure you can find a similar color from our local brands! I believe Caronia has one!

    Mary, thanks! :D I have to thank Toma for the ELF polishes!

  17. Wow hun you are just so talented! I love the way those turn out, but there is no way my left hand would be able to do anything close to that pretty! Love it sweety!

  18. omggg i cant even do 1 flower with what u gave me yet T-T
    i keep trying though cos i want to do a good review on my blog for the polishes u gave me

  19. wow this is amazing, i can't even paint my right hand with my left hand lol

  20. OMG! this is one of my favs!! u always do the nicest nails! Good Job sis! luveet! Hope u have a good one!

  21. man i love the base color, everytime i see it i think i should really get that color lol

  22. Lovely!
    You never fail to amaze me!
    Great tutorial, Thanks!

  23. Hey you mega talents!! Yeah you!!

    I have nominated you in my top ten bloggers because you are amazing and this post just proves it!

  24. Nikki! This is absolutely gorgeous! It's simple yet stunning and definitely wearable to work. It looks somehow simple, but then again, I'm not as talented as you are. I wonder when I can try this.


  25. oh that's how you do it! i love flowers on nails the most :)

  26. Yas, I've said that same line a couple of months ago! But, I tried, and came out with ugly nail give it a go!!!! I am not joking when I say I'm NOT good at drawing, it really takes practice!

    Yumeko, oh my dear! I"d love to be there and show it to you. The reason why I am used to that nail art pen is because I've started seeing those being used by my nail artist, that's why I know what to do when I had my own set!

    M, I'll do it for you !! :) In a heartbeat sweetie

  27. Paula, thanks sis! :)

    Fun & Make up, thank you sis!

    Yumyumsushi, if you have ELF there, go ahead :) But Im sure there are some brands who can dupe that ELF Champagne color :)

  28. Mrs. Zeus, thank you for liking my nail art!

    Devi, it is WORK! lol I find myself going for colors, designs and doing it again if I don't like it! LOL I am an addict!!! HELP? hahaha

    Connie, thanks!

  29. Glow CHaser, thank you so much sweetie!! I am touched!

    Nehs, thank you sis!

    Tish, I honesty do not think of me as talented, I've been painting my nails since college and I learned how to do nail art because I've got a professional nail artist who does my nails in the past, so when I got my own set of nail art pens, I know what to do with it :)

    Renren, I am in love with flowers nail art too!

  30. you made me feel so bad!!! i bought the etude house nail art stuff but never get to use them as i don't have proper nails for such vanity!!!

    your nails look so nice with all the girl flowers on.

  31. SIS! You and Ahleessa are the absolute QUEEN of doing nails! I love your tutorials! And your FOTD below is super cute! How are ya? How is the weather over there??

  32. Hey, Nikki! Just topped to say thank you for visited me :) Thanks for your sweet comment :)

    And I'll be trying to do nails, but just by inspiration of your tutorials :) omgggi hope you understand what i want to say(( sorry ..

  33. This is bautiful, as always. I love the color of the base coat!

  34. you are always super good with your nailart :D
    i wish i have more patience and skill to do my own nail arts :D
    great post! :)))

  35. Oh, the e.l.f nailpolish is nice! So are the flowers of course! ;)

  36. in one of your older posts i saw a pic of the elf champagne and I had to get it! I did...but I haven't used it yet lol. You reminded me that I still had it! Lovely nail design as always!

  37. Oh wow. i especially love that shade of elf nail polish. :)

  38. i love this! i'll try it out sometime.

  39. WOW really CUTE!!! they are so adorable... you have good hands i get shaky when drawing on my nails! haha

  40. Jojoba, You don't need to feel bad, you are in a food business and there's no point prettifying your nails but you have to remove it for work :)

    Nessa, it's getting warm here! :) Thanks for enjoying my nail art :) Aly is the ultimate queen I must say! :) Thanks

    Anastacia! I do understand :D Do show us a photo if you tried ok? :D

  41. Gio, I love champagne too!

    miRaCLe, thanks!

    Jess, I'm glad you like my flowers :)

  42. Ladystarr, oohh I'm glad you bought it, it's a really lovely color! :) Show to us how it looks on your fingers if you have the chance to use it :)

    Steph, looks like it's all our favorite! :D

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, yes ! I want to see your version! :) But you have the stamping tool! :) I bet its way easier!

    Nicnic, lol I guess with a lot of practice, my shaky hands have no choice but to follow my lead :D


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