Thursday, February 19, 2009

Askmewhats Report: The Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System

I know I've talked about my skincare regimen here.
But have you ever wondered how will you know if your skin is Normal? Dry? Oily? Or Combination? I never thought of that, I've always knew I have dry skin because of obvious reasons like skin flaking and itchiness.

But to the rest of the population who doesn't have obvious signs? How would you know? Check out our crystal ball and mumbles... "Ahhhmmm....Ahmmm....Aaaaahhhhhhmmm"

NOT! *laughs*

I've passed by Clinique counter recently and it's funny I tried on their Clinique Assessment after I've been using their 3-Step Skin Care system for years. I breathed a sigh of relief as the result is right, I do have dry and combination skin and I should be using #2.

Let me hold my hand to you and show you my experience. Ohhh I feel like a real reporter! I love this! LOL

I met up with Ms. Jossie Ibojos, the Counter Manager of Clinique located at Rustan's Makati.

Here's what happened:

You can click photo to enlarge
and answer them too! :D

Ms. Jossie assessed my skin by using the "Clinique Computer" (that's how they call it), I was told these series of questions are developed by the Dermatologists and used by dermatologists to determine skin condition.

I am number 2!!!! Dry alligator-like skin! Ms. Jossie was nice enough not to use that term, but I believe I am a human sized Alligator..or Crocodile? Which one is cuter? LOL

After skin assessment, she tried on the 3-step on my hand and explained to me the importance of each step.

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Tone

Step 3: Moisturize

I was told there is not one step more important than the other. The 3-Step system is designed to be used together, each step helping the other to provide optimum results.

Ms. Jossie showed me the result of doing all 3 step against just moisturizing the skin without doing the first 2 steps. I've seen a difference! Moisturizers sink into your skin faster if you've cleansed and toned your skin. (but sorry the difference can't be seen on photos)

I am glad to learn all those in just one sitting. I guess before we purchase any skin care regimen, we shouldn't be afraid to let the beauty experts know the condition of our skin, ask questions before you purchase any product. I have to admit, I am very uneasy to sit in front of their counter and have my skin analyzed, but hey! We are consumers, we have the right to know more about any products we are purchasing!

Thanks Jossie and Clinique for taking the time to answer all my queries! Trust me, I've been very nosey! :P

Nosey enough to know that....

**fingers are Keith's LOL You'll know coz he's not using any polish!

They have an improved version of Clinique Super Defense SPF25 Age Defense Moisturizer that I'll be reporting about...soon! I'm excited about it because it has SPF!!! I love my Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion but it lacks SPF! So this could be what I'm looking for!

Hope my experience is helpful to you! :)
Stay Happy!


  1. my sister tried tat age defense moisturizer but i'll be keen to hear what u say ^^

  2. oooh that bar-litmus thing, i have got myself tested at clinique counter before too! i have dry/combi skin, oily on the outside but dry on the the dress u are wearing! i think it has appeared on this blog before too

  3. Yumeko, you'll hear from me! I didn't buy the full size but I got samples to try, it's ok for me to be able to do a review as the sample is generous! will let you know how I like it :)

    Prettybeautiful, ohh we have the same!!! Dry/combi skin, the combi part on me is the nose area! but the rest, it's ALL DRY!!!
    About the dress? Yes, you've seen me wore it on the company Christmas party, I told myself I have to wear it again, i call it "Twiggy Outfit". I have to wear it as much as I can as it'll go "out of fashion" soon! like the kimonos!!!

  4. I'm getting tested ASAP! I assume I'm dry/normal w/ a little bit of sensitive but I don't REALLY know. Great post! I love your on location journalism style! I really need to step my skin care game up. I keep saying it but I'm serious! You've motivated me!

  5. oh Rustan's!
    It's been 13 long years since I've gone back! :( I'm due for a Philippines visit, FOR SURE!

    I'm number 2 too!

  6. OMG! you're looks soooo pretty, Nikki!

    Cool review!

  7. Awesome report sweety! I haven't tried Clinique in years, but the new lotions and moisturizers look really good. Love how that one has SPF too!

  8. the left hand looks realy moist and soft.. i can tell a difference!

  9. Ah, I always get intimidated when MAs come up to me and ask me all these questions when sometimes I just want to look around. But I agree, we do spend a pretty penny on this stuff and we should be educated on the products. I also love the DDML! I use a separate sunscreen but that Superdefense with SPF certainly looks tempting! Looking forward to your review :D

  10. Kendall! Thanks sweetie, that is so cute of you! I felt like that too if someone asks my skin condition! :) Goodluck on skincare! It is like make up! It is so difficult to choose the right skincare regimen for you!

    Shexilicious! I can't believe there's a lot of number 2s of us out there, I've always thought most people are oily skin! :D goodluck to us dry skinned ladies, we'll get wrinkles faster! :P lol

    Anastacia, thank you sweet!

  11. Yas, me too! I am too excited for the moisturizer with SPF! :)

    Fun & Makeup, wow! You are good!!!

    Vivi :) I hope it works as well as my DDML :) Let's TRY not to get intimidated from now on! OK? OK! :D

  12. Clinique skincare never really worked for me for some reason. However I have tried the SuperDefense (maybe its the old formula - I wasn't aware of the reformulation) and its really good. I liked it A LOT! So there IS one Clinique item that worked for me after all! :D Thanks for sharing your experience.

  13. I can't stop staring at the bluish-gray flower ring. It's so cute!!! I like a lot!!! :)

  14. Have you purchased anything after the skin test? :P

  15. Skin test! I admit subjecting myself to a skin test is a bit intimidating...but you're right, we all have the right to know the real deal with our skin's health. Thanks for posting this girl! You're looking lovelier by the day :)

  16. ParisB, I know some people really can't seem to make Clinique work for them, I am just lucky I found a product for my sensitive face! :) At least you have ONE product working for you! You got that right! *winks*

    Ally, lol I try to buy more in different colors but it is so hard to look for them! :)

    Devi, no, because it was just confirmed I purchased the right products :) I still have full 3-step No. 2 to use up :)

  17. Lootwagon, that is a nice comment you did! thank you so much! :) It definitely feels great to know you are using the right product for your skin! And I'm not saying to do this just on Clinique counters, do a skin test or ask queries to any products or brands you purchase! :D

  18. I will need to go try this out~ But I also wanna try H20 too~ How? >_<


    oh ya,

    since me always stalk your blog, I've nominated your blog for a Triple Award!


  19. I've been hovering around the Clinique counter for a long time, but I'm too shy (for some reason, haha!) to try out any of their skin regimen products. Thanks for the review though! :)

  20. when i was 11, i was on the 3-step system. Now I wonder why because i really did not need it then. but now i need it and it's too expensive for me hahaha

  21. nikki: mahal ba yan? lol that's why i haven't tried :P although the current moisturizer i'm using is clinque & i love it. hmm i never thought about exactly what kind of skin i have...i think combo but my body is dry for sure lol

  22. Plue, one at a time! hahahah You can try both in counters and see which won your heart :D Thanks for the award!

    Gingerbee, I'm also shy, well it's a nice feeling to conquer my shy-ness to ask questions! :)

    Liee, WHAT??? 11 years old? wow..lucky you, I just started to care for my skin when I'm 16 or something :)

    Yumyumsushi, I would say it looks really expensive to start with, but now, I always make sure to test on it first, then if you think about it, I have my toner for a year plus na! so I always divide it on how much it costs per month and it's not bad! :D I put the date on when I start to use the product so I know how long each product lasts on me! :)

  23. Since autumn began, Clinique superdefense is my HG daily mositurizer..and it works well on my skin. I love it! The SPF25 made me love it more.

    I only stop using it during summers because it feels too sticky.

    Actually, there's not much difference of it to the old version.

  24. Amor! thanks so much for your information! I am glad to know it works really well for someone! Now I'm getting excited coz I'm consistently using it !!! :)

  25. Amor! thanks so much for your information! I am glad to know it works really well for someone! Now I'm getting excited coz I'm consistently using it !!! :)

  26. I loooove that Superdefense. I'll be using it a lot more when summer comes into full swing here in Florida. Great post, mama!

  27. i've never tried clinique skin care products before, can u believe it?

  28. Oh i used to use the Super defense moituriser! its really good til I changed the formulae from combo-dry to combo-oily!!! lol. hope it works for you :)

  29. B, yay! Another positive review, I'm getting more and more excited with this moisturizer!

    Renren, I understand, if you have something that works for you already, why would you look for others? :)

    Nicnic,ohhh thanks for the info, I didn't know they have combo-dry and combo-oily! :)

  30. hi...what a wonderful review...i always chicken out when i passed any counter that let you know your skin type....its just that i'm not into buying high end products...i just want to know my skin type and afraid that i might end up buying all the stuff which will cause me to break out afterwards...
    Can i took the test without buying anything? i'm not hiyang with clinique as well....thanks.

  31. Babysaffron, I suggest if you plan on purchasing even one, you can ask them to check out your skin and they would definitely recommend products that are great for your skin, you don't have to buy the whole set! Maybe settle for just the facial wash? or the facial soap? Or the toner? Like Is aid, it's not really high end, because I always tend to calculate the amount on how long I use them! I use the toner for more than a year now, so Php1,000 plus divided into 12 months, it's cheaper! :D

  32. wow i've met a few people that can age in 2 yrs! i guess you're not one of them.

  33. @Marge wow! I just read this, so sweet! thanks for saying so!


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