Friday, February 20, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Revlon Make A Sheen "Olive It Up"

Hi pretties! Happy Friday to people who share the same time zone with me! :D

As seen on my previous Version of "Revlon's Olive It Up" Look
I am happy to use only ONE e/s palette to create a look! For someone who lives far from work and need to rush every morning, this is a perfect palette to use as I don't need to search for e/s combinations that work as this palette definitely matches and works well together!

I love how pretty and simple
the packaging is
colors look wonderful on pan!
Is it worth it?
Read on!

Revlon Make A Sheen says ---

A trio of complementary eye shadow shades drape lids with naturally sophisticated color and metal accents. Shades can be either blended together to make lids gleam with nature inspired color, or applied individually, for a personalized beauty look. Available in 4 sophisticated palettes.

Expresso Yourself

Olive It Up

Show Stopper Copper

Plum Like It Hot

Askmewhats says ---

  • very pretty packaging
  • easy to hold and easy to take along

  • not powdery, colors are pigmented
  • perfect for everyday look, very natural
  • you can mix 2 shades to create a different dimension of looks
  • texture is smooth, not grainy
  • the 3 colors complement each other like Husband, Wife and a third party! LOL

  • if you're into loud/bright colors: This isn't the one, this is definitely a SHEEN
  • trying to get a shade like the middle one will cause other shadows to blend in if your brush is a bit bit
  • without base, this could be gone in half the day, making your eyes shiny and dirty looking
  • because of the design, using a bigger brush will blend the e/s colors even if you're not intending to.

This collection is lovely and would make anyone to want the WHOLE lot. If you are a simple eye make up user, this is really nice, packaging does remind me of The Body Shop Moroocan Rose.

Again, if you are someone who's into bright colors and heavily pigmented make-up, this is definitely NOT the one as the name states "Make A Sheen", the colors that you can build up with these shadows are light, very natural and sheen!

  • try to mix and match with the colors, do not limit yourself from using just 3 colors in the palette
  • if you're in the US, wait for BOGOF or sale price! They always do for drugstore brands (lucky gals! :P)
  • always use an eyeshadow base
Will I repurchase?

I got 2 out of the 4 palette courtesy of Grace, that's enough for me! Thanks Gracie!

Where can you purchase and how much?

$11.00-12.00 at beauty stores ( I checked the price online). Here in the Philippines costs Php975.00 (approx $20.00) less Php100.00 so it'll be Php875.00 (approx $18.00)

Here's a photo to show the pigmentation
and the beauty of the colors

Photo Taken Without Flash

Photo Taken With Flash

And here's to show you the look I've created
using only this palette with base

I can't wait for the weekend!
I had a busy week! And I can't wait to sleep longer over the weekend!
Have a wonderful day everyone!
Stay Happy!


  1. love the color sis! Thanks for posting it and reviewing the product.. i really love how you do your reviews.. so detailed. happy friday! :D

  2. Such a lovely look, you really wear olive green very well! <3

  3. hi sis nikki, kita ko siya sa revlon counter sa SM department stores, I was not that priviledged to scrutinize it kasi ang daming people...sayang...i might drop by this weekend :) nice review!!

  4. Definitely wearable! The packaging does remind me of The Body Shop's. I will definitely check this out! I hope it's available here already. Thanks for the review!

  5. i always think that green/olive really suits u nikki :)

  6. looks really pretty! thank's for the review nikki!

  7. Pau! Happy Friday! I am glad you liked my reviews! I try to make it more detailed as possible! :)

    Fuz, thanks! :) That's a very friendly color to my skin! :)

    Anne! YAY! Thanks for the information! I'll check it out if I have the chance to visit the Revlon Counter!

  8. Lootwagon, even the nice e/s design reminds of The Body Sho :)

    Prettybeautiful, thanks dear! What's the most wearable color for you aside from browns?

    Nehs, you're welcome and thanks for leavin' some love!

  9. love it! i was ogling at it since ur last pic on them

  10. wow! i want, i want! very nice colors and shimmery too! =)

  11. The colors are very pigmented. I love green. It's my favorite color. And you wear it so well, twin!!! HEHE. You're right, drugstore always have these on BOGOF or 50% off. That's a good thing about living here I guess.

  12. Yumeko, do you have it there?

    Khymm, yes, the color payoff is really good! :)

    Ebeautyblog, my twin, I know, I always see BOGOF or sale on online shops! :) Lucky you! :)

  13. Hi Nikki :)
    Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a cute little Triple Award on my blog :) I may not comment as much as I would like but know that you're one blog I always look forward to reading!

  14. Cool stuff! very pretty shadows, soo pigmented! really good for everyday wearing :)

  15. Love the lashes. Looks really good on you. ^^

  16. How beautiful is this little baby? And it looks so versatile!

  17. Tanya, thank you so much! :) That's sweet of yoU!

    Anastacia, yes, you're definitely right, I'll reach out for this most mornings!

    Ohmypetticoat, thanks :)

    B, thanks momma! :D

  18. girl, I wouldn't have stopped to look at this one bit till now that I have seen the swatches and the eye pic!!! Now I have to see it in person.

    ps: what did you use to line? nice liner! and you had false lashes on right? if not, i have to kill you for those!!!

  19. "the 3 colors complement each other like Husband, Wife and a third party! LOL"

    lol indeed...

    I used to see the palette a year or two ago...can't find them anymore though...(Although revlon always keep the LE for at least one year.)

  20. Jojoba, I've used CS True Black in this EOTD :) And yes, I do have falsies! OH , that saves me from YOU killing me!!! *whew* hahaha

    Citrine, oh really? I thought it just came out recently...but you're right, LE of Revlon stays for a year or even more!

  21. Thanks for the review sis. I love the eye make up you created using this simple yet lovely palette :)

  22. Sis! Thanks! It's nice to use this product! You know me! I'm lazy, i want to reach out to one palette every morning instead of many! :)

  23. Pretty! This palette is really pretty. I need to pick up some olive eyeshadow.

  24. Fabuless Beauty, :D I'm sure it'll look wonderful on you :)


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