Friday, March 13, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Paul & Joe Disney Collection

(thanks Von Martinez, the Counter Manager of Paul & Joe, for being sweet and super nice, and for the long chat talking about our love for make up... you look FAB!)

How cute can make-up collection gets?
It always gets cuter!!!
From Barbie, to Hello Kitty, to Smurf now...
Paul & Joe has Disney Collection!
Am I excited to check it out?
You bet I am!!!!

It arrived late in our country
but late or not

It can still put a big smile on my face!

The boxes are cute too!

And I have to play with their face colors!
Not an easy task to choose as they're both gorgeous

R- Bambi Face Color - Fantasy Orange (001)
L- Flower Face Color - Classical Pink (002)

Price: Php1,800 each (approx $37.00)

Both colors are told to last long. They included a cute puff to pat on your cheeks, you can also use a big brush, swirl on the color and gently apply this all over your cheeks for a lovely flush :)

Milky Lip Treatment
(Marie the Cat from Aristocats)

Price: Pp850.00 (approx $17.00)

This hydrates the lips with the hydrating power of
Sunflower and Jojoba Oil

Protective Hand Cream
(Lady from Lady and the Tramp)

Price: Php1,050 (approx $21.00)

Orange scented hand cream
Smells heavenly and hydrates my hand

I plan to go back to purchase the lip treatment and hand cream!
What about you?
Have you bought anything from this collection?

How do you find it?
Let me know!

Stay Happy!


  1. I haven't tried ANY P&J products lol. I'm a P&J virgin, I know! But I want the skunk and bambi blush. The colors are sooo pretty!

  2. Oh please don't remind me of all these cute cosmetics!

    You know, I can never resist, when I see things sooo cuuuute - especially cute cosmetic stuff. ;) My poor pocket!

    What a pity (or: LUCKILY) Paul&Jo is not available here in Austria until now. :p hihi...

  3. The only P&J counter here is in Makati right? :D

    I want my own P&J soon o.o

  4. OHHH! this products looks soo cute!!!

  5. with all the P & J posts I read recently, this has to be the most fun one. I think I might have to venture out a little to try something new from P & J. it's a counter i always walk by without paying much attention, argely because of its pastel theme making me sleepy. LOL.

    i know how you love it though!

  6. they've been here in singapore for some time already but i'm still dithering ... wondering if i should buy the 2 blushes. they look so cute & the colours are v nice. maybe this weekend.

  7. wow! very cute packaging..I like the bambi n the skunk..looks like guerlain meteorites it very pretty on the cheeks? I have not been to a P&J counter yet and I'm still lemming for the mascara hehe :)

  8. Xoannie, I must say I have never tried any brushes from P&J too :)

    Jess, I must say you could be a bit lucky because seeing them make you spend more!!! :)

    Fuz, you are a P&J Lady!!!

  9. Gingerbee, yes, only one counter at Rustan's Makati :) I hope they're opening up at Shangri-la Rustan's soon!

    From beauty & care, yes they are super cute

    Jojoba, you have to try at least their lippies and blushes! :) Especially the foundation! :)

  10. Aichaku, yes, I know they've been in Singapore too! :) I think you gals have most of the collections first before us :)

    Crystal Gale, I heard they will be having a big sale soon! I'll let you know so you can finally purchase the Curly Mascara :)

  11. I know Von...he's so nice =D I also want that new collection but I have no budget for beauty products right now sigh =( Hope they still have them next month

  12. ooo.
    so adorable.
    but somehow i prefer barbie collections.
    after looking at it for a while..
    it makes me feel as if this range were made for kids..

    like eskulin

  13. I have DYING to get my little paws on the blushers -- I always had a soft spot for Flower. But I shouldn't. I really shouldn't. Luckily they don't have a P&J in Australia and they didn't release something with Dumbo's face on it.

  14. I really like Flower's blush! It is really pigmented!! cant wait to see it on you ;)

  15. I am loving my P&J Bambi blush! nice corally color & just the right flush. However, I might give in & purchase the skunk one too! hahah!

  16. god.. p&j... pure love i tell you.. i kiss it haha

  17. omg those little blush balls are so cute. I want one of those!

  18. OMG... i can't believe that i actually didn't take a second look at them when i saw them in BKK!! I'm kicking myself so hard now... everything looks so good!!! >.<

  19. ahhh!! i've been wanting the blushes for SOOOOO long!
    but i can't find them here anymore :((

  20. Kim! I know what you mean, I love everything too but we need to save up!!!!

    LyNn, hehehe KIDS! *raises hands* ME ME ME! hahahha

    Janine, dear! I love P&J collections the packaging is heaven!

  21. Eli, it's sometimes nice to want something not available, you spend less! hahaha

    Nicnic, so true, the blushes are super pigmented :)

    Iyah :) Me too! :)

  22. M, lol you're too cute :)

    makemeup, everyone want those when you see them in person!!!

    Jenn, it's not available there right? gosh...

    Yumyumsushi, do you want me to help you purchase ?

  23. me too hv not purchased anything from them before/nor have i tried before, but the packaging looks real cute!

  24. Von Martinez looks as if he is about to stab you...his gaze looks fatal...

    The blusher balls look cute, I just think I might tip even over and then step on the ball, then my roommate will yell at me for staining the carpet..(for the Nth time)

  25. I didn't even want anything from this collection...But that was before reading this blog :-P >:-). These are the nicest pictures of the little balls I've seen so far ^_^. And I could always use lip balm and hand cream...
    But we don't have Paul & Joe here. So I'm not going to rush out and buy these...Which my wallet is grateful for :-P.
    Thanks so much for the pics though, I love looking at them :).
    [Yes, I'm weird ;)...]

  26. it looks super cute! i'm so getting into P&J now..haha...

  27. you make me wanna try p&j stuff! what product would you recommend I try first? I have no idea where to start.

  28. n yes, thanks for stopping by and ur comments in my blog... thanks again..

  29. Ahhh, that's why. hahaha. I was over at Shang-rila Rustan's because for some reason I thought they had a counter there. I was supposed to try the P&J foundation before I buying the Shiseido one - but they weren't there, so I bought the Shiseido one. :D

    Haay, I want to drop by Rustan's Makati (and hey, I work near there too) but the parking always confuses me. hehe!

  30. Hmmm..I don't think this store is in Cebu. Gotta snoop and ask around..

  31. Prettybeautiful, you know what? They've got so many cool stuffs there that I have a hard time choosing what to buy first when I first went to their counter :)

    Citrine! hahaha I was laughing, no no no! He doesn't look like that in real life, I think he was just "projecting" :) I'm still alive and kicking :) You are funny about the balls, that doesn't sound like your roomie is happy with your makeup love :)

    Cris, no, you are not weird at all! I love looking at photos of make up, makes me happy too :D

  32. Connie, if there's one product you should try from P&J, I strongly recommend their Powder Foundation, I love it so much I'm using them for gigs! As I am very confident with their foundation. Next would be their eyebrow pencils! I have all colors!!! Then if you're done with them, come back and ask me for the next ! hehehe I can go on and on and on and on...

    Syn@3sTh3sI@, let me know what you're eyeing for :) no worries, I like reading and getting to know fellow bloggers :)

    Gingerbee, yes, ONLY ONE branch, gosh! if they have P&J at Rustan's too, I'll probably be bugging them there too! :) ehhehe I know about Glorietta parking, i find it confusing too! But just in case you give them a visit, they are super nice!

  33. The Demigoddess, no, no Cebu branch ..yet! I hope they open there soon! :)

  34. just a few products and yes extraderm products is on my what to buy list!

    i've never tried P&J products but they look so pretty and wow so pricey too

  35. I want ALL of them! HaHa! But I'm STRICTLY on a no-buy 'til lent. Boo me! Hehe.

  36. This collection is so cute! My boyfriend bought me the Bambi face powder for our anniversary and I love it! It's very pigmented and it gives me a nice flush.

  37. i've never tried any of their products before but they're too cute!

  38. The Bambi Blush I have hahahahaha...

    I never thought orange would look good on me but it did. I even use it as eyeshadow. :) I love the hand cream too. By the way when were you at P&J? I stopped by P&J too a while ago

  39. Hey Nikki!

    These are my first items from P&J. I got the Bambi and Skunk ones the weekend these came out, plus the lip treatment. I love them all! The blushes are very pigmented. I want to go back for the hand cream, haha. It smells great. Do you know if they still have stocks of this and the lip treatment? (I want to get a back up!)

    I hope they'll have a sale soon... I want to try their foundations because of your reviews :P


  40. By the way, i got the Face Shop top coat because of your review. I can't wait to try it tomorrow :)

  41. Cuteness!!!!! I love the packaging. I'm definitely putting some of these...esp..the blush on my to buy list!!!

  42. Jo, yay! more shopping for you when you come down here!

    Aquaracer, me too, I've hauled so many back up during the P&J sale so it's difficult to keep on buying!

    Gio, your bf is too sweet :)

  43. Renren, their products are wonderful, especially the skincare and foundatioN :)

    Bambi I went there a few days after you , Von told me! :)

    Charlotte they still have stocks when I went there, so try to go there na before they go out of stock na! And thanks for the FACE SHOP's top coat buying because of me, I felt touch :) I hope you like it, let me know!

    Twin, everyone's raving about the blush :) It would look super pretty on your cheeks I'm sure!

  44. I've always been so skeptical about powder foundations because my skin's dry. but then again, your skin's dry too yeah? I think I should pop over the counter. Thanks Nikki!

  45. the packaging is just sooooo cute!!!! i don't have any paul and joe stuff but i can't wait to get my hands on it :))

  46. Connie, yes, my skin is dry and their P&J dual powder foundation isn't drying at all :) Do check them out at the counter :)

    Naomi, what do you plan to get from P&J?

  47. OMG! I want the face color 002!! Sooooo cute!

  48. Stephy, I want both of them! hahaha they are so cute! it's just a matter of decision what blushes you mostly have, the pinks or the peaches/orange! :)

  49. hi, this is milcha. im soooo curious, feeling ko taong rus/glo ka. =) or something like that. or basta, expert sa mga products like that. im sooooo curious lang naman, do you have any idea kung meron pa silang orange na smell na essences? un ung pangalan ng cologne/spray.. that was.. 6 years ago. as pinull out sa market like what body shop did to satsuma body perfume oil.. na magka amoy sila. so now, i end up searching again for that orange-y smell. i googled it and i found your site na may orange thing, so i checked it out. chumachamba lang if ever you know something na perfume/cologne/spray na amoy orange/freshly picked orange or citrusy lemon. something like that. lemon or orange lang. please? =) haha. i baddddly need your help. i only got 2 bottles of satsuma.. and im afraid pag ubos na un, wala nakong stock na orangey product. thanks talaga..

    mail me here if you can't see my site..

    THANKS soooo much. as in. =)


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