Saturday, March 14, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Light

Finally! I have my own MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Foundation! I am religiously using this to top my BB cream or to retouch my face midday :) Time for a review!!!

MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural says ---

A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.


Talc, Nylon-12, Dimethicone, Polysorbate 20, Isopropyl Palmitate, Jojoba Seed Oil, Yeast Extract, Tocopheryl Actetate, Retinyl Plamitate, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, BHT, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben

Askmewhats says ---

  • natural looking
  • very smooth to the skin
  • no matter how many times I touch up, does not cake on me
  • gives out a dewy look
  • does not create a white cast
  • not the best pal for oil control
  • packaging, I would prefer if they have a small compartment for a small brush or puff, not everyone have the retractable brush to carry along
  • the powder tends to scatter when you use a powder, it messes up the case (OC-ness in me, sorry)
  • a bit pricey for a setting powder, but it lasts long

MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural is the answer for people who likes to re-touch in the middle of the day. This is perfect for someone who likes natural or sheer coverage that doesn't feel heavy on warm days.

I actually carry this along with me everyday for the "re-touching". I've used this to my friends as well and it blends in to their skin color immediately!!! Do not expect coverage, again, this is a nice setting powder!

  • use a retractable kabuki for retouch as the retractable one doesn't get exposed to dirt
  • DO NOT DROP THIS! This is a very delicate product and can easily crack
  • if you have super oily skin: Go for the MAC Studio Fix foundation for touch ups
  • for light to medium coverage: Use this alone over a moisturizer or tinted moisturizer
  • for medium to heavy coverage: use this over liquid foundation and concealer
Will I repurchase?

Yes, because of my dry skin, I am looking for touch up powders that do not dry up my skin :) I still love my P&J Dual Powder Foundation, but on days that I don't need a lot of coverage, this is the one! :)

Where did I purchase and how much?

At local MAC store for Php1,500 (approx $30.00)

The MAC SA told me the right color for me is LIGHT
I agree, this disappears on my skin

Here's how Light looks like on my finger

This is my first MAC MSF!
It was a happy experience! :)
Do you think this will work for you?
Are you using one?
Tell me!
Have a great weekend people of the world!
Stay happy! :D


  1. Thanks for the review.. I've been curious bout this but I've heard that this is not good for oily skin like you've mentioned that's why I've been hesitant to get it.

  2. I'm not a fan of MAC foundation/powder. They never work well with my skin. I still need to try your beloved P&J foundation but I never seem to finish with the current foundations that I have right now. LOL.

  3. Thanks for reviewing! I have dry skin and I have always shyed away from MSF!

  4. Miss Katin, for oily skin, everyone says go for the Studio Fix foundation, even the MAC SA says so

    Ebeautyblog twin, go for P&J foundie AFTER you finish up all your foundations! :) You got great skin so I don't think you even need foundation!!!

    Jamilla Camel, I'm glad you like this review, Studio fix powder works wonderful on me but for dry skin like us, retouching would make our skin more dry. So I guess this is the answer to our retouchings :D

  5. Thanks for the review! I've tried the Medium at the store before, but it made me look really pink. I wonder though if maybe the Light would suit me better since in your pics it looks more olive/yellow toned than the Medium.

  6. i have this product, but like what u mentioned, this is not for people with oliy skin. It makes my face even more oily after an hour or two! (gasp!). and it broke me out =( so yeah, mine's been sitting lonely in the corner.

  7. I do have oily skin but gawd I just love msfn! Something about it :)

  8. Hi Nikki! I have the medium one and I totally agree with your review. It doesn't last that long on me but I like it's finish...very smooth.

  9. Hi Nikki! I have the medium one and I totally agree with your review. It doesn't last that long on me but I like it's finish...very smooth.

  10. Thanks for the review!! My MA tried this on me during one of the makeover sessions and i didn't like it cuz it looks rather thick on my skin!! (doesn't help that i already have thick skin but nvm that... hahahaha!! XD)

    Come to think of it, it may be because of the foundation... i'll give it a try again next time!! :D

  11. this good stuff, but not good for my oily face :(

  12. Thanks for this review :) I actually sold my 2 MSF's hahaha. Coz they look dry on my face :( Like peeling dry, so I guess its not for me. :(

    Glad it works out for you though :)

  13. is this different from my MSF Petticoat? It looks strange enough... more like a pressed powder or foundation? not sure what's the point of this product actually... i am confused! Ha!

    come to think of it, i never understand why MSF anyway? and what are they supposed to be? My Petticoat is strictly used as a blush. But then again, MAC does have Mineralized Blush right?

  14. I had this powder in light and the second lightest one.

    But I stopped using it, and gave it to my sister, because the lightest shade made me look a bit pinkish (I hate that), and the second lightest one was again bit too dark and turned orange on me.

    But I liked the texture quite much, since it didn't dry out and didn't show up flakes.

  15. Blu, I think light would suit you more, but then, you really have to sit and let the MUA apply them all over your face and you have to really check it out yourself :)

    Aquaracer, I definitely won't be using ONLY this, as there's not much coverage! :) this is working really well as setting powder :)

    Vanessa M, maybe the fact that it's mineralized and I just love the dome shape! :)

  16. Kim, did you finish this up? :) How long did this take you to finish this up? or are you using your P&J foundation?

    Jenn, oh it's definitely the FOUNDATION ...not this! This felt soo light!

    From Beauty and Care island, oh oily skiN! Definitely not this one! :)

  17. Iyah, oh no! really peeling dry? Maybe you're allergic to it? Well at least you were able to sell them!

    Jojoba, I think most MSF that's limited edition came out as all over face color or can be used as highlighters and blushes. Your Petticoat are made for multi-purposes. The MSF Natural on the other hand are permanent line and they are used solely setting powder or people who does not need the coverage and use this as a pressed powder. This is like a pressed version of a mineral makeup finishing powder :)

    Jess, oh no on turning weird color on you! It oxidizes on you! Are you in any way acidic?

  18. Do you know when will the Mac Grand Duo Blushes will be available here in the Philippines? Thanks!

  19. i just bought the blot powder b/c it got such good reviews! lmao

  20. I have to try this one! :) I have dry skin, do you think this will become "flaky" on me? thanks. :)

  21. Gracey, So far It's MAC Hello Kitty collection this coming March 21st...not sure about the Grand Duo yet :)

    Paint Me Gorgeous, blot powder too? Let me know how ti goes

    Care G, so far, it's not flakey on my skin but of course, I moisturize my skin before I use any products :)

  22. thanks for the review!! I was considering getting this.. maybe next month hehe

  23. i have the limited duo which has the MSF natural and also a shimmer part on the pan..and i love it so much :) coverage is sheer but works great for touchups nga :) i use it to set my bb cream i love love it so much :)

  24. Nic Nic, oh with someone like your skin, you dont need a lot of coverage, this may work for you

    Miemiemie, yes i've been wanting that one but i missed it!

  25. hey chica, if you went your face with fix plus then apply this with a compact brush like the can get high looks amazing!

  26. Hey Renren! Thanks for the tip! I will try that! :) I have Fix+ sitting there as I want to save it up for clients, maybe I should use it too ! :D

  27. hi! just discovered your blog and i'm glad for this review. i've wanted to buy this when i saw it on mac's website, but i have yet to find a review by someone in manila. :) anyway, would you recommend this for those with combination skin? and can you recommend a nice, inexpensive kabuki brush, since i'd be "splurging" on this product already? hehe. thanks in advance!

  28. Hi cheryl, you actually don't need a super expensive brush for this, but if you want, you can use the MAC 187 kabuki brush with this, but I've used ECOTOOLS kabuki and also the Everyday Minerals Flat Top brush for this and they all work :) so you really don't need to splurge on the brush but just be keen to look for high quality ones :)

  29. I have tried this and love it! but kinda expensive.

  30. hi. your site is really informative. i've been planning to buy this online since there are no mac counters in our area. so i really cant try out what shade to get for myself. but i am an NC20 with studiofix powder. what shade do u think i should get with the msf? im torn between light OR light medium! please help?

  31. Syn@3sTh3sI@, so true, pricey for a powder that doesn't have a lot of coverage, but it lasts a long time!

    Mae, hey, I'm glad you find my site helpful, if you're NC20 on SF powder, then go for Light! You won't go wrong with the MSF as it doesn't have heavy coverage, it's just a very light "setting powder" :)

  32. ok! thanks a lot for your reco. i think i'll get light. more power to your blog. keep posting more stuff. :) God bless.

  33. sis.. last question. di naman siguro magkaroon ng geisha-like effect if i get the light shade noh? hehehe. because when i searched sa net, most nc20 ladies are using the light medium. im afraid it would a little dark. sa light naman, baka too light? is there a big difference in both shades? unfortunately there are no mac counters her so i cant try it personally.

  34. Hi Mae, if you're not comfortable, you can go for Light Medium, both the light and light medium isn't a huge difference on my part :) And it doesn't cast any white shadow on me..but go for light medium if you've researched ladies using that :)

  35. Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

  36. Top website, I had not come across before in my searches!
    Continue the fantastic work!

  37. I usually do not comment in Blogs but your blog forced me to, wonderful writing

  38. Hi Nikki!

    I just bought my VERY FIRST MAC last Valentine Day! and I still can't believe that I have it in my makeup bag hi hi hi!
    It's the MSF natural in Medium Deep. It was so hard for me to choose the shade since the SA wasn't really any help cause it was hard for me to trust a (REAL)man to help me in choosing the shade. By the way I bought it in Saudi Arabia wherein most of the SA are MALE even in lingerie the SA's are MEN can you imagine.

    Anyways my question is which MAC powder foundation would you suggest for me? I have a very oily skin and prone to acne.

    Thanks Nikki

  39. Hi Mary Rose, congratulations on your first MAC purchase! I can still remember the first time I bought my MAC Powder Foundation in NC35! it was a shade too dark on me but i trusted the SA at that time! hehehe

    Anyways, I think the MSF is great for your skin condition (oily and acne prone). The MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation is great for oily skin and has a WONDERFUL coverage but a lot of people are allergic to it or some would breakout due to the ingredients included, so I think you can try the MSF first and use concealer na lang on areas that needed to be concealed? Then see if the ingredients of MAC would suit you before you go on and HAUL again! :)

    Enjoy! And wow, REAL MAN to handle your MAC needs and lingerie! lol

  40. Yeah a real buff man with beard and everything saying that the bra your holding would be one size to small for you or the foundation you have is too dark! Imagine the embarrassment and to think that you are already wearing an ABAYA ( a long sleeve, long black dress).
    I'll take your advice on trying out the MSF line first. Since some are allergic to some of the stuff in MAC. I wouldn't want vto have breakouts due to make up.
    Actually I'm using he MSF natural as a setting powder over my BB Cream and I'm loving the matte finish it gives me. But it really doesnt last that long for me. But it's okay cause all I have to do is blot out the shine with some tissue and I'm all set again :-)
    I'm sorry about the long response. I LOVE your blog hope you'll continue to do more reviews!

  41. Yaiks, I would be embarrassed myself and would swore never to ask anything from the guy salesman! hahahha What are you doing there by the way? Work?

    Yup BB cream with MSF natural is the greatet! I finished my MSF because of that and its easy for retouch! Enjoy!!!!

  42. It's sad the SA @ MAC TRINOMA told me I'm Medium but the odd thing is I'm a NC20. Even after informing her that I am a NC 20 and I just recently got a tan, She insisted I get the shade medium. It doesn't compliment my skin. I hate it.

  43. I was advised by the SA to purchase Medium. Even when I informed her that I'm a NC20 and I recently got tanned. The SA still insisted. When I finally bought it. It looks pinkish and it's looks a little darker. I hate it. That's why I don't trust the SA at TRINOMA. They always mess up.


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