Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Wonder: "When was the last time you saw your dentist?"

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We always talk about skincare, haircare and loads of topic about cosmetics.
And I've always been a "Keep On Smiling" ambassador!
I went to the dentist today, and it took me 2 hours! Yes, 2 hours to have my teeth cleaned!
I thought I take care of my teeth, I brush them 3 times a day!
Gosh, I just learned that I was super mean to my teeth and gums!!!

My teeth and gum history ---
  • I have retainers on my lower teeth, which should be adjusted a year ago LOL
  • I have complete set of teeth
  • My teeth are super small, like a baby
  • Everytime I brush my teeth, my gums bleed
  • I don't floss everyday, because of the bleeding problem
  • I do gargle, but not consistently
I went to my dentist today to have it cleaned, and boy oh boy! I was bleeding mad! I have a mild case of gingivitis and I need to take vitamin C. My dentist was kind enough and even apologizes everytime I flinch, it's not even her fault but I swear, I can donate blood because my gums kept on producing them!!! hahaha

Seriously, after the 2-hour cleaning, I went straight to a local beauty store and I pledge to myself to be a changed woman!

Here's what I did ---
  • bought a new toothbrush, I made sure to buy the EXTRA SOFT bristles
  • I bought dental floss
  • Bought alcohol free mouthwash as my gum are too sensitive for strong alcohol content of some mouthwash
  • Bought a new toothpaste, yes PYODONTYL and for inexpensive alternative GUMTECT, it's you and me!
This hit me, how can we pretty
if our set of teeth are not healthy?
That's why I have to ask you this....

"When was the last time you had your dental check?"

This is a reminder post
because I care!
Stay Happy!


  1. My gums also bleeds pag masyado kong kinukuskos yung toothbrush ko sa teeth ko. Dumudugo din sya pag nagpapalinis ako. kaya hindi na ko nagpapalinis. early last year pa ata huli kong palinis. :)

    thank's for this post Nikki!

    and thank you for your comment! :)

  2. :) 6 months ago, I'm due to visit this month. She was pleased last visit... no more slight bleeding . So she said visit in "6months" instead of 3 :).

  3. Is this some sort of coincidence? I went to the dentist today and darn do I hate dental offices. Having dental procedures have got to be everyone's worst nightmare.

    Well, I do take care of my teeth really well. The dentist said my teeth are really clean (hey, I brush my teeth more than three times a day, which I know is not good either. hehe) but my teeth are really brittle. The beloved, who used to work as a dental assistant for 17years and currently works for one of the largest dental companies in the US, blames my brittle teeth condition on my poor diet. I used to be anorexic, so I guess my teeth barely got any nutrition.

    Time for a change! I'm with you Nikki!

  4. Guilty! I went last month and was supposed to come back for something but I still haven't found the time to do so!

  5. omg ive been so bad at flossing my teeth its so bad. next month im seeing my dentist and so im scared.

    its so easy to forget

    even if i put a post it note..i get so lazy to floss my teeth. its like putting on sunscreen everyday. i used to not do it but now i do it every day. hard habit to put myself into..but now i gotta put this floss thing in

    thanks for putting this up. its a good reminder >_<

  6. Last week! Haha! I'm still stuck with braces (lower teeth lang naman) that's why I need to go there every month to have them readjusted!

  7. i'm a horrible person. i made a post mentioning this slightly.
    BUT i do have an appointment next month, where they will probably tell me MANY MANY thing wrong lol.
    i got problems. let's just say i'm gonna get my money's worth lol

  8. Yes mum, I am a good girl! I see my dentist every 6 months! My gums never bleed, I floss twice a day, and just had a whitening treatment today!

    I have all my teeth, except for 2 wisdom teeth removed on the left side of my mouth. I do have 2 wisdom teeth on the right though!

  9. i remember! it was on Feb 2nd! i have my teeth cleaned every 6 months! DH said i am the best patient for any dentist. :)

  10. Nehs :) try to use gum care toothpaste and mouthwash, it'll help :)

    Cherz, yay! great for you!

    Tish, we should pledge on this together! :)

    Soapaholic, same here, I am good at "forgetting" it! hahaha

    Ichigobunnie, same with you, that's why I love all in one products :)

  11. Gingerbee, high five! i had my lower teeth done din with braces :)

    Yumyumsushi, I hope not a lot of stuffs are wrong! goodluck! i hope it's ok :)

    Vanessa M, :)

    Jamilla, great for you! :) at least, someone's being good!

    From beauty & Care Island, I'm not scared of dentist but I'm scared of seeing myself bleed hehehe

    Jojoba :) Yay! great for you!

  12. I heard if you bleed while flossing, that means your gum is unhealthy. If you keep flossing once a day for a period of time, your gum will become healthy and stop bleeding. But I guess it works for different people, so see your dentist to get some professional help!

  13. I visited my dentist before coming back to India!

    Like you my gums bleed like crazy everytime i go for scaling! >.< They used to bleed frequently too whenever i brush my teeth, but nowadays its better already! :)

  14. its been awhile for me.. but i regret it... i had insurance before.. now i dont.. i was always afraid of the destist.. so i really regret it now =*(

  15. i visit my dentist at least once a year.
    sometimes twice a year depending if my mum made the appointment or not.
    hehe small kid here depending on her mum :P

    yikes you better hike your vitamin c intake girl.

  16. Hope your better hun!!

    i have retainers on my bottom teeth too.. i had no idea they have been tightened???! lol nvmd

  17. I had my teeth cleaned after 4 years last week! And my dentist was soooooooo amazed coz she was even saying "very minimal cleaning needed" before she found out it was already 4 years since I had my teeth cleaned professionally.

    I don't even know how that happened when I'm sooo not OC with my teeth...=)

  18. haha i just had my appointment a week ago hahaha coz i have braces :) and i'm very OC with my teeth..i floss every night and i can't sleep if i won't be able to do it..haha it'll keep on bugging me

  19. 2 months back? I was having a toothache and thought I was gonna have root canal and freaked out practically... but as it turned out I just had a pus sack cuz my wisdom tooth's trying to grow... and I needed some fillings. I have nice teeth overall :D and naturally too! never had braces. at least my teeth are one feature I'm proudest of!

  20. Stephy, I did saw my dentist for that and you're right, gums are weak

    Jenn, we're both the same, lets vouch to take care of our teeth! AYE?

    Fun & makeup, no more insurance now? can't you apply?

  21. Lynn, yes I'm starting to take my vitamin c's too, I thought multivitamins are enough for me guess not!

    Nicnic, yes even retainers had to be tightened :D thanks

    Vanessa, wow! lucky you, i am OC and i try to take care of my teeth and still have weak gums, you must have a self-cleaning teeth hehehe

  22. Miemiemie good for you girl!

    Connie, i had root canal in the past and it is freaky alright ! I'm glad you didn't have to go through that :D

  23. Good for you for taking the initiative on getting your teeth taken care of. I am experiencing some really bad dental problems from not taking better care of my teeth at the moment, & to make things worse I don't have insurance at the moment.

  24. Kimberly, yes, we have to be good to our teeth or I'll end up with false teeth at an early age! :D

  25. i don't know if there's "sensodyne" toothpaste over at Phillipines. But my dentist recommmend this for sensitive teeth ^^ i find them very useful! :))

  26. Miracle, we do have Sensodyne down here but my dentist says I needed Pydodontyl more, as Sensodyne is for sensitive teeth and I do have sensitive gums :)

  27. Okay you're going to gasp at this, and it's terrible, TERRIBLE I know, but the last time I went to the dentist was before leaving for the UK. Nine years ago >.<

    I'm going, I'm going!!

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