Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Mesa Steak Sizzlers

I am not a rice eater. But if it's sizzling plate, give me the rice! :)
If you are in a hurry and you want a quick meal that's affordable and serves really fast! Go for sizzling plates available on most food court in every mall!

Mesa Steak Sizzlers, located at the Trinoma Mall, I would say it's not the best! But if fills my tummy well :)
Salisbury Burger Steak
Php75.00 (approx $1.60)

I moved the egg for you to see If I eat sizzling,
I go for the Salisbury burger steak!

Me and hubby loves to share our food
So he chose

Beef Tapa
Php90.00 (approx $1.88)

Did you know that?

Tapa means "dried or cured meat", the meat are usually prepared in thin slices of meat and cure it with salt and spices as a method of preserving it. Tapa is best fried or grilled, often served with rice, fried egg with some vegetables.

I also went to HBC (a local beauty store) and saw they have polishes on sale. Most of the polishes ranges from Php34.00-36.00 (approx $0.71 - $0.75). I saw they were all priced Php25.00 (approx $0.52). I have never tried San San nail polish so I mentally thought about my polish collection and chose mostly frosted polish colors :) I can't wait to use them! I hope they're good!

L-R No. 59, No. 56, No. 22 and No. 14
(sorry no color name but numbers)

I also got a surprise package this morning!
2 Makeup Masala Gel Liners!

I've seen the swatch on
Toma's site
I am so excited to use this!
Please wait for my review soon!
(Thanks Toma!!!)

Happy weekend everyone!

let me know your exciting plans for weekend!
I'll definitely be staying home!
Lazy bum! lol
Stay happy!


  1. AWWW MAN!!! If I miss one thing in the Philippines, it would be sizzling burger steak...

    again, you're making me jealous. and super hungry lol

  2. The food looks SO yummy and those polishes are gorgeous! <33 I especially love the turquoise polish :D

  3. ohhhhhhh the food looks so yummy!!
    it is so darn cheap as well! I'm gettin hungry.. lol

  4. ohhhhhhh the food looks so yummy!!
    it is so darn cheap as well! I'm gettin hungry.. lol

  5. Ahhh... foood!! :D I miss a sizzling hot plate!! :D

    ps: You've been nominated!! MY BLOG ROCKS, BUT YOUR BLOG ROCKS HARDER! :D

  6. i bought some nail polish lately.
    from some unknown brand.
    2 for RM 5.
    i think it has quality control problem.
    one colour works fine the other urghh.

  7. i can't wait to see your review on the makeup masala gel liners! i just ordered during the 20% off NYX products which ended today, and wanted to buy the gel liners to make my order $20, but decided to wait until i read a review! thanks!

  8. mmm food looks good!! cant wait to see more nail creations! I think you might have liked the DHC lotion, but you have lovely skin already!!

  9. i love gel liners too, kaso hassle kasi dalhin when traveling..then you need to wash the brush pa often hehe tamad lang tlga ako, but i love how they're so easy to apply

  10. Shexilicious, sorry! come back home!!! My treat!

    Jae, yes! I'm glad to have bought them on sale

    Fun & makeup LOL :)

  11. Naomi, I think I'm a cheapo, that's why my food posts are mostly affordable :)

    Jenn, thank you sweetie!!!

    LyNn, I hope the polishes I bought would work well!

  12. Jennynotjen, I have a feeling it'll be love, but I'll test it longer and see how it goes :)

    Nicnic, I don't have really bad skin but if it gets bad, its really bad! so I'm taking care of it the most I can :) thanks for saying so :)

    Miemiemie, so true about the brush! and when the gel liner hardened on the brush, quite hard to clean up! :)

  13. My bad for checking your blog before I have breakfast. I am drooling!! =D Give us more reviews on your gel liners. I have gel liners but I always go back to MAC fluidlines because they dry up so quickly. :( Enjoy your liners. :)

  14. Mmmmm sarap! I miss sizzling dishes.. and tapa.. =]

  15. nikki! the food looks interesting. i'd like to try it hehe
    & those polishes are so cheap! can't wait to see what you'll be doing with it

  16. yummm the fooood!

    nikki your dreams came true!!! the masala gel liner!!

  17. Shades of you, sorry about that! I should really post a CAUTION to hungry people :) Yes, I'll definitely put up a review on those :) I need to use them more!

    Miss Katin, :)

    Yumyumsushi, They are quite opaque and I need to put more than 2 coats for the colors to show...or use a base :)

    Prettybeautiful, yes! I am glad to have them! They are really good :) I can't wait for your friend to try hers and hear how much she likes it!

  18. Ahleessa, yes they look nice eh? thanks


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