Monday, March 16, 2009

Askmewhats Version: Everyday Ullzang Look

As requested by Gia I hope you like this! :)

What is Ullzang?

Ullzang Look means Doll Eyed Look. It means "best face" in Korean (Correct me if I'm wrong). Most girls create this look by wearing circle lenses. Lenses that can make your eyes huge! They are known for their large, glassy, doll-like eyes and their cute expressions.

If you're expecting to see big huge eyes, sorry to disappoint you, I don't wear contacts and only God knows if I even know how to put one on! :) I will try my best to do a daytime version of Ullzang. A look that anyone could wear...anytime of the day!

But of course, you don't need to use falsies, I use falsies for photo purposes, if you have naturally long lashes, just use a lot of coat of mascara and curl it! :)

Here's Askmewhat's
Everyday Ullzang Version

How did I achieve this look?

Step 1:

Prime my lid with Benefit's Lemon Aid, as I said over my review, this can make your lid space appears larger. (Thanks Grace for this, I really love this)

Pat on Prestige's quad in the lightest color or use any shimmery beige color all over lids.

Step 2:

Using any creamy black eyeliner, draw a thick line on the upper and lower lash line (in diagram, color purple)

Step 3:

Smudge a dark brown color on top of the creamy black eyeliner so it's not too dark for daytime look.

Step 4:

Using a pencil brush, smudge the same dark color on the lower lashline, leaving the inner 3rds of the lower lashes

Step 5:

For Ullzang look, black and white eyeliners are the most important to create this look. Line the inner thirds of the lower lash line and the inner corner of the eye with a creamy white eyeliner.

Step 6:

Using my favorite Bourjois Beige Rose e/s, apply this all over the brow bone area to create a nice highlight. Go all the way to the inner sides of the eye. I also use this to highlight my nose bridge

I applied falsies for photo purpose
You can skip the lashes and
apply coats of your favorite mascara

And what did I use
for the rest of my face?

I lined my eyes again with
Makeup masala's Gel Liner in Inky Black

Clinique's Foundation in True Beige
Set with Body Shop's Mineral Foundation in no. 2

To make this look dainty
Use a pinkish blush applying
on the apples of the cheeks

Lancome Lipstick
Color Fever
in Rose

Hope my eyes are big enough!

Thanks for the request!
I really enjoyed doing this!
I never thought of doing this look if it wasn't for the request!
I find that it does make my eyes huge,
even without the falsies!
So I want to thank you too Gia for the request!

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Stay Happy!


  1. Those lashes are beautiful! Can you believe I own TONS and have never tried to apply them? Have you done a tutorial on lash application yet?

  2. You look beautiful--the lashes are great on you!!

    Thanks for adapting Ullzang and making it wearable!

  3. I've gotta try this, it's so pretty :D!!!
    Seriously, you're an inspiration :-P. First the blue rock look, now this...Thank you :).

  4. you're very adorable!! and i like the lashes.. wut kind is it?

  5. You look soo beautiful!!!

    Those falsies look so cute on you =)
    I still have hard time putting them on but hopefully, i'll get used to it =)

    stay beautiful hun!

  6. You look beautiful as usual! I LOVE the lashes, too. I swear you are a heck of a pro! Keep up the good work!
    What type of camera do you use?

  7. You did a great job!! You look beautiful, dear *^^*

  8. the gel liner looks really great. lurrrvve those lashes!

  9. i love the false lashes!
    too bad i dont know how to apply them.
    wish my lashes will grow longer longer longer!! :P

  10. i always comment as riellefrancois so this time I'll use my name to comment o(^w^)o
    thank you so so much! i love what you did with the look. very wearable the problem i usually encounter with other tutorials is that they put way to much things on the face that by the time I hit the road all the prepping is wasted because of the hot weather T_T

    again thank you so so much! ^_^

  11. ooh... your eyes look huge! well done, nikki :D

  12. those eye lashes look sooo crazy long and think up close but it actually looks pretty natural on you from far away!
    you're so cute nikki!!

  13. Beautiful girl with SEXY lashes!! I love the color coded chart!

  14. oh wow! this is really nice! i love love loooove your eyes! you do look like a doll! :D

  15. Toma, I haven't done any tutorial on the way I apply falsies yet, I'm not sure if people would learn something as I mostly use photos as compared to beauty bloggers who uses video :)

    Nehs, thanks dear! I can't get over your HK look!

    Jamilla, I'm glad I made it wearable! and thanks for appreciating this and leaving a lovin' comment!

  16. Cris, thank you for saying so! :D

    FuN & Makeup, I think it's a local made lashes! I didn't use them and I found them sitting in my makeup drawer, and I threw the packaging away so I can't even look back on what brand it is, sorry :(

    Beeyoutiful, oh no! i can't even explain how many boo boos I did on applying falsies in the past. It really does take a WHOLE lot of time and practice! :) I'm sure you'll be able to apply falsies soon!

  17. You should wear falsies more often... hehe~ It looks great on you! :)

  18. Dwana, I use 2 cameras to take shots, for this post...I use the Canon A710

    Jae, *hugs* thanks!

    Prettybeautiful, the gel liners are really good! I am really happy! I will do an in depth review on it soon! Still on a test drive stage! :D

  19. LyNn, I hear ya! I do wish my lashes will grow super long too!

    Gia, sorry I called you by your real name hehehhe Thanks for letting me know this tut helps! :) I'm glad you like this

    Connie thanks dear! :D

  20. Yumyumsushi, because of my non existent lashes, even the natural ones look unnatural on me upclose :) I guess I shouldn't be seeing people up close with falsies! hehehe :)thanks for the sweet comment

    Kendall, thanks

    Steph, thanks sweetheart, thanks for saying so! :)

    Ahleessa, me ? The lazy bone? I can only wear falsies during weekend! :) hehehe

  21. great tutorial! i really like the way you lined your eyes :)

  22. the lashes look amazing on you! beautiful per usual!

  23. M, thanks

    Yummy411, thanks for saying so! :)

    Jo, hey! How are you? thanks for dropping by!

  24. The look is sooo cute!! :) I don't think I can pull this out! My eyes are huge already! lol!

  25. I like the everyday ullzang!=] the lashes are so nice Nikki.

  26. Your eyes look HUGE with this look!! Love your dolly cheeks as well!! Great job Nikki! :D

  27. Iyah, you've got huge lovely eyes! I still think you can work this look out even better :D

    Aika, thanks sis!

    Miss Katin, hmm..Darn me for not even knowing the brand of the lashes, and everyone's loving the lashes!

    Jenn, thank you sweetie!

  28. Nikki, this looks great on you..I like the lashes too! hehe :)

    oh I tried doing this before, but it made me look weird..maybe because I don't have small eyes..but then, I did copy the works of those in the youtube and they have very small chinky eyes so their technique made my eyes very big haha..I'll try your technique sis..I hope it will work this time..thanx! :)

  29. you were really like a doll on that look hehe =D Me too...I have the Geo contact lens but I really find it difficult to wear. I'm not comfortable wearing contacts.

  30. hi nikki,
    I wanted to order your nail art set and was wondering if you ship to the us?

  31. wowowow! :D I love this look. heehee. maybe I should try one since I have zero to none eyes. mwehe. :D Or if I do this, I might end up looking like a cat-doll-ish-whut? I confuse myself :D

  32. Fabulos! Absolutely gorgeous look! Great tutorial! Love it so much!!

  33. omg ulzzang craze in korea is sooo over the top.
    I have really big eyes and folds for a korean person and EVERYONE asks me if i'm wearing circle lens and/or did surgery and if yes, where...-_-

  34. Oh, wow sis! This indeed is a very very cute look! I love it! xxx

  35. Crystal Gale I think the right way is to really use the right eyeliner and blend it with eyeshadow to make it more natural rather than dark :) goodluck try it again :)

    Kim, I never own any contact lens, I do wonder how they'll look on me though :) Thanks for the compliment

    Kasumi, I'll email you :)

  36. Gingerbee, hey! give it a try! who knows right?

    From Beauty & Care Island, thank ou sweetie

    Paint me Gorgeous, lucky you for having big eyes! Wow :)

  37. Gracie my sweetie sis, thanks for loving this look and thanks again for Lemon Aid :)

  38. This look is so cute! Love the lashes, they look amazing on you!

  39. Niks, you inspired me in a lot of ways (especially with this post!). I experimented with eyelid glue and tried to sport the fad (it's in my blog!). Minus the pretty eyeshadows, cheeks and lashes you have, I tried my best to root for that ulzzang look :D

  40. oooh good job~
    kk its a great take on the ulzzang look :P
    needs a bit more sparkle though! kk. they seems to love their sparkle! or any white shimmery stuff.
    but i think in enlargening your eye, through lining, was done well~

  41. Gio, thanks! I guess I should really wear falsies more often :P

    Vanessa M, thanks

    Dethroned_p'cess, aaawww you called me Niks, that's how my bestfriend calls me :) So sweet. oh no on eyelid glue, I would NEVER try those..hahaha I am scared of those! hehehe

    Rasilla, thanks, I know! I've seen them putting up so much sparkle!!! I guess I don't want sparkles for daytime that's why i removed that :) Thanks for the great comment!

  42. lol i actually forgot about that! yeah, you definitely don't want the eyes to resemble disco balls during work daytime :) good point! :P

  43. What a cute look! It's like you're a doll :)

  44. Rasilla..LOL thanks :) You are very nice!

    Jenn, thank you for saying so sweetie! I'm never a "doll" type :) but it's nice to read comments like that! *big pat on my shoulders* LOL

  45. hey sis can you do a comparison between makeup masala and csgel liners?

  46. Dustbunny, definitely I planned to do that and will do it soon! :) Have you received your packages from Makeup Mix Shop? or not yet?

  47. Great job Nikki!! Very cute, ullzang! you should wear falsies more often :D

  48. NicNic, thank you :) I know about wearing falsies more often, I am just too lazy most of the time!

  49. those lashes are abs gorg on you!!!!

  50. Yummy411 thanks :)

    Teeyah, hahahaha :P

  51. *wolf whistle*

    Me likey those lashes ;)


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