Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC 226 Brush

A couple of weeks ago, I gave MAC from Rustan's Shangri-la a call regarding the MAC226 brush. I was expecting them to say it's out of stock. I was surprised when the SA told me they have it! And he only got 4 brushes left. I immediately reserved one! Screw the LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND! lol Anything that's limited and almost out of stock makes us want the product more right? hahaha

So, I finally got my hands on this famous brush that's been out of stock in the US for weeks! What's the buzz all about this brush? It all started because it has LE labeled to it! (Limited Edition)

MAC 226 says ---

Short, tapered blending brush with ultrasoft, natural bristles that is used for application and blending of shadow on the lid, and perfect for working the crease.

Askmewhats says ---

  • can easily apply e/s on the outer V
  • if you don't have a lot of eyelid space, like me, this is a great blending brush
  • because of it's pointed tip, you can apply e/s with precision at the crease area

  • great length, same as other MAC brushes
  • deposits e/s really well as I find the bristles are dense
  • did not bleed or shed when I washed it
  • it's bristles are black, I like black bristles more as I hate the stain the white ones get LOL (it's just my personal opinion)

  • a bit scratchy as compared to other MAC brushes
  • limited edition, this is part of the BBR (Brunette Blonde Redhead) Collection

I still love my MAC217 brush to create a wonderful smokey-eyed look. People with smaller lid space like mine find that it is hard to use a MAC217 to create smokey eyes as they'll end up with a "muddy look". This is true with constant practice and using light-handed application, MAC217 can create a wonderful smokey eyed look.

But I am talking too much about MAC217 and this is a review on MAC226 LOL Sorry

I find that using the MAC226 still requires me to use a blending brush to blend the harsh lines that MAC226 creates. This brush is perfect to apply e/s on the outer v though and it does give out a deeper eye look :)

You ask if I can survive without this brush? YES


  • after applying an e/s using this brush, use a bigger and fluffier blending brush and brush it with a wiper motion all over your lid to lessen the harsh lines
  • do not give up about the scratchiness, try to wash this brush with a conditioner and after several washings, the bristles goes softer
  • use this brush to apply highlighting powder on the brow bone and the cheekbones! Works perfectly!
  • this brush can deposit A LOT of color, so if you're using this for dark e/s, be careful on tapping the extra e/s before applying it on your lids
Will I repurchase?

No, one is enough to last me for long! Same with all my other MAC brushes :)

Where did I purchase an how much?

At local MAC store for Php1,490 (approx $30.40)

Do you have this brush?
Do you plan to purchase this?
What brushes do you use for blending?

Share your thoughts!

Stay happy!


  1. One is definitely enough! I owuldn't even know how to use this... hehe

  2. Ohhh... I wanted to get this brush so badly! But it was already sold out everywhere here in Austria. Too bad! :(

    The MAC SA also told me, this brush will not be in stock again, since it is not supposed to be in the regular collection.

  3. i don't have this brush & no, i probably won't repurchase
    the blending brush i use i actually got from my mom & i don't know what brand it is. so if that ever dies on me i'll probably freak out. lol

  4. And yes, I can't work well with the 217 blending brush. As you said, I end up with "muddy eyes", hehe...

    So that's also why I think the 226 would be the perfect brush for doing the outer corner of my eyes.

  5. that looks like an awesome brush. I love tapered crease brushes. they make life so much easier! but the price tag. OMG

  6. wahhh! unlike you i can't see myself anymore without this brush. goes on to my crease like a puzzle. i love this brush. I've been imagining a brush like this for such a long time.. it's like a very very very small painter's brush. enough about that.. :) you'll have to watch out for my own review. but yup, we arrived to all the same pros. :)

  7. Fuz :) I know! :) You're not a brush person :)

    Jess, I've heard about it being LE, but I think they plan to make it permanent? not sure, I hope you can find your on MAC226 soon! :)

    Yumyumsushi, I know what you mean, the blending brush that I love is very inexpensive, the brand is Prestige and it costs less than $10.00! :)

  8. Jess, I know what you mean, but if you have a pencil brush, you can use the pencil brush to do a distint line then spread out with any blending brush :)

    Connie, i know about the price tag! It's more expensive because we're in ASIA! :)

    Shen, I knew you love this brush! hahah I can't wait to read your review sis!

  9. i know what you mean when something has the limited edition tag to it that's why i bought it too!

    and yep i'm going to wait that long to cut my hair. hairdressers always tend to wanna cut my hair shorter no matter what i tell them.

  10. ah i wanted this one too but alas its sold out eveeywhere

  11. Thanks so much for the review!!! Appreciate it!! :D

    I dunno if i'm gonna purchase this, since this doesn't blend well!! Also, it does seem a little too big for my narrow crease too!! :(

  12. Surprisingly, I don't own ANY MAC brushes! Can you believe that? I'm a student, so I just don't have the kind of money to chalk up to buy one of their brushes. But I hear they work wonders! I'm glad you got your hands on one of the LE ones!

  13. holy crap nuggets, they charged you $30 for that brush?

  14. Jo, your hair length is heaven even for me! I want to cut it! ehehhehe

    Yumeko, I know that's what made me purchase it and it's all gone now!

    Jenn, you are welcome :)

  15. THSG, thanks

    Xoannie, I don't own a lot of MAC brushes myself, this is just my 3rd and I'm working for a long time already :)

    M, yes they did :( No choice!

  16. thank you for this review! It's nice to know that it's not a must have. I own one blending brush and I think that is good enough for me haha!

  17. Love your blog and all your reviws! You doing it very great with all details!

  18. thanks for the review, Nikki....that looks perfect for crease and being cheapo as I am of course I'm gonna try finding dupe for this hahahah

    great buy !

  19. I wanted this brush for sooo long but yeah I guess I can live without it. I think I'll just wait for it at the CCO :) I got my 217 there for only $16. hehe!

  20. Hey Nikki.. ~~
    I got this brush to from the special edition, I think it's smaller, but I still don't know how to use it LOL.. it's just lying there in my draw LOL

    I heard it's meant to do some blending job.. but I'm always in a hurry in the morning, don't have time to put on eyeshadow and BLEND.. ~~ just eyeliner mascara and RUSH!!!! and I'm still late som times that's bad..

  21. Audrie, well if you're ok with your current one, no point in having more unless YOU WANT MORE :)

    From Beauty & Care Island, thanks

    Nanzy, I think CS has a dupe but it's all sold out.. :)

  22. Iyah, wow! i wish we have CCOs here!
    goodluck hunting!

    Purple snowflake, I know what you mean, when i'm in a hurry, I seldom use e/s too :)

  23. Sis, is 266 similar to 244? I've got 244 and 2 pcs of 217. I agree, I love 217 too and I want more!!!!!

  24. Hahahaha! Sis, I meant 226 and not 266. Where on earth did it come from? :P

  25. i agree...it is a lil scratchy...i like this brush for doing a dramatic color in the crease only...like i would use the 217 for a wash of color on the crease...and then the 226 for a distinct color in the crease

  26. I love this brush for deepening my brush and gotta love the BB cream post below!

  27. 217 is def the best blending brush for me too :p it's irreplaceable! xD thanks for the review tho!

  28. no i dont have any of these brushes.. im too poor.. but i really need em!

  29. Hello! Just passing through & thought I'd show some love. Omg, I tried getting the 226 brush but it was all SOLD OUT! Sad day! Thanks for the review though. I wonder if I'll ever get my hands on one. :(

  30. Vanessa M< lol :)

    Gracie, sis! :) I don't know how 244 looks like lol :( Am i missing anything? I bet you love 217 :) I do too!

    Renren, same here :)

  31. Vanessa dear, thank you sweetie

    Nicnic, same here, it's THE MUST MAC brush for me!

    Fun & Makeup , let's hope you can get them at CCOs or something for cheaper :)

    Janelle, thanks for the love! :) I've heard about this being sold out in the States, that's what made me buy this! hahahha

  32. I love the 226 brush, it's great for smaller lid gals :) perfect for getting in the smaller area. But i also agree and love the 217 for blending.

    Recently there's a dupe of the 226 spotted in the Studio Tools line.

    Also 226 will be re-released in a later collection in color craft.

    I love your brush reviews :)

  33. Wow Evie, really? A dupe for MAC226? Lucky lucky! I guess I am just a MAC 217 lover :) thanks for appreciating my brush reviews :D

  34. I left out the name for the studio tools- it's called the eye contour brush.

    It is softer and more tapered than the 226; their duo fibre brush is also very nice.

    By the way also love your food tripping; it makes me miss the Ph foods; esp when you post anything mango related.

  35. i love reading your blogs.. i am seriously thinking of getting mac's 217 brush... roughly how much does it cost? i havent seen any review on it in your blog.. and to think you use and rave about it alot.. lol.. :) thanks sis!:)

  36. Icysunitz, thanks! You know what? You're right, I've been raving too much about MAC's 217 but I didn't review it because I have a feeling nobody would be interested to read about it! LOL So I'll keep that in mind and will review it :)

  37. i love my 226! I wasn't able to get it the first time it went out because I wasn't into makeup yet at that time but after reading about it,i just had to get it! So when the colour craft came out,i totally made sure to get my hands on one hehehe. I love how it makes crease work a lot easier. Maybe it's just me but i find the 224 scratchier,i actually don't think that the 226 is scratchy at all hahaha. It's my HG eyebrush for sure along with 217. Now I hardly reach for my 224 or 219:)

    1. hahahah glad you love your 226, I don't know why mine is scratchy though!


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