Thursday, March 26, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Nivea Lip Care Repair and Protection

To some who remembered, I had my dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago. I went to the dentist thinking that I'll be going back home to prettify myself before I go out for a date with hubby. It took me longer at the dentist as expected due to my retainer's "tightening" and also the teeth cleaning. We decided to go out straight after dentist!


I don't have ANY makeup on!
What's bad?
I did not bring my makeup bag!
What's worse?
My lips are super dry and chapped from all the cleaning and gargling!
What's even worst?
I can't stop licking my lips, which everyone knows causes it to dry even more!

I was in PAIN!
Hubby told me to purchase another lip balm. I was super hesitating because I have loads at home. But I gave in! I have to purchase one as I'm not even enjoying the date! That's how severe the dryness of my lips can get! So yeah, I changed my mind, if I get trapped in an island, one beauty product I have to bring aside from sunscreen? MY LIP BALM!!!!

What did I purchase?
This one!!!

Nivea Lip Care Repair and Protection says ---
  • Effectively protects sensitive lips before they crack.
  • Strengthen lip skin barrier functions.
  • Contains natural ingredients: Bisabolol and shea butter.
The result is highly protected and healthy looking lips.
NIVEA Lip Care innovative moisture store effect – highly effective formula based on skin’s own Hydramine and Grape seed extract, supports the natural moisturization of the lips for longer.

Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed.

Askmewhats says ---


  • moisturizing, without the yucky feel
  • no scent, no minty feel
  • it helps soothe chapped and painful lips (tested)
  • have so many variants to choose from, depends on your preference
  • affordable
  • fits the pocket or makeup kit without problem
  • you can get a lot of product from this


  • the cap can be lost easily if you're not careful
  • that's it! :)

Nivea lip products haven't failed on me. You can see my other Nivea Lip Product by smiling and clicking here. I love it that it's affordable and yet, you get what you pay for, and more! They don't work like those top brands out there, you need to re-apply after an hour, but it definitely help soothe my super chapped and dry painful lips. I am glad I picked this up because it works for both me and hubby. I made sure he uses it! hahaha

I bought this because I planned to give this to hubby! But I changed my mind, it's now on my bedside and it's our nightly ritual to apply before we sleep. I SAID WE! hahahah I do know how to share you know! *winks*


  • apply this all over your lips and go a bit beyond to protect the sides of your lips
  • leave this at night so you wake up with moisturized lips
  • do not twist it too long during application
  • store in cool dry place, this will melt a bit if you store it inside a car or hot area

Will I repurchase?


Where did I purchase and how much?

At Watson's Store for Php89.75 (approx $2.00)

Visuals time

I call this hardened petroleum jelly on stick Why? Because this looks like petroleum jelly, works like it It's nice to have this around as my hubby can use this as well, no color, no scent and it doesn't look like he has lip protection on :)

Here's how subtle it looks
if swiped on hand

(encircled part)

I wish everyone to have a great day!
Stay happy and stay free from dry lips!


  1. so this lipbalm works? i went through many lipbalms n only found cocoabutter works for me... everythin else makes my lip chapped =(


  2. I love love love Nivea chapstick!!! They're the bestttttt!!! HEHEHE

  3. Thank you for this cool review! I need to got this! I have the same but Cherry , I guess, ad it's red on lips it looks orang-ish, I don't like that! Thanks again!

  4. wow this looks good.
    but somehow nivea's lipbalm melts after some time?
    thats my experience
    but my bf family buys this brand before going overseas travelling.
    haha guess i'll try this after my metholathum finishes :P

  5. I actually love the Nivea Strawberry Lip care. It gives that nice reddish color (that often times i don't need to put lipcolor on) at the same time it doesn't feel what you said with that yucky feling..i hate lip products like that...

    Hope you'll have a great day!

  6. Lipstick Staiin, I would say it relieves but it doesn't changes your lip texture drastically! :)

    Twin, really? Go twin!!! I love it that you like them too!!! How have you been?

    Anastacia, go for colorless then :) Thanks for letting me know about Cherry!

  7. LyNn, I think if it's not stored well...I would say Metholatum is really great! I love the mint and the tatse of Metholatum

    Thiemere, oohh another Nivea Lip Care lover! Thanks for your thoughts on the Strawberry one!

  8. Argh...I have crazy winter lips right now all dry....I hear you babe it can be such a nuisance! This one is on my to try list when the Kiehl's runs low (which given my current dry lips should be any day now). ;) Thanks babe!

  9. You can never have too many lip balms. I have soo many in my purse, car... My fav is Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick or Vaseline.
    PS I need to see the dentist ekkk! I have no insurance though :(

  10. hi sunshine! i hate buying on a whim, but looks like you made a great choice, for you and hubby ;)

  11. Same here I have to take my lip balm everywhere!!! or else I won't survive. I'll go crazy if I forget them home & I'll have to buy a new one then and there. LOL.

    This particular one we dont have here [i think?] coz the ones here are white inside but I do like the a kiss of moisture nivea essential lip care [it's super moisturizing] comes in a dark blue tube. the other ones though I don't like.. i tried 2 other kinds from nivea & they were blahhh..

  12. i totally und the pain of having dry lips. if i forget to bring my balm/gloss out, i got the tendency to lick my lips too!

  13. I heard such great things about Nivea lip balms and glosses. I bought 2 glosses but haven't used it yet. :X

  14. Nivea def makes great lip balms! :D

  15. I've been using this for sooo long!! it smells good and feels lovely =)

  16. Thanks for the review Nikki! I have never used any Nivea lipbalms before!! I might try this out someday! :D

  17. I love your story! :) I wore this a long time ago at college - in a tinted cherry pink shade that left my lips looking perpetually stained hehe...

  18. I have about 10 of these, if not more. The Original (in Limited Edition packaging :-P), 2 different Limited Edition Pearl & Shines, cherry, strawberry, passion fruit, melon, SPF, Alpine, Sensitive, Velvet Rose, the blue one that's water based...And I think there's more XD.
    I love them :). Nivea's skincare never works for me :(, but I absolutely love these ^_^.

    P.S. On me, Cherry doesn't look orange at all :-/, it's a deep...Well, cherry-ish colour, but it's a stain effect, so it's not too heavy :).
    Strawberry has a slight 'soft red' tint, not as stained as Cherry though ;).

  19. Yas, we are the same! I am using Kiehl's too, but on some days I don't want to have lip balm on my fingers, I use this! Swipes easily! :)

    Kendall,hahahah same here! I have lip balms in all corners! hahahah I guess I'm not the only one!!! :) Oh no about insurance, I hope going to the dentist ain't that expensive!

    Yummy411, yes it is a great choice, at least it's not something I would throw away :)

  20. Miss Katin , thanks, for letting me know, at least I don't feel bad, I feel like I'm the only person who's got the worst lips! Ohh, i've seen the dark blue tube, I was so in a hurry I did not bother to even read it! :)

    Prettybeautiful, I hear you, licking dry lips is the worst!

    Ahleessa, hahaha you are a gloss lover and you are not stopping in purchasing them! hehehhe

  21. Fuz, thanks for saying so :) That made me feel good :)

    Beeyoutiful7, really??? Wow..thanks! So Nivea really makes great lip products! Thanks for confirming!

    Jenn, if you did, let me know how you like it! :) We may have different opinions :)

    PB,hmm..i actually like stained lips look! :) LOL but it must be removed by end of the day! :P

    1. I also like the stained ones. Your lips always have a nice color with this collection !! Thanks Nivea

  22. Cris, having 10 of them just proves that you love them! wow..Strawberry sounds exciting :) I may take a look!

  23. You can never have too many lip balms, missy. I'm obsessed with them. I even have a lip balm keychain and keep them in most of purposes. They are great!

  24. LOL I got ya! You are right B you are right :D

  25. I used to use this lip balm but I think I got a bad batch or something cuz it smelled really bad. and I kinda didn't mind when it melted in the car.. lol.

  26. I have never tried Nivea lipbalms. I usually stick to Labello ones as they work well for me. This one sounds really good though, I might check it out. Thanks for the review.

  27. Connie oh no about the bad smell! that's the worst!!!!

    RenRen, lol

    Gio, I heard so many good stuffs about Labello, we don't have that locally! :) You're welcome for the reviews!

  28. Labello and Nivea are the same stuff :). Most of mine are actually Labellos, except for a few Liposans, which is the Greek name >:-).
    Labello seems to be the name they go by in Western Europe and North America...Liposan is for Greece, and I think most of Southern Europe...And in Asia, they're called simply Nivea :).
    Hope that helped ;).

  29. Cris!! HEY!!! Thanks so much, that's wonderful information, no wonder when i saw Labello packaging, i told myself it does remind me of something, and I don't know who duped who! It's nice to know that I'm using NIVEA which is Almost LABELLO :) Thanks!!!

  30. Hmm. You know, I've actually never tried any Nivea lip balms... I stopped trying drugstore ones after I was allergic to Blistex and Chapstick, but maybe I should. Right now, Physician's Forumla Plump Potion gloss is my HG lip treatment, but it is kinda sticky. Thanks for the review.

  31. Have you tried lipblams by Softlips? If not, let me know and I'll send you some. After I used Softlips, all other lipbalms paled in comparison :P

  32. Catherine, hmm..come to think of it, I'm not into sticky gloss hahaha :) Oh no on being allergic to Blistex and chapsticks, have you check the ingredients list? Maybe you're allergic to petroleum!??

    Tine, not yet! Is softlips that good? I think I saw them in HK but I didn't bother, thought it's just like any other balms..hey thanks for the offer, :) It's ok, I may ask someone who goes to HK to help me find it, what's the exact name?

  33. I bought it a couple of days ago and it really did NOT work!! instead, my lips got swollen, very itchy and ive been in pai for 2 days even though i did not apply it again!!!

  34. really anonymous? Wow..that's odd, you're probably allergic to one of the ingredients they have in here!

  35. Hello, I'm just a another passerby. This product also made my lips itchy, painful and swollen. It feels really horrible. :(

  36. I have been using that for around 2 months already. It got lost yesterday because I put it in my pocket. Must have slipped or something. But the following day, I bought a new one since it's really worth it. Fortunately there was quite a discount which brought it from 89 to 72. hehe.Ü cheers to Nivea!

  37. hi po. is this locally available? (:

  38. Anonymous, sorry it didn't work out for you

    Anonymous, that's great for discounts, I love it when they have discounts!

    Shineii, yes, at Watson's or mercury drug :)


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