Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Askmewhats Version: Gradient Nails with Love

Hello everyone!!!!

Happy humpy Wednesday! I am presenting another gradient nails for my lovely friend Yumeko, she has wonderful nails herself and she wanted to see more gradient nails from me! I hope you like it!!!!
Here's the final nail art I've created

I had Manicure and Pedicure Spa with my mom over the weekend. I chose the color that I know I can work with for my nail art. I chose Frosty Lavender. I forgot the brand name, but this was done by California Nails & Day Spa. Thanks to my wonderful colleagues who gave me and my mom a gift certificate for my 30th birthday. Me and my mom definitely had QT! (Quality Time!)

Step 1:

Apply 2 coats of any base color you desire. Make sure to apply a base coat to protect your nails from the harshness of polishes.

Step 2:

I chose a glittery red nail polish from Elianto, name of the polish is Shimmer Burgundy. Apply a thick French Tip.

Step 3:

While wet, use a base coat that's runny in consistency to feather down the polish color. Again, does not have to be perfect.

Step 4:

Using my pearly white nail art pen color, apply 5 thick dots on dried gradient nails.

Step 5:

Use my favorite needle method to create flowers.

Step 6:

You can change colors to apply neighboring flowers or bees if you want (Mine came out looking like bees lol)

Needle the yellow dots if desired

Step 7:

Apply green dots at the center of the yellow dots to create bee-looking creature.

Step 8:

Dot in any clear polish at the center of the main flower

Step 9:

Put rhinestones to create a more 3d look :)

Step 10:

Making sure all the dots are dry, top the nail art with top coat

Voila! It's time for my fingers to do the posing!
*camera flashes*

Before I end my post, I want to give a special shoutout to Toma, the owner of Makeup Mix Shop, a special thanks for sending this package again! I finally received this!!! Just so everyone know, I bought these from her months ago and my first package was gone in space! Toma was nice enough to update with me about the status on my package. After a month, she was kind enough to resend my orders! Thank you so much Toma, I finally got it!!! I can't wait for my Ecotools brush order!

Here's what I got!

  • LA Art Deco Glitter Red Polish
  • LA Art Deco Red Polish
  • LA Art Deco Pink Polish
  • LA Art Deco White Polish (2)
  • LA Art Deco Black Polish (2)
  • 3 NYX Concealer in a Jar Beige
  • 1 NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium
  • 3 MM Mineral as freebie (Visesh, Tuta and Jadoo)
I definitely will enjoy these Art Deco Nail polishes, the first silver and gold I got was from Ahleessa (thanks girl, because of you I appreciate how good these polishes are for nail art and French Tips!)

I will be enjoying these hauls!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!
Stay Happy!


  1. You are so good at nail art--I can barely paint my nails.

    Great haul, too!

  2. SIS! OMG so pretty! Awesome nail tutorial as always! I love it, you are so creative!

  3. as per usual thanks for the great tut!
    I love toma's store~ ive put in two orders for a whole bunch of art decos, cause some of my friends wanted them too! it was craziness :P
    is the nyx that great?!
    gonna go read your review on it again. (at least i think it was you :P)

  4. oh shoot, i forgot!
    thanks for the joke :)
    i got a few yesterday, and i was glad that they all made me laugh in one way or another^^

  5. oohh great request yumeko! and thanks for doing them!
    lol I tried to add some spice to my plain nails by adding some decals to them, and they fell off already (been only 2 days) and it was super hard putting them on my right hand too! How do you do it so well?

  6. the moment i saw the first picture of the end result
    my jaw dropped.
    it's so beautiful nikki :P

  7. Oh mah gahhhhh!!

    You rock!

    thanks for showing us how to do them in step by step! =)

  8. wah so nice of toma to resend the items to u. but she has been helpful to me too! :D

    and i bought the elianto base coat too! and....i must go try my own gradient nails too!

  9. Jamilla Camel , thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I love my hauls too!!!

    Nessa, thanks so much! coming from you, I feel honored sis! *hugs* When are you coming down here for a visit???

    Rasilla, lol it was a bad joke but I'm glad you liked it, hope your day is better. Yay for the Art Decos, they are wonderful!!!! NYX works really well, for the price, yes they are creamy and they are good and yes, I did a review on it and yes it was me! hahahha

  10. Kasumi, yeah, thanks to yumeko for always requesting the best thing, I enjoyed her requests :) About decals..well you really have to paint on top coat, let it dry, then paint another layer of top coat. I will be using some nail decals soon so i can give you better advise :)

    Lynn, hey, thanks! I appreciate that you leave a comment telling me how much you like it, worth the time I spend on my nails.

    Beeyoutiful7, thank you too and It's my pleasure to show step by step, I think that's the best way since I don't do videos :)

  11. Prettybeautiful, I am so comfortable ordering from her, aside from the prices being affordable, she cares on the products she sends, packs it well and checks out if the product came in ok :) Yay for Elianto base coat, I'd love to hear your review on it! :)

  12. your nail art makes me happy. its always so nice! i don't have talent like that

  13. You are the best at nail art!! :D

  14. all i can say is WOWWWW!! You're so creative Nikki!

  15. arrghh so detailed! i could never do it! nice haul nikki! i bought some of the art deco nail polishes also from my local variety store when i saw them on ahleesa's page but i can't do much with them except for making lines haha

  16. I have not yet received my order from the Makeup Mix Shop, and its been a month (shipped last February 23). I certainly hope that it did not get lost in the mail, I don’t want Toma to suffer losses because of our crappy PO system.

  17. nikki, i'm really having trouble doing gradations in my nail :( i use the caronia base coat and it just turns out awful :(

    btw, nice haul from toma! i'm on my 2nd order already. tee hee!

  18. M, just like your post, you make me smile too! :) thanks dear

    Fuz, thanks girl! I hope not everyone can read this coz they're going to kill me for you saying that! Let's keep it between us ok? LOL

    Khymm, thank you so much!!!

  19. Jo, oh no...look at it closely its not perfect :) About the Art Deco pens, yup ! Ahleessa is the igniter! LOL And you can draw using that brush, it's not only for lines :)

    Melvel, OH NO! I hate it! I hate our Local PO. I don't want to come to a point where sellers wouldn't want to ship to us because of our bad PO service!!! I pray you have it soon!!!

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, seriously! I know you can do it, come on to the office, I'll show you :) :) :) About orders, I'm done with 2 orders, I may do a 3rd order soon :) Her shop is addictive!

  20. Nikki, i know i'm your broken record for repeating this so many times, but you're really very good with nails!! I love this one as well!! They look so pretty and professional!!

    You can definitely open your own nail store already! hehehe!!

  21. oh thats gorgeous
    totally different from most gradient looks since its at the bottom of the nail
    i looove it

    ok can i request for looks with the art deco nail too

    wow i am sooo demanding XD
    but all these looks are just gorgeous

  22. You're really so good with nail art nikki! I think this one is my favorite =D I love red nails and you made it even prettier.

  23. Just woooow! It's gret job! Its amazing! Looks absolutly gorgeous! I love your nails!!!!

  24. awesome as usual!
    nice package too! review on the art deco polish pls?

  25. really? ooh during the summer when i have more time, i'll text you about dropping by your office. thanks nikki!

  26. oOhh you're really good at this!!! i wanna paint my nails.. u kno wut i think ima do somethin like this soon! haha ill post up pix once i do but first, gotta grow out my nails...


  27. Hi Nikki,

    Do you usually get your Art Deco nail art pens overseas???

  28. you're stocking on NYX concealer in a jar! haha. does it "sit" on fine lines?

  29. You are very good with nails! I wish I could do that/or have a steady hands to be able to do that. :)

  30. wow sis gnda tlga ng nail arts ibenta m nalang sakn yung nyx concealer na isa ahahah

  31. OK, after I grow mine, I'm definitely trying flowers ;). You convinced me...These are so lovely :).
    (I know I use that word too much, but I happen to really like it, lol.)

  32. Nikki, I really enjoy your nail tutorials. They are so detailed and easy to follow. I am going to have to try nail art. It is so much fun.
    I love this particular nail!

  33. Gradient nails are <3! Happy Wednesday, Nikki!

  34. You're so lucky she resent your package.

    How much were the Art Deco polishes?

    You're so amazing at Nail art... I usually fail at painting my own nails. Hahaha... oh well. I'll focus on makeup first then nails, cause I can never maintain a manicure. No matter how many times I retouch and recoat, it chips and fades on me (even long-wear kinds).

    Sorry for rambling!

  35. nice gradient nails!! ^^

    i love the Makeup Mix Shop!! i regret not buying more color for the LA art deco stuff! :((
    i bought one gold glitter, one silver glitter and a white one!! i forgot to get a black one T.T
    their shipment to Singapore is really fast! about a week even though i choosed the cheapest shipment!! ^^ awesome service... they even gave me a MM mineral in Acha :D

    thanks for recommending the great site! :))

  36. Jenn, it's ok girl! Broken record or not, I love your compliments Made me smile :) hahaha Open up my nail salon...another dream! *wishful thinking*

    Yumeko, thanks for liking this and thanks for your request :) hahahah you are not demanding, I'll try to do a look with my nails..someday! We'll see :)

    Kim, thanks for saying so :) I appreciate it

  37. Anastacia, aww sweetie *hugs*

    yumyumsushi, Ok I will do a review on the Art Deco polish as soon as I can :)

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, just let me know :)

  38. LipStick Staiin, go ahead! I'd love to see your nail art! :)

    Tinedangganda, so far, we don't have that Art Deco pens locally, so I have to get them overseas. And so far, this is my first order, the first 2 Art Deco nail polish I got from a friend :) This is my first order and I think this will last long on me :)

    Care G, no, I'm not stocking, I gave them to my friends and some of my friends asked me to help them purchase :) So far, it doesn't sit on my fine lines :) It is creamy enough but not oily :D

  39. Iyah, thanks for saying so, I honestly do not have steady hands but I try so hard to be steady even only on nail art painting :)

    Camille, sorry but like I said on the note above..hahah those are already "pabilis" from friends. If you really want, let me know the shade so "just in case" i will order from Toma I can add this up. Let me know

    Cris, no worries, I'm glad to see your version of flowers! :) Everyone does their differently

    T, yay! I'm glad I was able to inspire you to try nail art too!!! Go GO GO!!!!

  40. Teeyah, thanks sis! welcome back from Cebu

    Chrissy, the Art Deco polish I've used them in the past, the brush is PURE LOVE!!! Check out Toma's site, it's very affordable. No worries about rambling, that's what blogs are for!

    Miracle, we can order more in the future! :D :D :D And you are welcome, I am glad to share her store details to everyone as I am just like you, always at the lookout for good and affordable shipping and prices :)

  41. Gawd, this is so gorgeous! You are really excellent at this. :)

  42. Wow, your nail looks fantastic! Those nail art pens looks really useful, I need to look around for that. Thanks for the tips :)

  43. wow, this is beautiful, as always. You're so creative!

  44. Nice haul sissy!!! You've ordered the ecotool brushes? sux!!!!!!!!!! arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  45. Shades of You, thank you ssi!!

    Female Intuition, thanks for saying so :) I hope you find those pens there! :) Happy nail art designing!

    Gio, thanks

    Cinthia twin!! SUX???? OH NO!!!!

  46. Once you get L.A. Colors Art Deco, you can't go to other brands... hehe~ I'm such a dork. :X

  47. sis pwede ba mag order sau ng nyx concealer in a jar?wala kasi ako credit card di ako makabili sa make up masala pwede makisabay.

  48. Ahleessa, hahah you sound like an infomercial! but so true! :) Thanks again!

    Camille, sorry I don't see any profile from you. You can email me and we'll see how it goes, no promises

  49. Nikki, im beginning to hate you for having those steady hands and artistic soul. kaya naman walang sawa si hubby sa kakapic sa nail arts mo kasi super cute talaga!

  50. Sis Nikki,

    I am so lucky, you i found out that the Walter Mart branch here at my place sells Art Deco nail pens, I have already seen the stall but was not trying to look at the products coz i thought it's just the usual nail polish but when I went back I found out it was Art Deco, but sadly i was out oc cash when I went there, so maybe this week I'll go back and grab some....

  51. As usual, bravo on the gorgeous nails!!

  52. Dethroned_p'cess, hey! don't hate me! Kaw talaga...come closer to my nails, again it's not perfect talaga..and I've been doing my nails since college understand hahahhaa :) *hugs*

    Tinedangganda, wow! lucky you, go ahead and buy one, give it a try, Art Decos are great for french tips too! How much is it?

    Tine, thank you HUGS!!!


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