Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Askmewhats Version: The All Mineral Look

An Reader emailed me and requested for a look using all mineral makeup. I had time to really play with my mineral make-up because of your request. To the reader, you know who you are, Thanks for the request and I hope you like what I did.

Some of my readers (I'm sure they are born with wonderful lashes) told me that they are lazy to put on mascara *gasp* on work days as it takes time and it's tedious to remove them at night.

So, I've joined those readers who are lazy to put on mascara! And to show you what a big impact mascara gives or non-impact a "no mascara" gives! LOL

Here's the final look I created
Yes, it's all mineral and
YES, no mascara!

(they are honestly more vibrant in person,
I lost my camera skill this week, don't know why)

Askmewhats Diagram

I apply a cream base all over the lids
Using Fashion 21 stick e/s in Pearl

Step 1:

Using a taklon brush/concealer brush, pat on She Space's Be The Fairytale e/s on the inner thirds of the lid.

Step 2:

Apply Ellana Mineral Multipurpose powder in Purple on the outer v, using a small crease brush. Blending it inwards with a big fluffy eye blending brush

Since I have very tiny lids,
I apply Joppa's Mystery e/s

(which is matte black)
the outer V to deepe the crease
(this is optional)

Step 3:

Pat on NYX Chrome e/s in Queen on the center of the lid, slowly blend in with the other colors.

Step 4:

Apply my favorite P&J face color as highlighter

Step 5:

Apply MM Gel Liner in Cocoa all over the upper lashline going for the lower lashline too. Top the MM Gel Liner with 4U2 Liquid Liner in Brown.

Use Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Liner in Bourbon on the waterline.

Fill in the brows

No Mascara (I have to stress this lol)

And my final eye look

What's on the rest of my face?

For my face

EDM Golden Fair foundation

with my EDM Flat Top Brush

For my cheeks

1. Apply Joppa's Just Blush

2. Highlight with Eyeko's Pretty Eyes
(first 2 light color)

To set the look

Using MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish Natural
in Light
with my Thevi Dome Brush

For my puckers

Stila Lip Glaze in raspberry

And here's me saying
"Have a wonderful day full of smiles!"

Hope you like the simple look I've created
It's colorful, but still wearable for daytime!
Stay happy!


  1. wow the green really pops
    i love this multi color look!

  2. I love the look--very pretty!

    I would miss mascara though...I would be surprised if the reader was Asian ;-)

  3. I like the teal pigment you used...the look is so summery and fresh!

    P.S. I thought that the lip glaze looks like raspberry (instead of grapefruit)...

  4. Yumeko! Morning! thanks for brightening up my morning with your lovely comment!

    Paint me Gorgeous :) Thanks

    Citrine! HEY! You are a lipstick/gloss queen! You are right! i was looking at a different lippie when I typed it :) thanks I corrected it

  5. Soooo pretty, Nikki! Love this colors! So cute!

  6. Wow that's gorgeous!! The lilac purple is really pretty~~

  7. Cute colors. I love this look Nikki! So girly

  8. So colorful!
    You're lucky that you can come with any look with any colors!! =)

  9. Gorgeous! Minerals + colorful = my type of look. =D

  10. Ate Nikki the colors are gorgeous! I love purple ahehe >w<)/ if i have fairer complexion I would do the look as well (and if i am as good as you. my eyeshadow blending sucks i end up with one color sometimes -__-)I haven't tried mmu eyeshadow and it's just now that I found out that the colors are very subtle when worn.

  11. nice look nikki! perfect for summer..thanx for doing this :)

  12. wow.. I like this look, ur eye socket is so deep and pretty, unlike mine.. like near mono eyelid HAHAHA...
    I love MAC MSF Natural too~~~ so good..

  13. I love that look for spring!!! I'm going have to print that out (directions & all) and play with that look! After I study :(

  14. Jamilla, be surprised! the reader is asian! :)

    Anastacia, thank you for liking this look.

    Fuz, I love Purples too and this is just a nice pop of color on my skin tone :)

    LovePink, thank you for dropping by! Hope to see you again

  15. Kim, yes, very girly! :) It's summertime, I'm enjoying colors! :D

    beeyoutiful7, oh..come to think of it, I love playing around with colors but not all colors look good on me! :D

    ShadesofU, Queen of minerals, thanks!!!! :D

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Gia, hey no matter what complexion you are, purples will look good! I have applied makeup on client who's way darker than me and she looks wonderful with purples! You go rock the color!

    Nehs, thanks

    Crystal Gale, no worryes, are you doing these colors to? If so, show me ha?

  18. Purple snowflake, lol I never thought my eyes are considered deep ! But thanks for saying so, it's nice to know! but girl! If you can see other with deeper set of eyes! WOOOHH!!

    Kendall, awww thanks for being sweet! Goodluck with your studies

  19. the colors really pop, you look great!

    i never thought about using the eyeko eye palette as a highlight

  20. paddle pop eye shadow <3

    love the lip glaze on u!

  21. awww... you look adorable! *pinches*

  22. have i told you how gorgeous u look? i believe so! hehe lovely soft color eyes!


  23. pweeetty, nikki! i was thnki of doing a very bright look today. thanks for the inspiration.. :)

  24. M, since the colors of the eyeko palette is a bit sheer, I'd rather use them as highlighter and it works great :D

    Prettybeautiful, thanks dear

    Connie, lol now now..that's embarrassing to be pinched at this age! LOL

  25. Jesmakeup, thanks sweetie! you are so nice!

    Shen, hey sis! bright looks definitely suits you! See you tomorrow!

    Yumyumsushi, thank you!!!

  26. Hey, Nikki! stopped to say thank you for sweet comment to me! You're so pretty! <333

  27. awwwwww so soft & pretty!!! Mineral rocksssss =) another great one, Nik!

  28. For me, mascara is really important esp to those like me who has very small and thin lashes

  29. i love the look!!! very summery and refreshing!!! :)

  30. The colors are so vibrant even though you said your camera washed the colors out!! You look lovely as always!!

    I love the Stila Lipglazes too!! They're very pigmented and stays on for hours!! I hate the click pen thingy though... sometimes they don't dispense... then the next time you click it comes out in a huge blob!! >.<

    I'm also one of those ppl guilty for not applying mascara! Woops! =X

  31. pretty!! colorful and pretty like a rainbow :))
    love this!
    i can't do without mascara!! :p

  32. Gorgeous look as usual and thats a nice use of the P&J face color! Mascara DOES make a difference :)

  33. i guess i'll have to stick to what's left of my mineral make up since im having an odd case of allergic reactions which i don't know what caused it! :(

  34. Anastacia, no worries! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing those creative looks you've been doing!

    Nanzy, from a mineral lover like you, thanks! :)

    Kim, so true! for someone like me too! I needed mascara to brighten up my eyes :)

  35. Reynakatarayan, thanks dear! :)

    Jenn, really? I find it so ..mmm..blah! It was really vibrant in real life :) thanks for liking the look! You are right about the click thingy on stila lipglaze!

    Miracle, we all can't do without mascara! I would say, looking at this photo, I felt so naked

    PB, yes, I've finally found a wonderful way to use the P&J face color! :)

    Lynn, oh no..allergic to mineral makeup??? I hope you find what you're allergic to!

  36. What a beautiful Spring-y look! I love it! And yes....even I am too afraid to put on mascara sometimes. Sad but true. LOL!

  37. I didn't know that Eyeko Pretty Eyes was mineral! Now I want it even more, lol.
    I have to admit that I'm one of those people who often skips mascara ;). It is annoying to get off :-P.
    And of course, such a pretty look again :)...You're so creative :D.

  38. yay for more pretty colors on your lids! you're lookin hotta for summah! ;-)

    btw, i like your eyeko item, the packaging's so cute (pink!) and i like the colors in the palette, too. soooo me! haha!

  39. this is a very spring look. and i love how you list all the products used and tools too. tedious work but it's working! :)

  40. B, I can't believe you are scared to put on mascara..but you know what? You got wonderful natural lashes :)

    NicNic, thanks

    Cris, sorry but Eyeko Pretty Eyes isn't mineral, it's my bad, I said all mineral look but I can't help but use it as highlighter and its NOT mineral :) Sorry for the confusion

  41. Aquaracer, thanks! hahahah I am glad you like the eyeko packaging, me too!

    Thanks Ren Ren

    Jojoba, thanks, it really takes a lot of time and I'm glad you appreciate it! *hugs*

  42. Oh, thanks for clarifying about Eyeko ;).
    It's still a wonderful item though :).

  43. Amazing, looks wearable for both day and night! Your skin looks so flawless too. :) I like the color combo!

  44. Sis, I love this look! Great look for summer indeed! Make up without mascara is a complete no no for me sis. I'm only on 'ree mascara' moment when I don't wear eye make up at all.

  45. Jensmakeupbag, thanks sis!

    Cris, no worries, it's my pleasure and thanks for asking! :) It's my bad! :D

    Chrissy, thank you for saying so!!! :)

    Gracie Ate!!!! I know!!! mascara sets the overall look! Gives a "wow" factor. Aawwww...but you do have foundation everyday no? hehehee I remembered what we talked about! *winks*

  46. Mineral make up is very good for the skin.The way colors have been very well blended gives a beautiful effective and soft look to the eyes.Gorgeous.


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