Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Silver Bullet" Look

Happy Days will always be here, if you let happiness comes in!
That....is not my motto! LOL That just came into my mind today!
Power of positivity! That's what I'm living up for!

Anyways, let me get back to what beauty blogging is about! Beauty! LOL
to be honest, I started blogging without my friends knowing! hahaha
I kinda found out at the end, that some of them knows about this blog..so I've got nowhere else to go but ... *waves at my friends* HI THERE! LOL

Here's a look inspired by using Silvers! I haven't done a look using silver because I don't have a lot of "pure silver" e/s! Silly me for forgetting about my 78pcs Digital Angel palette :)

Here's the final look created

Askmewhats Diagram

Step 1:
Primed my lids with MAC Soft Ochre Paintpot. Spritz on MAC FIX+ on the brush (to intensify the colors). Pat on Silver e/s or pigments (if you have) on the inner thirds of the lid, add as you move on.

Step 2:

Use a light "mocha" color and sweep it all over the crease area to give out an illusion of "deep crease"

Step 3:

Using a small crease brush, apply any matte black e/s on the outer V. I am using MAC's 226 brush and MAC Carbon e/s.

Tip: Apply this with eyes open. Makes a better v crease look.

Step 4:
Sweep with any light colored matte e/s 2-3 tones lighter than your skin to highlight the browbone.

Step 5:

Apply black gel cream liner/ pencil/ liquid liner (whatever you feel comfortable with) on the upper and lower lashline, leaving the inner 1/4 of the lower lashline. I am using MM Gel Liner in Inky Black.

Step 6:

Highlight the inner 1/4 of lower lashline and inner tearduct with CS Silk White gel liner with a CS Pink Angled Taklon brush.

Do not forget to curl your lashes
Apply 2 coats of mascara!

my first coat is CG Lash Blast

2nd coat is P&J Curly Mascara in Black

Fill in your brows
Look back and fix

whatever needs to be fixed

Silver bullet eyes

What's on my cheeks?
You'll be surprised I do these extra steps
Only if I have time

Using DollFace Contour Palette

And what's on the rest of my face?

For the Face

Make it Last Makeup Primer by Bare Naturals

Joppa Medium Light no. 2
MAC Mineralized SkinFinish in Light

with my Ecotools Kabuki brush

For the lips

Boots No7 Lipstick 50 Cameo

And I do have to include my face right?
Whether you like it or not
Sorry :P

Are you digging the silver eye makeup?
I am!!! I will try to recreate more looks using silver!
Have a wonderful day!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This look is really elegant! :)

  2. your lining is so neat! It's hard for me to find a good silver e/s!

  3. i love this
    reminds me of one of the looks i did with the kat von d pallete :P

    but my blue didn't turn out to be blue in the picture so it looks similar to yours hehe

  4. I like the names you give your looks hehe.
    *waves* to your friends too hehe.

  5. gorgeous look ! i love this one... i like how u line ur eyes!! err teach me!!! its like not soo thick or too thin.. its just right! mines is always thick but i want it like urs!!


  6. You are so skilled with blending the colours together!

    I think, I always mix everything up so that I end up looking dirty (especially when sing dark colours).

    I love the complete look! So pretty! and nice lippie - I think it's the perfect colour for your skintone! Flatters you a lot!

  7. Female_intuition, wow, thanks! Elegant is not in my dictionary when I was growing up...hahaha so thanks for making me smile

    Melissa, awww, thanks for liking the way I line my eyes, yeah, you're right, it is very difficult to find a good silver e/s!

    Yumyumsushi, I know what you mean, I did a blue look in the past and it turned out grayish silver lol

  8. Kasumi , awww you are a sweet person!!! Thanks for waving at my friends too! I'm sure they're waving back!

    LipStick Staiin, I guess it's months and years of practicing :) I love lining my eyes..I like the final effect it gives on my overall eye look!

    Jess, awww, thanks for saying so, trust me, it was all dirty and weird to start with too, but I guess after you've come in terms with your eyes, you'll know how much e/s you should put :D I'm glad you like the lippie! I love it too!

  9. lovely look! silver is very flattering on you :)

  10. i was just starting to get into gold e/s but now i am thinking abt silver again hahahaha

  11. this look is so..hmmm galaxy and so futuristic! and i love seeing yr pic early in the morning :D brighten up my day

  12. Silver is a really pretty look and I definitely love love love silver. :) I wish I could wear it more though...maybe when I have work. I don't want to look silly at school. XD

  13. You are so gorgeous and extremely inspiring.

  14. i love that silver look!
    it makes the eyes look so classy & elegant

    great job on this,hun!

  15. You make Silver look so elegant! I can't wear silver, makes me look robot-ish.
    You know, super LOL on that "that is not my motto." Haha!

  16. love this look! the colours are so pretty!

  17. Very pretty Nikki!! I need to get myself a silver shade like yours and also Carbon!! :D

  18. You always put a smile on my face with all the comments you have left me.

    thank you.
    it means a lot to me


  19. This is a gorgeous look on you!! I think the eye makeup really accentuates your eyes but I especially love how the lipstick goes with your shirt so well. Both colors make you look so summery!

  20. Hi Nikki! I've always been positive about almost everything. That helped with a lot with all the not-so-good moments hehe.

    Was thinking of doing a silver look too but ended up doing green today haha..

  21. So pretty!
    Like so much your thin eye liner! Looks so cute on you!

  22. Audrie. thanks for saying so! I'm glad you liked it!

    Nehs, thanks dear!

    Yumeko, ahhahaha Go ahead, I've been using gold for quite some time and it's time to do something different! :)

  23. Prettybeautiful, awww I'm glad the Robot made you smile early in the morning :D

    Chrissy, awww, I'm sure you can mute it down...lol use silver but not too much as I did, I used a lot for it to show up on photos!

    Dwana, thank you dear! I'm glad we both inspire each other! :)

  24. ~tHiAmErE~ , awww I'm glad! My eyes are never called classy and elegant! So more silver to look that way? hehehe

    Teeyah, hahahha I don't know why I typed it, I guess I've been stressed with something :)

    ♡ Nic Nic ♡ thank you sweetie!

  25. Jenn, Carbon definitely is a MUST :) Silver, if you don't use it much, you can skip it, but definitely go for Matte black ! it's super helpful!

    beeyoutiful7 and your comment made me warm and fuzzy too! Hugs!

    Catherine, wow, you are one fashionable lady! I never thought of lippie going with the top! Thanks for saying so!

  26. URY,awww, that's great on being positive, I guess that is what keeps us to move on! That's life right? Wow, green look! show me!

    Anastacia, hey! thanks! I'm glad you like the liner!

  27. You are so prettyyy!! You should do more smokey eyes girl!!! I love it! :) and yes I'm digging the silver make up! I need to recreate this look.. heehee!

    and my big tummy?? blame it on the husband. He always tease me that I look preggo! ahahah!

  28. sis, yes i would like to see your whole pretty face.. i've created a look using silver too but im too lazy to get my "sick" camera.. :(

  29. lovely!! nikki, if you're not so busy, please do a tutorial on how to contour the cheeks.. =) Im really curious how to do that coz i've been blessed, err.. cursed.. with full cheeks hehe =)

  30. this is pretty!! i never know silver can look so good! :D

    wish ya a happy day too!! :))

  31. I like your face, why would anyone not like it? I'm happy you included it, it looks great :).
    This look is another I'll have to try (I think you're the blogger I get the most look ideas from) - my idea of silver is just Clinique Platinum all over my lids. Pretty, but kinda simple and boring, lol.
    Thanks for the look ^_^!

  32. Very pretty and elegant! Great job!

  33. I definitely will try more silvers, thanks! :) I can't wait what you'll do next.

    P.S. Please check out my blog if you have the time. :)

  34. ate nikki, pretty as always :) sorry kung lagi ako hindi nakakapag leave ng comments or even messages on your cbox.....medyo bloghop paminsan kasi busy-busyhan daw ako hahaha i miss you!:)

  35. I LOVE greys and silvers and blacks and you did a lovely job! :D I'm now itching to do grey/silver tmw :D

  36. you look fantastic! I like how serious the eye makeup looks then you balanced it out with a more cheery lip and cheeks :D the MAC226 blends like a dream, doesn't it? dang....

  37. Iyah, awww thanks, i guess I should do more smokey eyes but not at work! LOL Nah you definitely don't have big tummy at all! :D Tell your hubby someone says you're sexy don't tell him it's from a girl! hahaha

    Dianatan,awww, it's nice to see you even for seconds! :D goodluck with your nail art sis!

    Khymm,sure, I'll try to do it but maybe..it'll take a bit of time lol hope it's ok :)

  38. miRaCLe, thank you, I try to stay happy each and everyday!

    Cris, aaww I am so touched to know you get inspired on my blog :) I can't wait to see your version!!!

    Gio, thank you!!!

  39. Chrissy, hahaha I can't wait what I'll do next too! ahaha I honestly don't plan my looks, it definitely depends on my mood!

    Miemiemie, hey its ok sis! :) I understand, no worries

    PB, awww I'm sure it'll look wonderful on you!!!

    Connie, I know, it was too serious I have to brighten it up a bit :D Thanks for the love! And mAC 226 works great for the crease area..not for blending, so you don't miss anything on the blend "area" for this brush :D A small crease brush will work just as fine :)

  40. I love your positivity, sweets. I try to be the same way and it's good to be around (at least in the cyber world) people who are that way too. I really really like this look. Especially the browbone. I would have never thought to use a matte highlighter color but it looks gorg on you!!

  41. I'm loving this look on you! you should wear it more often. I got the contour palette from DOllface but haven't had a chance to use since I haven't taken a pic of it properly, silly me! :) miss yah sis!!

  42. Nice silver look! I'm not sure if I can rock silver, but maybe I'll take pointers from your post.

    You know, one of my biggest fears is for my friends find out about my blog! I'm definitely not kikay during work, so when I have free days, I spend the time making reviews or FOTDs. To my amazement (and horror), my ex found out about my blog and texted me congratulations.

    Heeheee, I got my fries today! Don't make me drool just yet with another tofu post okay? :)

  43. It's so sexy!! I Love it~~ Silver looks very good on you.

  44. It's so sexy!! I Love it~~ Silver looks very good on you.

  45. this is very pretty! you're so good at creating smoky looks!!

  46. oo i like the dollface contour pallete :(
    anyway you look awesome :)

  47. B, can I say I LOVE your positivity too? No wonder we hit it off even on blogosphere! I love to be with optimistic people! :) Thanks hunnie!

    Shen! yay! The contour palette, I got one too and its wonderful! :)

    Shasta, awww, I'm sure you can!!! Oh no about the ex finding out about the blog! LOL but yeah, we should get used to it, if we put anything online, we must know that someone we know definitely is going to see it!!!!

    Fuz, thank you sweetheart :)

    Coco, thank you!

    Aquaracer, awww *hugs* I'm glad you liked it!

    Paint Me Gorgeous, thanks for the compliment!

    LyNn, you have the contour palette too? :D Thanks for liking this look and leaving me some lovin'

  48. silver is sexy and so are you sis! i love love silver makeup. ;D btw, your lippie shade looks nice! very glam pink without being overboard i like it very much. :D

  49. Mhean sis! how are you?? Thanks for commenting, I know how busy you are!!! :D

  50. that is soo pretty! everyone is doing blues/silver looks...i should do a tutorial on one.

  51. Crystal, thanks sweetie

    Jensmakeupbag, yes! do yours! I'm sure it'll look wonderful!

  52. I'm going to try this out with my L'oreal HIP duo, the one in silver and dark grey :P

  53. Sis, I love the way you wear this silver look... beautiful! That No.7 lippy looks familiar to me hahahahahaha! I've always thought it would suit you ;)

  54. Tine, I'd love to see your look!

    Gracie! YES! The lippie is from the most sexy woman alive!!! YOU!!! Thanks for the lippie! I love it!


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