Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: DollFace Concealer Palette

Hey all!

I never thought I'll be talking about concealers once again.

Everyone knew how much I love the MakeUp Forever Concealer Palette I recently purchased, how impressed I am with NYX Concealer in a Jar for its price and quality. I thought there's no more concealer for me. Until I saw this palette.

Yes that's right!
a total of 10 concealer shades!

Dollface Concealer Palette says ---

Squalene, Octyl Palmitate, Beeswax, Talc, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Petrolatum, Propylparaben.

May contain:
Titaium Dioxide, Iron Oxides

Askmewhats says ---

  • very creamy
  • easy to blend
  • did not settle on fine lines
  • you can mix and match to achieve desired concealer shade
  • a little goes a long way
  • doesn't feel heavy when applied
  • doesn't oil up
  • the palette size is perfect to carry along
  • no allergic reactions on me
  • melts easily on warm temperature
  • it'll be better if they included green and purple concealer in this palette!
  • has a weird "oil" scent (but this will be gone easily)

Is this the same as Coastal Scents palette?

I am sure that's the question that has been on the mind of many reading this review. I asked the seller directly and upon seeing the palettes, YES they are the same.

Dollface Cosmetics purchased the palettes straight from the distributor that's why it looks the same as Coastal Scents palettes. Again, they are the same!

How in a hell would you use this much concealer in one face? Well, I strongly suggest this for people who are into studying makeup. As we all know, if you are a student for any make-up school, different shades of concealers are required and using an expensive one to "practice" creates a big hole in the wallet and our heart! LOL So I suggest to purchase this if you are into putting makeup to other people as well as the different shades are great for different types of people.

But if you are someone who loves to put make-up to oneself, then I suggest you purchase a smaller palette or single concealer.

  • never store in a warm place, concealer will melt easily
  • always store in cool dry place
  • if you plan to use this for other people, use a taklon brush or sponge, do not use your fingers directly...hey let's talk about hygiene ok? :D
  • after applying the concealer directly from the brush, warm the concealer with your hands to blend it well onto the skin.
  • always set the concealer with face powder
Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

At Dollface Cosmetics website for Php900.00 (approx $18.75) not including shipping

I received the palette in a very good condition
The seller had the palette well protected
bubble wraps and this....

Here's to show you the size of each pan
Same size as MAC e/s

Let me swatch them for you
to see the colors

Without Flash

With Flash

I hope this review is helpful! :D

Have a wonderful day!

And let's hope today
and everyday
is a good skin day!
Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!


  1. wow. that's a whole Lotta concealing! haha

  2. wow thats very good and handy! perfect for a MUA!! how good does it work?


  3. I was thinking about getting this concealer palette when I ordered from dollface but I don't know what to do with the darker colors. >.<
    since I am not a pro it seems that I am buying the concealer for only two colors. hehe. I will stick to NYX concealer in a jar but this is very useful!

    :p thank you so much for posting this~ especially the swatches. I pretty much have an idea for the shades!

  4. Kasumi, I know! But at least if I have a darker complexion or lighter complexion to do makeup on, I'll be fine :D

    LipStick Staiin, I love it, its so functional and easy to take along! :)

    Gia, true, if its only for yourself, go buy for your own shade! It saves money!

    Fuz, yes, I find this is really good! :D

  5. Wow that's a lot of concealer! I'm sure this review will help a lot of people though - it's really nice to see so many different (esp darker!) concealer shades in one palette. =)

  6. nikki! omg! i want oneeeee! haha

  7. I was thinking about getting this. thanks for the review, I will get it when I start studying makeup. :)

  8. yeah when I saw that at Coastal Scents website...I told myself "ay walang green and purple" hehehe. But if I'm going to enroll na I'll get one for sure

  9. i saw this on CS website yesterday. I got curious! hehe.. i only liked 2 colors 6 & 7. the other colors are too light and too dark.. thanks for doing this review Nikki! i will not buy it nalang coz sayang naman if i only use 2 colors.. but if MUA its really useful! =)

  10. I agree that these are great for pro MUA but also for those taking classes. it's cheaper compared to other brands or even at at other online stores. :)

  11. oooo that looks like a super PRO palette!! This will definitely be handy when you do makeup on other people :)

  12. Gorgeous professional concealer palette! Love creamy concealers too! Great cover!
    Just amazed by your review!

    and btw, thank you so much for your wishes :)

  13. wow!! so many colors!! :D
    yes!! i need good skin day everydayy.. pimple acne please go awayyy :p
    have a nice day!

  14. That looks so nice and thanks for the swatches! :)

  15. Catherine, I know! i've always thought, what if I got a darker skinned client? What will I use? Now my prayers are answered with this palette :)

    Steph , hahaha they look gorgeous!

    Chrissy, yes definitely great for makeup class!

  16. Ury, I know! The green is super helpful!!! Sana no? They should think about the green and purple conealer! :) Where do you plan to study? I will be studying again this May 11th at the Basement Academy :)

    Khymm, yeah, you'll definitely find the right shade for yourself with this palette! :)

    Shen, yes, way cheaper no? I'm glad local resellers are selling these na!

  17. Audrie,definitely!!! This will eb super useful for me!

    Anastacia, awww, thank you! :) You are welcome with the birthday wishes, you deserved to feel some lovin'!

    miRaCLe, hahahah we are chanting the same thing everyday.."NICE SKIN DAY NICE SKIN DAY!"


  18. wow lots of shades but i dont think i'll be able to use the dark ones.hehee

  19. i think this is a palette for a professional! i am currently in a concealer rut. my MUFE Full Cover is not coevring up enough so whenever i spot a review on concealer, i have to check it out. it's too bad this concealer melts in hot weather. a no no for us i guess.

    i am waiting for my LM secret camouflage to arrive here. i hope that works better!!! fingers crossed.

  20. Wow this is so fantastic!!!! Love your blog, I'm following hope thats okayyyy : )

  21. very tempting! thanks for the review Nikki!

  22. That's a lot of concealer! Very handy for a makeup artist.

  23. this looks good! but i mostly just put makeup for me and my friends so i won't be purchasing this soon. thank goodness! haha i saved myself P900.

  24. ♥Leigh♥ , yeah, the dark ones won't be useful for you if it's only for personal, but you know what? The dark one can be used as contouring! :)

    Jojoba, you're right! Wow, you are waiting for your LM? Can't wait to read your reviews!!!!

    Sarah, thanks for following! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Nehs, no problem! it's my pleasure!

    Gio, true about the handyness!

    Crystal, you're welcome! I saw you have another haul !!! :) Great for you ! :D

  25. wow!!! i bought my 78 palette from them and pearl is really accomodating. really good customer service!
    i am aiming now for the gel liners and the 88 palette.aehehe

  26. that's a great asset to a makeup artist's kit but i agree there should be some correctors in there. but you can always invest in correctors elsewhere. otherwise that's a great thing to have as a mua

  27. great tips and review!!! don't let this baby melt now, ahaha! i know it's really hot over there right now...

  28. I thought it look similar to my CS palette!:) Glad you like it! I don't I will be buying the CS palette again!

    Anyways, yes, SK is very affordable! You should check out the target website but I am not sure if they will ship internationally.

  29. DeBi, yes, gel liners are to go for! :)

    ♡ Nic Nic ♡, it is! I love this!

    Renren, :) Yes, addition to my kit!

    JENSMAKEUPBAG, yes, I've invested correctors already, and I do wish we have BEN NYE here :D

    Aquaracer, hahaha I know, it's super hot down here, but I do protect them and make sure they don't melt on me! :D

    Mrs. Cheng Tyler Heu , yes, I won't be ordering from CS too due to shipping! Hmm..I'm not sure if they ship international, if they do, probably overpriced!

  30. thank you for the review again Nikki. :) And you're right. they should've included green, purple and orange. i cannot see myself restocking mufe's camouflage palette though it works really really well. :(

  31. Thank you for this review!! I've been wanting to get a concealer palette and this would be perfect.

  32. Care G, sis, you will definitely use this for your practices , but you do have your MUFE na no?

    Neeyuh, you are welcome :)

  33. These DollFace palletes remind me of the Coastal Scents palletes

  34. hi nikki, question re: concealer palette :) which is better, the 20 pc concealer or the 15 pc concealer? :) coz i want the correcting concealer more than the concealer but i noticed that the colors in the 15 pc concealer is that that intense.. or is the effect the same? hehe thanks :)

  35. hi nikki after because of our make up seminar i want to buy correcting concealers... question :) which is better the dollface 15 pc concealer or the 20 pc concealer? coz i just want the correcting concealers but i noticed that the color is not that intense on the 15 pc concealer? which is better? or nyx concealer in jar :)

  36. Hi Karen, do you plan to use this for other people too? If you do then purchase the palette with corrector, I got this when the 15pc palette is not yet available pa, but given the chance, I'll get the one with corrector mas sulit :)

    If you plan to use on your own lang, NYX Concealer in a jar will do :)

  37. hi,

    im pretty much a newbie when it comes to concealers, very much curious on the different shades of the concealer, so my question is, whats the shade purple and green really used for? thanks i might really buy that 20pc color concealer...

  38. HI, your reviews are really great. But as a web designer i would suggest to change the you're currently using so that more people could enjoy reading and staying here. But aside from your site's theme. everything is good. thumbs up! Love lots, Rhoda :)


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