Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Breezy" Nails!

I am still on a summer mood though the weather is getting weird nowadays. Weather is very hot but afternoon comes, it rains like crazy!!!

Isn't it that women are supposed to be the fickle minded one??? Maybe the weather is also a woman?

I'm talking nonsense once again! Another nail art tutorial for the week!!! I had a hard time naming this because I've done this without even thinking. I gave this as an assignment to my dear colleagues but they had a hard time giving this a name as well. So I ended up with a non-creative name...

Breezy Nails
The nail art reminded me
of wind...

Step 1:

Apply 2 coat of San San nude polish. This polish is quite runny lol, it takes effort for me to use this. Let dry.

Step 2:

Apply a coat of Caronia's top coat or any "runny" top coat.

Step 3:

While the top coat is still wet, drop a shimmery orange polish. I used Testimo (from a very dear friend) and scatter it creating gradient nails. I find this method easier! YAY!

And here's how it'll look like
see how imperfect it is?

Step 4:

Using LA Art Deco black polish, apply 3 feather-y strokes. You can apply with your fingers folded like on the photo facing the nails toward yourself.

Step 5:

In between the 3 black feather-y lines, apply white stripes. Still using LA Art Deco's White.

Step 6:

And I obviously don't want to I added a green shade (for life) randomly using my green 2-way nail art pen brush.

Step 7:

You can add up dots with a yellow nail art pen (optional)

Step 8:

Attach "flower" rhinestone

Step 9:

Yes, I am using a 2nd bottle of TFS Top Coat. Apply to protect your nail art.

Summer Breezy Nails!

Hope this simple nail art can brighten up your day!
Stay positive!

Keep smilin'!

Stay Happy!


  1. So cute! The design reminds me of palm leaves and the desert. And get this, I grew up in the desert and my hometown is called Palmdale! haha Or, it could be Aloe Vera leaves, which is supposed to be really good for my skintype but it stings. Sorry, my thoughts always wander. I always enjoy seeing your NOTDs! n_n

  2. I have to try this when I get my artdeco nail art stuff!

  3. the clear peachy color is soo nice! i am gona go on a nail hunt soon! Lol


  4. so cute! I wish I could do nails like you...

  5. nice job! :)

    haha btw girl a.
    what happens if i accidentally put top coat as the base coat?

  6. pretty!! So tropical looking, perfect for summer!

  7. innerchild, awww, I should have asked you to name my nails I've been thinking about a good nail name! and there you go!!!

    Chrissy, yes!!! Artdeco pen works so well for lines like these!

    LipStick Staiin, :) Goodluck nail hunting!

    ✿Ji✿, thank you!

  8. K, yes you can sweetie!

    LyNn well I don't think it'll make a huge difference but base coats are called base coats for a reason, it does have a thicker layer and it does protect your nails from the nail polishes!

    Catherine, thanks sweetie!

    Audrie, I'm still on my summer mood but it's raining down here!

  9. so tropical! i love how u always do step by step!

  10. ate nikki this is so gorgeous! very meticulous ^w^)b
    I wouldn't have the patience to do that much on my nails~ I envy you so so much!

  11. super puuuuurrrrdy =)

    Great job hunnie!


  12. Just WOW!
    Love your nail art!

  13. you're amazing! that looks absolutely beautiful and so summery. I can't even paint my right nails :(

  14. nice :D for some strange reasons, i have a tendency to start of stuff at the bottom of my nails instead of top

  15. You are right! they are like mine. But I love yours wayyy much better!!!!!
    You are so good at those nail art brushessss!! Tips plz!

  16. looks great, but when I see how you do it, it looks very easy, when I try to do it, booo.. haha.
    u are so talented with nail art. keep it up. love your post

  17. nice!! i cant do those lines!! hahas.. mine is so thick and messy.. T.T

  18. wow!! i wish i can do that it is so cute. but i can't because i soak my nails in water for 6 hours due to my swimming lessons (i am the teacher..) and it will surely chip...sayang. hehehe

  19. dang you're so talented! I could never draw nail art like you. looks very pretty and delicate!

  20. Wow those turned out phenomenal. You are so talented...I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  21. ang ganda naman!! isn't it hard to work on your right hand since you're a righty? hmmm....i guess practice make it perfect, hm? :)

  22. I really need to put my Art Deco's to proper use! lol once I don't have to week...I hope I will :P
    Thanks for another great tut^^

  23. are sooo talented with nails! i can never grow my nails long enough because i get annoyed when i can't grab things properly, hehe. but i am impressed more and more each time you do a nail tut! keep it up =)

  24. Twin! Your nail art skills kept getting better everyday. I love this design. Very summerish looking :))

  25. Wow, you are so skilled with nail art! Where did you learn that from? ;)

    I laready have problems with applying simple nail polish evenly w/o streaks, hehe... :p

  26. I hate this!!

    Got your attention? LOL...I hate it because it makes me wanna sit by the beach and sip a pina colada - and I can't! :( *howls*

  27. This design is SO pretty!! I'm definitely gonna try it.

  28. WOW!!!!!! this is so amazingg! I can't believe you did all this by hand! You have got some serious talent!!!

  29. Melissa, :) i'm glad you liked the step by step :)

    Gia, thanks! hahaha it's not meticulous at all! :) I'm just in love with colors! :)

    beeyoutiful7 *hugs* thanks darling!

    Anastacia, hey! How was your birthday? Thanks for the nice compliment

  30. Connie, I'm glad you like the look of it, it took me time to think of the name of this! LOL Hey, i don't believe you can't paint your nails! for someone who can put on makeup as great as you! I'm sure you can!

    Prettybeautiful, well me too! that's why I started this from the top, for a change :D

    Kasumi, hey, yours is super nice and it's for a first timer! :D I will try to create tips, I'm just not sure hot to explain using photos?LOL

    Nehs thanks sis!

  31. ning * star, it does take a lot of time and practice, I'm sure you'll get there, keep on painting dear!

    miRaCLe , hmm...try apply it again light handed...I did started with very thick lines, but with more practice, it does go well :)

    Debi, awww..swimming lessons? Definitely no nail painting for ya! :D

    Nicnic, thank you sweetie for saying so! trust me, your nails are wonderful !!!!

  32. Yas, you're welcome, I love to share so people get to try it out on their own and realize how fun and relaxing it is :D

    Aquaracer, yes I'm a SUPER RIGHTY, I always start my nail art with my left hand, so I exert all my energy on it! LOL

    Rasilla, yes yes, do keep on practicing! :) *nudge* You can do it!

  33. jennynotjen, i do have a hard time typing with long nails, but if I cut my nails too short, my fingers are stubby looking! :P

    Ury, thanks sis!

    EbeautyBlog, twin!!!! It's so nice to see you here, i'm glad you liked the nail art designs and I'm really having fun with the designs, I'm glad you see some coz I can't :P

  34. Jess, just practice and practice, one reason I guess is I change nail art designs weekly, so I guess I'm getting really accustomed with my nails and how my fingers work! :D

    Bee, how dare you! hahahhaha It's ok that you hate it, as long as you LOVE ME *winks*

    Neeyuh, yes! give it a try! I'll be on a look out for your pretty nails!

    Sarah, thanks dear! I'm glad you call this talent, hahahah I call this desperation to have nail art! Thanks for making me smile Sarah, I had a rough work day :(

  35. This is so summery :D!
    I'd never do trees, they seem so compicated :o...But it looks so great when you do it, you make me want to try ;). As always, lol.

  36. wow, you're so talented! This is so gorgeous and summery, I love it!

  37. I think it would look nicer if you skipped the green stripes and the yellow dots..too much color makes the nails look messy..Just my opinion =) Nice work anyway~!

  38. Now this is probably something I can do on my ring fingers. Beautiful!!

  39. Cris, sweetie, go try it please! Girl! I'm sure you can do yours!!! I know how much you love to prettify your nails too!

    Gio, thanks dear! :D

    Amanda, hey! thanks for the suggestion, I may give it another try in the future, guess I get too excited with colors! :)

  40. i have literally read your blog from start to finito. i love it

  41. You are so creative and coordinated! I can barely manage a basic manicure, lol!!

    Really pretty look!

  42. Fabulous as always! :) I love this sis! :)

  43. lol @ maybe the weather is a woman...pretty nails...I can never get inspired to decorate after I day...

  44. Wow! Very pretty, i love it!
    btw, i have a contest on my blog you can win 20$ to spend on crater lake company!!

  45. crystal, awww thanks for reading my blog from start to finish, it's no joke! a lot of entries ha! hahaha

    Jamilla Camel, :)

    Shen,thanks sis! :D

  46. Avartsy, thanks for dropping a nice comment and you're right, our weather is so feminine! always changes the mind!

    lvst,thanks for letting me know about the contest :) I joined!

    Tine,thanks sis!

  47. Nice nails nikki! The first thing I thought of was birds of paradise. You could call this your Florals in Paradise nails :)

  48. where did you get your nail brushes? i want the thinest one..


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