Friday, April 24, 2009

Battle of the Current Removers: L'oreal vs. Mandom

Hello friends!

If you are a reader of my blog, that just mean one thing, you are a beauty enthusiast and probably 90% of you wears makeup! :D

Wearing make up won't be bad to your skin if you do take them off at night with the right products. What am I using you ask? Nothing high profiled! LOL

I know I've been telling myself to purchase Lancome Bifacil or even Clinique's Makeup remover, but before I purchase a new one, I have to finish what I currently have! Yes, I try not to waste whatever products I purchased, because we need to save money! right?

So, I will be discussing 2 of the make-up removers I've been using at present!

L'oreal Dermo Expertise
Gentle Lip and Eye
Makeup Remover



Cleansing Express

Here's the eye makeup
from Silver Bullet Look

I usually leave the cotton pad
eyes closed
for a couple of seconds

Wiped a bit
no rubbing
Here's the final result

Price: Php335.75 (approx $7.00)
for 125ml

Eyeshadow : Completely gone
waterproof mascara : Completely gone
waterproof eyeliner : has a bit of liner left on the upper lashline
brow powder : Completely gone
feel: Non-oily
stings the eye? NO

For Mandom
$14.00 (approx $672.00)
$2.00 (approx Php96.00)
for 300ml

Eyeshadow : Completely gone
waterproof mascara : left a bit of residue
waterproof eyeliner : a lot are not removed on the upper lashline
brow powder : Completely gone
feel: Non-oily
stings the eye? NO

Cotton Pad
(Front side)

(Back Side)

Final Thoughts?

Though Mandom Cleansing lotion sounds cheaper because of the amount of product you get for the price, I find that at the end of the day,L'oreal is still cheaper because the packaging is simpler, no spritzing or shooting of the product all over the place, and you don't need a lot to remove your eye makeup. As seen on the experiment above, I still have more residue left from Mandom which means more rubbing to remove all the gunk I have on my eyes.

too much eye rubbing = wrinkles

So what I do? I hate wasting product, so I use my L'oreal makeup remover to remove my eye makeup and Mandom does the rest of my face. And please, you need to wash your face still! To make sure all the makeup residues are gone and you'll be a real SLEEPING BEAUTY :P

Using Mandom to remove
my foundation

Front side

Back Side

I also use Mandom to remove the foundation on my neck! At least, I'm not wasting any of the purchases I made! :)

What are some products
you left unused, because it doesn't do the job?
Tell us! Who knows?
We may find some ways to make it useful again! :D
keep smilin'
stay happy everyone!


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been looking for a new makeup remover as well. I have been using pure jojoba oil, but I feel like it's such a waste since so much of it gets soaked up by the cotton ball.

  2. great review!! i can't wait to try the mandom!! xoxo,bev

  3. haha i've been hearing loads of review bout the loreal eye and lip make up remover.
    but it was more exp than maybelline and elianto. slightly more oily but does the same job i guess.

    for face, i wanted to buy za one but currently im just using facial wipes before washing my face with cleanser. is that good enough?

    things i bought that didnt work. loreal's toner. use less than 10% still sitting in my tray. i once used it to dissolve asprin to make a mask.

  4. thanks! im looking for better makeup removers ><

  5. Thanks for the showdown, looks like American drugstore wins! xD Mandom doesn't seem to be all it's hyped up to be. I used to use the Neutrogena Eye-makeup remover, but it burns my eyes, so I switched to Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil. So gentle, yet effective! It's messy to use though :S I don't waste any of my products either, so I use the Neutrogena for -little- eye makeup mistakes, like mascara. I'm still a newbie with applying mascaras :D

  6. Great products comparison!
    Very informative!
    How works Loreal remover for liquid eye liner?

  7. Currently using the Fasio one :) I bought a TFS eye m/u remover and I feel like it stings so I never used it. This review is soo helpful! Thanks Nikki. :)

  8. thanks for this..

    i always see mandom being sold in ebay or at some multiply stores but never got around to buying it.

    Im satisfied with my L'oreal too..
    so maybe ill stick with that for the meantime...

  9. Very nice post! Sometimes cheaper does not equal better. I just picked up the L'oreal one too. I'd been using it for ages before I couldn't find it - its come back though. Happy Friday!

  10. Good comparison!! I think the Mandom moist stings my eyes..

  11. I use Mandom cleansing sebum and it works great for my face...I love the price and I can get it easily coz I have many friends in Japan hehe..I just learned that it will sting your eyes if you use more than 3 pumps of product on a cotton pad so use sparingly :)

    I will try the Loreal eyes and lip makeup remover coz I really want to have a different product to remove my eye makeup. Does this remove waterproof mascara without rubbing? I hate putting mascara coz it is so hard to remove!

    thanx for the great review :)

  12. wow l'oreal one works so surprisingly good! great review nikki!

  13. i had that loreal eye makeup remover way back when i rarely used makeup. i use elianto green tea cleansing oil for my eyes but i think loreal will be better. plus it stings my eyes :(

  14. Thanks for the review! I have never heard of Mandom!

  15. OMG I love that L'oreal eye makeup remover, removes like all kinds of stuff. but I ran out, So using cleansing oil now. Didn't like it as much, cuz it leaves this oily film behind, may be it's just me LOL,

    but I gota wash my face again with face wash to make sure every thing is OFF before i go to bed .. hehe

  16. Nikki, ilang ML yung Loreal? how long does the bottle last? =)

  17. oh wow! this was really helpful sis! been thinking what to buy. i'll definitely go with l'oreal! thanks! :D

  18. Thanks for the review! I have been in search for a good m/u remover (that you don't have to rub!) and the L'Oreal one sounds great to me (:

  19. Loreal seems a great product. I bought the Eskinol milk makeup remover a few months ago and it also doesn't work that much for me so I also use it to remove makeup on the rest of my face =D Same here...don't wanna waste the products I buy too.

  20. thanks for the comparison review! you do them the best. I can never get the hang of it :-/ now I can finally put my head to rest and forget about Mandom

  21. i've been using L'oreal for yearsss!! it's a efficient and cheap product! ^^

  22. I love the Loreal one too!! It's cheap and it takes off everything!! :D

    The only reason i don't use it now is that my Mac cleanse off oil doesn't need cotton pads!! hahaha!! :P Otherwise i'll definitely repurchase this one!! :D

  23. Hey Nikki..

    This is really random but your eyebrows are amazing! Do you do them yourself? :)


  24. hey! i like that blueish smokey look.. did u do a tut for that yet? hehe


  25. I got the L'Oreal Demaq Expert when I was in India, after my bag got lost, and it's FANTASTIC! It gets everything off, even waterproof mascara, and it just washes off when you're done.

    L'Oreal does produce excellent makeup removers, I agree!

  26. wow this is an awesome comparison nikki. can definately see which ones the most efficient. good job!

  27. Thanks for the comparison Nikki! The L'Oreal one is really good and takes everything off, but unfortunately it stings my eyes :(

  28. Catherine , I love using cotton pad because i feel that i don't use a lot of product with that :) Jojoba oil, hmm..never tried it :)

    LOVEpink :) which one will you get? there's Moist, Sebum and Agecare!

    LyNn, you know what? It looks a bit more expensive than Maybelline but it has more ML so it's almost the same :) Especially if they're on sale! Worth it! It is your reference with the facial wipes, if the wipes are good, its ok but you still need to wash your face after of course :D

  29. Paint me gorgeous, you're welcome! :) What are you using at the moment?

    Innerchild, oh no about the burning of the eye, definitely a big nono :) Thanks for letting me know about the Neutrogena one, I was thinking about it actually!

    Anastacia, I'm glad you liked it :) Thanks Loreal works good for liquid eye liner :)

  30. Teeyah, oh yeah, I saw the Fasio one, really? it stings? No good then, *crosses my list* Thanks too!

    ~tHiAmErE~ , yup let's stick to that in the meantime til we find something better :)

    PB, Happy Friday too!!! Gosh it was a super hectic week! but i'm glad this week is over! :) *hugs*

  31. Fuz, it does? Once this Mandom stung my eye, but I think because I got some eye allergies at that time :)

    Crystal Gale, lucky you, I had mine shipped! LOL But yeah, it works well to clean the face! :) But if the sebum works for you, you are lucky! :)It does require rubbing a bit for L'oreal, but I use the leaving the cotton to the eye for seconds method :)

    Prettybeautiful, yeah,Loreal wins for this battle, I may battle it with something else soon!

  32. Crystal, wow, I have to try Elianto then right? Oily or not?

    Lydia :) It's well known Japanese makeup remover :)

    purple snowflake, cleansing oil is really tricky yeah, this L'oreal is love for you too? hehehe

    Khymm, its written on the post, its quite huge naman 125ml A little goes a long way so ok naman :)

  33. the loreal remover is really good. I used it im using maybelline eye make up remover.but loreal still better. have you tried shiseido foam cleanser?(in blue packaging).its very good too for face, doesnt make my face dry like some products do :)

  34. i used to use the loreal it a lot :) thanks for review! mandom didnt work so well for me :/

  35. Steph! i'm glad this review is helpful for you :)

    e.motion in motion, I'm glad this review helps! But yeah, of course you can't expect too much for the affordability of this price, I have yet to try those famous M/U removers :)

    URY, yes ! I know what you mean about wrong purchases, you have to find ways to use it! :)

  36. Connie, yes, I know there's a lot of raves but if you are a waterproof eyeliner/mascara user, this has to be skipped! But for the rest of the makeup, it works WONDERFULLY!

    miRaCLe, I'm glad it works for you too!

    Jenn, yes about taking off everything :) Ohhh you're using the oil one..would you believe I use Shu Uemura cleansing oil still after using this? I just want to make sure everything is GONE!

  37. Renee, awww that is so sweet of you to notice my brows! LOL I actually shave them on my own frequently, but on days I feel its out of hand, I go to the salon to have it shaved, I usually had it threaded but the roots of my brows are super thick, so it kinda bleeds while I pluck/thread.

    LipStick Staiin, hahaha thanks ! Yes I did a tut on it just this week :)

    Jamilla Camel oh there's another one from Loreal too? This is the only MU remover from Loreal available down here

  38. Thank you for the review! In my case, I don't feel that Mandom gets the job done... I use DHC cleansing oil. Yes, it's oily, but I feel it really gets the makeup off! It is formulated so that when you wash it with water, it mixes smoothly with the water to rinse right off!

  39. Jo , :) Thanks

    Gio, oh wow! It stings your eye?? What are you using now to remove your eye makeup???

    acutelife , hmm..never tried Shiseido one!!! does it remove waterproof makeup? :D

  40. Hi Nikki :) Actually the TFS one stings :( It's from the brightening rice water line :( I'll follow your example and just use it for my neck instead :)

  41. Sis, I know what you mean about making sure that we do not waste any of our purchases spcially on the current economic situation.

  42. Hey i use that L'oreal make up remover! Thanks for doing this review :)

  43. When i was in search for a makeup remover this baby caught my attention and it is so good! and the label says it was "tested by opthalmologist". so i got it and it is heaven for me. hehehe

  44. NicNic, yeah, Mandom doesn't work to some of us! I wonder Y!!!! lol :)

    K, DHC, another brand a lot of beauty bloggers are raving about, it's not available here so I guess I'll stick to what's available here, our postal office is crazy nowadays, I don't get anything!!!

  45. teeyah, aaahh I've used the Brightening Rice facial wash from TFS and it doesn't work for me! Thanks for letting me know about the stinging sensation from TFS

    Gracie, so right!!!! Bad economic situation and you know I'm suffering at the moment! LOL

    Pop Champagne, I'm glad you have used this and liked it? You're welcome for the review!

  46. Vanessa M., thanks dear

    Kasumi, so true! we need to find ways not to waste any products!

    Debi, yes yes yes! That "tested by opthalmologist" caught my attention too!

  47. good review!! I don't really like the Mandom cleanser either, can't take off anything! :P

  48. do you use a special foundation for the neck? and must we use a different remover for it? since the loreal one(for example) is meant for eyes and lips only?

    i'd also like to know how you clean your brushes? or what products or stuff you use to clean them?

    will try out the loreal when i finish my clinique one


  49. Ooh thanks for the great review!

    I've used Mandom before & I agree, it's not as great as some people say it is. I used one whole bottle but I have no urge to buy another!

  50. Audrie, so true, it takes off regular makeup without oily residuce like a breeze! But its a pain to take off waterproof makeup just like other makeup removers!

    Abby, I don't use any special foundation but I always include my neck if I apply foundation I make sure to wash the neck part as part of my night routine, the loreal one is meant for eyes and lips but if you want, it can also remove your face and neck makeup but it's such a waste! because it's such a small bottle and you can use a separate cheaper makeup remover for the neck, but you have to wash it still. I clean my brush using the home made cleanser (you can find it in my blog inspired by Koren). I also deep cleanse it with baby shampoo and mild dishwashing detergent :)

    Janelle,no worries! I think I will use this whole bottle for the face and neck and that's it :)


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