Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reader's Corner: My Current Brush Collection

Happy weekend dearies!
I cannot express how stressful my week has been!!! But I'm so glad it's over and I'm so glad my hubby is back from his provincial trip for business :) I will be off for a busy weekend but it's something I'd love to do!!!

Anyways, this post is to answer ONE query, but I think it deserves a space here because I took all the effort to collect these and yes, it took time...lots of research...and money! :D


"Nikki, can you show us your current makeup brush collection?"

Askmewhats Answers:

Here's my collection that is not a lot, for a make-up artist, but it's enough for me! I may still purchase some more in the future, but these works well on me :)

My first brush set actually came from G-Lish
I gave away a lot of the brushes

What's left are these

When I told myself
I need a brush set,
this caught my eyes
Smashbox Beyond Encounter Brush Kit

And when I got serious
with makeup
I bought my first set of brushes

My Suesh 28pcs brush set

I wanted a travel brush
So I bought the smallest
travel brush
I own
from The Body Shop Mini Brush Kit

How cute are they?

I also randomly bought some brushes
from Prestige

Charm Brush Set
from Beauty & Minerals

Charm Duo Fiber Brush

Charm Retractable Brush
and Kabuki Brush
both from
Beauty & Minerals

Random Brush bought
from Coastal Scents

My MAC Brushes yes,
I don't have a lot! :D

(MAC187, 226, 217, 242, 239)

My recent purchase

Ecotools Mineral brush set

More Random Brushes

from different companies

(L-R Thevi Brush, Bare Escentuals Flawless Finish Brush,
Shu Uemura face brush, Luminare concealer brush
and EDM Flat Top Brush)

Hope my brush collection is exciting enough!

And do I regret purchasing any of them?

NO, because I use each and every one of them!

Each of them has their special purposes!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I love everyone!
Keep smilin'!

Stay Happy!


  1. nnnnnnnnnnnnniccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. I love your brush collection, Nikki! You have some awesome brushes in there. And I thought I had a lot of brushes, lol. Good for you for using all of them!! Some people think I'm crazy for using 9 different brushes on my eyes in the morning, but it really makes it so much easier.

    Also, thank you for all the comments. I love hearing from you. =)

  3. Wow, I would love to hear which are your favorites!

  4. I never have the gut to do a stash photo because I am still in denial on how much random junk I have gotten...

    There are so many brushes that I regret buying, it's like I could use them to get loads of chocolate instead and I will be much happier (and fatter.)

  5. The sun container is so cute!
    So many brushes. I have a puny amount of 2 lol.

  6. Nikki, it seems, you are a fan of brushes too, hm? ;)

    I think, I have ways too much by now, since I don't use all of them on a daily basis, and some are really neglected.

    My MAC brush roll hardly can keep them all now. :p

    Btw, still drool over the 226, hihi...

  7. wow!! this is A LOT...i wonder how will my collection get if i do invest in these. i love your collection, makes me drool and buy later. lolz

  8. I just noticed something, your posts are color-coded! Like, your captions are a different color. I like that, it's a way of organizing text. That's quite a lot brushes, the brush roll forms a wall lol I need more brushes, I only have a handful :P

  9. Vanessa M., hahaaha thanks a long NIIICCCE! thanks!!!!

    Catherine, thanks for loving my brush collection! :) Yes, I do use them all, not on my face though I have brushes that I use for clients and for myself, yes, OCness alert again!!! lol NO problem about comment, I do enjoy sending some love coz I enjoy receiving them !

    K, favorite would be the MAC brushes of course! LOL Next would be hmm....gosh I can't think!!! They are all equally important, my family! :P

  10. Citrine, hahah I'm sure you have a lot!!!! it is a scary thought but its a nice way to know that you need to STOP purchasing because you have ENOUGH LOL

    Kasumi, the Sun container was given to me by my colleague and I love it!!! I carry it along during some events for makeup and it brightens the day of anyone who sees it! :D

    Royal Poshness,I'm sure you are bad! hahhahaha show me yours baby!!!

  11. Jess,yes, sad to say, I am a fan of brushes because I always tell myself, makeup expires, but brushes, can go for a long time if I take care of them!

    DeBi,'ll get there! hahaha

    innerchild, oh my goodness! ARE YOU GOOD OR WHAT??? I've been organizing the colors of my text as long as I remember, I hate it if text colors goes crazy! :) Thanks for being sweet and for letting me know what you realized, aaww..I am touched! hahhahaha

  12. Nice, nice, nice collection :D aye, am still coveting that suesh set. heehee. n.n

  13. OMG! Makes me lust like crazy over brushes!! Eeek! And I still haven't decided what to buy :(

    When I was a kid, I used to see a TV show with a girl with lots of brushes on her vanity table. I, of course, vowed to have more than her. Lols. And I'm nowhere near that.

    Great collection! :)

  14. omg WOW!! thats sOOoo much!! im soo jealous.. i barely have any n most of htem r all cheap!! =(

  15. Nice collection you have there Nikki!! I like that you have a mix of everything!! :D

  16. Nikki, I love your brush holder! Where did you get that?

  17. Its nice to see another blogger with a ton of brushes too :P Then I don't feel so bad about my collection lol

  18. wow!! nice! this is a huge collection imo :D

  19. cleung341, thanks for leaving a comment dear! Nice to see you here ..for the first time right? :D

    gingerbee, oh the suesh set is worth it talaga! :)

    teeyah, hmm..slowly sis! Do a lot of research so you make sure to purchase brushes that are really useful for yoU :) I'm sure your collection will grow! :)

  20. FuN and MakeUp, awww..with your great makeup application skill? I even doubt you need more brushes!

    Jenn, yeah, I guess I'm a real researcher, I wanted to try "what's best" out there!! I am drooling on Sonia Kashuk for my next purchase, I hope they sell it down here, anyone selling them here in PI?

    Melvel, which one? the sun or the glass ? The Glass, I bought it from Puregold...yup the grocery! hahaha and the sun..was a gift from my dear colleague :)

  21. * : . b | u 3 . : * , I feel the same, I love seeing other people's collection and I'll feel good that my collection is smaller!

    miRaCLe, lol I'm sure those people with bigger collection will say, this is small :) LOL Thanks dear!

  22. omgawd! i think u have a lot compared to some..(ahem! like me?!)! i love your collection! u have a lot of brushes to chooooooooose from!

  23. Those are a lot of brushes! My brush collection is slowly growing as well...

  24. WOW! You have a lot of brushes.. :) I don't have lots of MAC brushes either. But I'm trying to build it up :)

  25. Wow! Just gorgeous brushes collection!

    Just great!

  26. wow i hv like...10 brushes tops? lol
    but i'm just a consumer, not a makeup artist ><

  27. So true! Ever since I started collecting makeup, I've been researching like crazy first :)

  28. Goodness girl!!! So many! But i und y u r all in love with them hehehe

  29. wow, you have a great collection!

  30. thank you for showing your brushes. i don't have MAC FS brushes at all! as you can see from my hauls i love brushes too! btw, i have the prestige 102 but i'm not quite sure how to use it. how do you use yours?

  31. oh wow! nice collection nikki! the glish brush made me laugh. lol. anyways, i think you've plenty of brushes. the mac brushes aren't alot but i think those are must-haves. i envy you ;p

  32. Makeup brush p0rn! I had to wipe my mouth from the drool which was coming out :P LOVE THEM!

  33. nice brush collection nikki! i love them all. I also want to have the charm brushes set.

  34. ♥Leigh♥ , hahaha I'm glad I kinda know what I want and need every morning, no need to choose :)

    Fabuless Beauty, I'm sure yours is growing :) Those crown brushes!!!

    Iyah, girl! You do have a lot too!!!!! :D

    Anastacia , thanks sweetie

  35. Paint Me Gorgeous , 10 brushes are a lot for just a consumer! *winks*

    Teeyah,I know..with recession and everything, we have to make sure we purchase what's important and useful!

    Prettybeautiful, yup..those brushes are really important!!! Especially for me, loves looking at them! LOL

    Gio, thank you!

  36. Crystal, I use te Prestige 102 for a more defined crease, then i use a separate blending brush to blend it :)

    Ury :) You will too!!! hahaha You are doing makeup for others too!!!

    Steph, hahaha the GLISH brush is embarrassing! LOL

    Tine,awwww, I saw your collection tine! YOU HAVE ENOUGH! :P

    Vanity's Child, the Charm brush set is wonderful to take along! :) So girly!

  37. woooo~
    lovely collection, love the variety :)

  38. You have 77 brushes! I have a puny amount of 52 but my brushes cost me a fortune. When I'm feeling more adventurous I will post them up. By the way I have NO MAC brush!

  39. wow! so many! you are so lucky to be able to use all of them..I have so many brushes that I regretted buying :(

  40. rasilla, thanks! I am into variety, to be honest :)

    Her Royal Poshness, you counted hahahah I didn't even know how many brushes I have :) I don't keep track as I'll feel the heartburn! LOL

    Crystal Gale, I know what you mean, i hate it if I regret buying something, so I'll always end up trying to find ways to use them! :)

  41. thanks for sharing your brush collection! I have a fetish for brushes too :x but I usually like to buy them as individuals. still comes up to A LOT though!

  42. Connie, no worries about the brush collection !I am honestly not comfortable showing them but I'm glad a lot of you liked seeing them as much as I love seeing everyone's brush collection! :)

  43. i really love reading your blog. :) btw, what make up brush set do you recommend for beginners? and with a tight budget since im just a student. is the g-lish brush set nice? :) thank you!

  44. Hello:)
    what's the best make up brush set that you would recommend for beginners?:)
    will use it for school (we need it) and eventually at work:)


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