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Askmewhats Revisits: Suesh 28pcs Brush Set

Hi everyone !:)
Thanks for the birthday greetings! My head grew so big over the weekend because of lovely comments and birthday greetings I've received. This is the first birthday I've received a lot of birthday greetings! What a way to start my 30's :)

Now my head has been shrunk back to it's original size lol
Let's get back to business and deal with product reviews :D

I've been doing make-up for quite some time and on some photos, you can see a lovely brush set displayed and some of you noticed it and has been asking about it. I've done a super simple post about it a year ago and you can find it by smiling and clicking here. And now, this is an Askmewhats Revisits post because I've used this long enough to have my final say about these brushes!

Suesh brush
Purchased: M
arch 13,2008
(almost a year old soon!)

Here's how they look like
Spanking new brushes
protected with plastics :D

After almost a year

Suesh 28pcs brush says ---

Professional Ultimate

- for full-time professional makeup artists, the extra sets of brushes are perfect for multitasking and more specific applications.

Brush length: 8.5 inches (biggest, including hair and handle)
Pouch size: 29.5 (w) x 9.5 (h) inches
Hairs: All Natural: Goat, squirrel, pony and raccoon hair
Handle: Wood in Silver Gray

5pcs: P900 (approx $18.75)
16pcs- P 2,500 (approx $52.00)
21 pcs- P 3,500 (approx $73.00)
28 pcs- P 4,500 (approx $94.00)

Askmewhats says ---


  • very affordable
  • does not shed
  • does not bleed
  • very professional looking
  • brush hairs are soft, doesn't hurt the face
  • the length of the brush is perfect for make-up application to oneself and others
  • this brush set has almost everything you need
  • includes a brush holder!
  • there's not much CON but he Big Face brushes are too soft and not so dense, so it isn't easy to control


Almost anyone who's studying in a make-up school buy these brushes. Why? Because they work and they're very affordable. I find that these brushes of course cannot be compared to big brush brands like MAC, Smashbox or Shu Uemura, but for it's price, these brushes are definitely worth it. I like it that the brushes are made with care and quality. The hairs are super soft and most of the clients commented how soft the brushes are.

  • label your brushes especially if you attend gigs that has more than 1 make-up artist.
  • clean not only your brushes but also the brush holder.
  • never put back a dirty brush on the brush holder, it will stain the brush holder (photo below) put them on separate bag or plastic so you don't end up washing all the brushes again and again
  • for face brushes, since they aren't dense enough, you can use your fingers to press the hair closely together for better control
  • always wash your brushes with care
  • wipe your brush holder with wet wipes

Will I repurchase?

I don't need to, but if I need another set in the future, I wouldn't mind ordering from them again.

Where did I purchase and how much?

Suesh website for Php4,500 (approx $94.00)
for international readers: I'm not sure if they ship internationally, you can go to their site and leave them a query.

Camwhoring time for the brushes! :D

2 Identical Lip brush

I love it that it can be covered

Brow Brushes
and eye lining brushes

2 eye smudger brushes

One is denser than the other
(L- less dense)

These 2 brushes can be used for eyes
or even lips
Multi-tasking brushes

Eye brushes, on variable sizes Brush hairs can be used dry or wet

More eye brushes Can be used for blending

Brushes made of synthetic hairs
Smallest one perfect for lips/wet pigments
Middle one is perfect for concealers
the largest one is perfect for liquid/cream foundation,
I use this for applying face primers too!

Face brushes
The slanted brush for contouring and blushes

The right one is for powder foundation application

More Face brushes

The left one used for powders too

The right one and the biggest one
I use to apply powder foundation
or sparkles for the body! :)

I know there's so many make-up brushes out there!
No matter how cheap or expensive your brushes are

They need T.L.C. to survive longer!

I hope my review is helpful!
Stay happy and happy month of March!


  1. thanks for the review
    u know i loove brushes

  2. ahhh i love love love brushes! thats amazing =] happy belated bday!

  3. I love brushesssss! Great review! Don't forget to check out my new Lady Gaga Look Contest!

  4. wow those look like really high quality brushes!! I've always wanted to own an entire complete would make me feel so professional haha!

  5. i wouldn't no wat half the brushes are for >< lol

  6. OMG!!!! they are so cheap!!! where on earth can i find these here???!!! You are becoming one of my biggest lemming breeders! and i like how you labled your brushes. Those stickers remind me of my son's as all his stuff for school have to be labeled. LOL

  7. Hi sis! im super late on the greetings!really sorry!!! Happy Birthday! God Bless you always! Stay happy and pretty! Luv yah girl!

  8. Yumeko :) You're welcome, I know :) Me too! i can't have enough brushes :)

    Roxy, thanks for the greeting :)

    Jaimie, hi dear! thanks, i've seen your post about lady Gaga :)

    Audrie, the 16pcs set actually is enough :D

    Paint Me Gorgeous LOL, I felt the same at first, when I do make up on other people, I'll be like taking some time choosing which brushes to use, but if you do multiple clients, I think this is what the brush set are for, it's nice that you got clean brushes for the next client :D

    Jojoba, so sorry for being a lemming breeder! LOL That is one hilarious name! Anyways, they sell it locally but you can check if they ship international :)

    Paula thanks no problem about the late greeting, you still greeted me and that made me feel good :) God bless you too sis

  9. Thank you for your review on these. Ive been debating whether to get it or not (either 1 MAC brush or a set of Suesh brush :)) )

  10. its soo hard to find good soft brushes that work good.. this one seems goood!!! i am still behind on brushes lol blehh.. anyways gurl thanks for sending me ur LOVEEEEE!! xoxo

  11. I love that these brushes are affordable so that newbies like me can experiment with them without hurting our wallets too much! don't you get confused with the brushes?

  12. mmm brushes!
    i went through a crazy time when i was brush obsessed. it's funny because my favorite brush is probably the cheapest one i own lol


  13. Care G, you are welcome :D

    FuN and Makeup, you're right! I'm glad I found them

    Nikki, lol so far, I don't get confused with the brushes, if I try to use them and it doesn't work, I wouldn't mind going through the other brushes, then you learn as time goes by :)

    Yumyumsushi, :) So good brushes definitely does not restrict to brands huh? Thanks for the belated bday greeting :D

  14. oooh. i have the 21-pc set, stippling and 5pc set.

    i love suesh brushes! :)

  15. Yum yum brush p0rn ;)

  16. Omgoodness! Brush attack!! hahah! So much brushes. :) I love to collect eyeshadow brushes :) Seems like a great price for all those :D

  17. steph :) You like yours i bet :)

    Tine, lol I know! It's brush porn you're right :)

    Iyah, it is a great price for it's quality :) I am into eye brushes too :D

  18. i have that set too! it's a really good basic brush set, esp. if you're studying pa lang.
    and you're totally right about storing the used brushes separately! i made that boo boo a couple of times and ended up washing them all. tsk tsk.

    PS i mark my brushes with red nail polish at the ends (a bow to Loubutin shoes. hehehehe)

    belated happy birthday to You! <3

  19. i love brushes and these look like they're really well made for the price! good stuff!

  20. Thanks for the review! I love your nails BTW!

  21. hi nikki! thanks for this review! :) i now have a lot of brushes to even think of buying this set but still i want to! :) HEHEHE!

  22. Nayna...aww..that's a great idea bout the red polish :)

    M, so true :) good price for good stuff!

    Lydia, thanks

    Shen, I know you want this way way back! BUt with all your brush collection? You don't even need them! hahaha but I know what you mean about wanting more :D

  23. I've been lemming suesh for the looongest time. Thanks for the review Nikki! :)

  24. Belated Happy birthday!

    Thank you for the fab review! may we post this as a link from our site?


  25. Suesh :) hey! Sure, it's my pleasure! go ahead and link this! Thanks

  26. hello! I am a makeup newbie and i am starting to collect brushes. My first set so far was the Elianto 12-piece brush set. It's actually cheap but still, it's worth the care coz it serves its purpose. i just wanna ask, if the Suesh Brush Cleaner is not available, what other cleaning solutions, alternatives or techniques can i use to care for my brushes? Thanks a lot! God bless. =)


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