Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Karate Kid + More Birthday Gifts

Hi dearies!!!!
if you are on my twitter, you would know that I had a lovely dinner with my family. It's nice to meet up with them again for a nice dinner. Where did we go? My favorite Korean restaurant ever! :) If you check back to my post here, yes, its the same restaurant. So I am not going to blog about it anymore.

What I'll be talking about for food tripping this weekend is a nice Japanese fast food restaurant that offers variety of dishes at affordable price. Correct me if I'm wrong but they have more than 16 branches to date.

The Karate Kid Restaurant

4 pcs California Maki
Php38.00 (approx less than $1.00)

I am actually not a California Maki lover,
so these 4 went down to other's tummy :)

Beef Ramen
Php89.00 (approx $1.85)

I am craving for something warm,
So I ordered the Beef Ramen which tastes good
It would be better if they have more noodles though

Katsudon Pork with Rice Php105.00 (approx $2.20)

This is my favorite dish at the restaurant
I love the combination of the katsudon pork with egg
and the sauce blended well with the rice.

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice Php130.00 (approx $2.70)

This was originally my favorite
BUT, since I'm allergic to chicken
good bye yummy Chicken Teriyaki


Thanks to my wonderful friend from Australia, she sent me birthday gifts :) Thanks so much for the cute magnetic memo pad, Charles Worthington Take Away Stay Smooth Frizz-Taming Serum, Gap gloss in Black Cherry, Rimmel e/s quad in Smokey Noir and the wonderful message on the card!!!


I've got another gift from hubby

I also got a surprising gift from my hubby! Who was sweet enough to keep this a secret eventhough I'm with him ALL THE TIME. He sneaked out while we're not together to buy this gift!

At around 12am of Feb 28, he sneaked in the paperbag with this gift and asked me to open this while he videocam me.


I've been using his laptop everytime he uses the PC, and he knew I find it a bit bulky. I never told him that I want a smaller laptop because I don't want us spending money on something not that important. So sweet! I felt guilty and happy at the same time! lol

Here's to show the size

the bulkiest part of a laptop
is the battery charger

I love it that the battery charger is smaller :D

Spoiled spoiled spoiled!
But it feels good to be one! :P
Have a wonderful week ahead
Stay Happy!


  1. oh, your hubby is so sweet. :) glad u enjoyed ur bday sis!

  2. That Food Looks so good, nikki!! And omg what a great hubby!!

    Lady Gaga Contest!

  3. Awww, your husband is awsome. :D

  4. awww! keith is soooo sweet! and that is one cute laptop! belated happy birthday hun! and why are you allergic to chicken? :(

  5. so nice of your husband to give you a laptop!! you lucky girl =D

    i've been taking note of all the restaurants you have featured on your blog so i know where to go on my trip to the phils!! thanks!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Nikki!!! I'm really surprised that you're actually 30!! You don't look a day over 25!!! I wish you another great year ahead, and many many more to come!! Stay pretty my friend!! :D

    Your hubby is sooo sweet to you!! :D

  7. Nehs, I did enjoy the special day! thanks

    Jaimie, thanks ! I do know I have a wonderful hubby :) Thanks for dropping a nice comment

    Fuz, I assume you are a Japanese food lover too?

    Gingerbee, I'm sure he likes reading comments here! LOL

    Sab, don't ask me, I can't believe I'm allergic to Chicken too! That's my favorite food of all time!!!

    Jo, let me know if you're coming, we may have food trippings together :D

    Jenn, very sweet comment! I am touched! but maybe I just look young over photos :) thanks for the lovely comment, warms my old heart LOL

  8. aww he is the sweetest
    u guys are such a fabulous couple

  9. Aww he is so sweet for giving you a laptop so you can keep blogging! :D I have the Eeepc too but its one of the earlier ones - smaller with less memory but its so portable. Enjoy your new toy!

  10. mmm you always post the most yummy food pictures!! And that is very sweet of your hubby, love the mini laptop! Aren't they just awesome, so cute and portable :)

  11. keith is just too sweet to give you a laptop. something he knows that you'll definitely use for what you love doing! :) so, you're not spoiled! You deserve every blessing,sis! :) Happy happy birthday!!

  12. mMmm....... the foood!! looks veryy delicious.. i bet it is!!! yummieeeeeee. i just woke up from a nap.. im pretty hungry!

  13. mmm foood! i just eaten ^^ hehe..

    aww your hubby is very sweet!! ow you can take your laptop anywhere!!

  14. Congrats on the laptop, so gorg! Hubby gave a designer bag for my birthday. Wish he gave me a laptop instead. ;-) Belated happy birthday!

  15. Yumeko :) aww thanks

    PB, awww, wow..we have almost the same one! I'm glad! He definitely calls me a professional blogger now! hahaha

    Audrie, i know! I am glad to have a very portable one that's easy to bring and doesn't look like you're bringing one with you :D

  16. Shen sis, thanks for the kind words :) How's your laptop after the format? Better?

    FuN and Makeup, sorry for making you hungry :(

    Nicnic, I know :) Thanks

    Shades of U, he's funny, he asked if I'd rather have La Mer or Laptop! I went LAPTOP!!!! hahaha

  17. so sweet of Keith! sounds like you had a super duper birthday - and you deserve it! :D

  18. ooops! i forgot to wish u sister! happy birthday to u!!!

    your hub is so so so sweeeeet! :D small lappie for the win!

  19. you're going to love the Asus :) I've been using mine for a while now and I love it - it's mostly stationed to my desk and hooked up to another monitor, but for the times I want to surf the net while sitting on the couch, it's great :)

  20. Yay for a new laptop! How cool is that?? :D I remember when the hubby got me my laptop but until now I'm still using his because I still cannot get used to using the macbook :(

  21. aww your hubby is super sweet!!! BTW, happy belated BD, i cant believe you are 30, you look amazingly YOUNG!!!!! Always stay that way!=]

  22. cool gifts! the laptop definitely looks handy. I kinda wished I got a smaller laptop too since mine's ridiculously large and heavy. lol. but then I love the gigantic screen to watch movies on.

  23. aww your husband is so sweet! The food looks yummy!

  24. Happy Birthday Nikki! you got absolutely amazing gifts! You're lucky girl!

  25. Bee! dear! i had a wonderful bday! thanks!!!

    Prettybeautiful, you weren't late, you actually greeted me way early with a wonderful card and gift THANK YOU

    Mayaari, thanks :) Now i'm really happy!

  26. Iyah I know what you mean, MAC book is like out of this world for me, it really takes a lot to get used to it :)

    Makemeup, sweet girl! thank you!

    Connie, I know what you mean, big laptops are great when you watch films or when you're typing, but carrying them around really is a burden :)

  27. Paint me gorgeous :) Yes, indeed he's a super sweet guy!

    Gio, thanks

    From Beauty & Care Island, thanks for the greeting ! How's your hubby?

  28. I enjoy Japanese food so much. Everything look so yummy from the pics...

    Your hubby must have love you lots.
    and it always alright to feel spoiled on your birthday. Anyways I hope it's not too late, Happy Belated Birthday!

    p/s it was very generous and kind of you to send gift to Plue and Connie. how sweet...

  29. the food is so cheap! wahhh! i'd gain 2903840923 lbs if i went back home for a visit lol
    & how sweet of your husband to surprise you like that! :D

  30. Yey! New laptop! Glad you had a great birthday :)

  31. Yay welcome to the EEEPC club!!! :D

  32. Traclyn Yeo, yeah, hubby's really generous! and he spoils me to death even on small stuffs :) About the gift, ohhh they are generous themselves :)

    Vanessa M, thanks

    Yumyumsushi, come back home! I'll be dining out with you and we'll split the pounds :D

    Lootwagon, how's the mommy doing?? eeek so excited for you

    Tine, you too? WEeee!!!

  33. How sweet...(Love the blue rocker look as well btw!)

    My laptop is so heavy (plus the battery broke)...It's my desktop now...

  34. aww that's a great birthday gift!

  35. Citrine, thanks so much for the compliment on the rocker look :) I know how heavy big laptops can be but I love how nice and comfortable the keyboard and screen are :)

    musicalfanlovesminerals, yes :) I am ecstatic :D

  36. Oh wow sis! Indeed a brand new laptop as a bday present... can't complain!!! Hahahaha!!! Lucky you!!! Keith is sooo sweet!! I love him already! Hahahaha!!!

  37. Gracie, I know! He's a sweetie! And he loves you too!


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