Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Askmewhats Version: The Rocker Look

Blog reader Mitch requested for a "rakista" (Tagalog term) or "rocker" look.
Easy right? I can easily pull out a photo for a rocker look like this :D

**photo from promspot.com

But! She had a special request! She wanted me to do a rocker look that doesn't use any black e/s! She felt black e/s makes her look like she got punched on the eye. Plus she wanted a look that can be worn when she goes out during weekends with friends. So I thought of a look that has a "rocker" flavor to it but wearable! :D Hope you like it!

Here's my final look

Askmewhats Diagram time!

Primed my lids with UDPP prior to e/s application :D

Step 1:

Apply NYX Morrocco (sis Gracie, thanks) e/s or any e/s you like to create this Rocker Look. I pat on the color with my small crease brush applying all over the lid going a little bit above it.
Using the same brush, apply the same color on the lashline just below the waterline.

Step 2:

Blend in the colors by using any brown colored e/s on the crease with a big crease brush, blending in the colors. I used Stage e/s in Macchiato. (thanks So Loverly girls)

Step 3:

Pat on the brow bone with a shimmery white e/s. (Yasumi dear, thanks for this)

Step 4:

Apply any creamy eyeliner all over the lashline and smudge it out. Apply this also on the waterline.

Here's my final
non-black e/s

Rocker look :D

And here's what I used on the rest of my face

MAC Mineralize SkinFinish NC35
Mixed with CG Tru Blend no. 1

NYX Blush in Desert Rose
using my Shu Uemura Face brush

And for my lips
since my eye make up in real life is really bright

I opted for nude lips
EYEKO Fat Blam in Touch of Iridiscent Pink
top with CG Wetslicks in Toast-ed

And here's my super final look

Brace yourself
Girl trying to go wild :(

Hope this is helpful!
Don't say I didn't warn you
that I'm no rocker in real life!
But it's nice to do something for a change!
I enjoyed this! Thanks for the request
Stay happy!


  1. Haha... well you are a classy lady! ;)

    Love the color on your lips!

  2. Jess, thanks :)

    Fun and Makeup, awww..thanks for finding me cute!

  3. That blue is so pretty!

  4. i like the colours you used! Definitely more wearable than black :)

  5. LOL you look so cute!!!Love that blue under the eyes!! Beautiful!

  6. i really think us Asians should wear more deep blues!!! you ROCK!!!

    no fail. :)

  7. it looks so cute! simple yet badass!

  8. i love this look! i just might do this too! for night outs! :) thanks thanks nikki!

  9. wow~~
    im totally digging the blue pop of the look!
    i think you pulled it quite well :)

  10. lol very cute !!! I like the last picture alot, sometimes you need to do a look like that :D very nice ! Rock n Roll !

  11. Rock on!! Love the bright colors~

  12. Love it!! This look is much more wearable than the super smoked out look with black liner. The violet color really makes your eyes pop!

  13. Liz, I'm glad you like it

    blu3, thanks! I'd love to use black but i'm not permitted, lol and I'm glad it works out ok :)

    Makemeup, thanks sweet!

  14. Jojoba, I personally have a hard time playing around with blue e/s, but I guess this has a mix of something purple in it, so it came out ok, thanks!

    Jaimie, whew! for once, I'd love to look BADASS!!! :D

    Paint me gorgeous, thank you!

  15. Sab, I'm sure this look would look wonderful on you! :D

    Rasilla, thank you so much for saying that!

    Digital Angel, yeah, I seldom pull of these kinds of look right? I'm glad you like it!

  16. Fuz, thank you

    Audrie, you are right, I can go out with this look rather than the first pix of pure black eyed look :D

  17. hey u look so so cute!!!!

  18. do the black e/s look :D

    hehehe :D

    and ano ba marerecommen mo na super black na e/s na mura lang? :D

  19. nikki you're so pretty! you look cute in your rocker pic hehe

    you should wear this out!

  20. you are no rocker but u look good good good

    lets see the black e/s look

  21. Rock n Roll Nikki!! You Look soo cute and charmming!^_^

    Thanks for doing my request. I may start crying here ^_^ This really makes my day. The first thing I did this morning is to check my email and WOW..really..thanks! Love it soohh much!!

  22. Never seen a rocker rock blue, but it came out good! :)

  23. LOL at the last picture :P

    ROCK ON!!!!

  24. wow.
    it looks so fun.
    i like your hair too. :P

  25. ooooh, I love this!!! It looks bright blue in the up-close shots, but a bright purple (well, to me anyways) in your face shots!

  26. That's a great idea :D! I'm also apprehensive about using loads of black on my eyes, but I <3 blue, so this is...Perfect :).
    Thanks ^_^. Also thanks to the person who requested this ;).

  27. Prettybeautiful, thank you!

    Aika, black e/s? Mura Lang? so far I'll say NYX, but I'm not sure if we have NYX resellers here.... the Face Shop kc I've tried but not that pigmented. How about Baxi?

    JO, thanks! I will definitely do this look again and wear this out :)

  28. Yumeko, hahahah I can NEVER be a rocker, thanks for liking the look, me? Do the black e/s look? I may give it a try next time!

    Nvr_dre_me, I'm glad you like it and thanks for the request. I really had fun!

  29. Khymm, thanks

    Ahleesa, me too! Well I'll be the first? hehehe

    Tine, Rock on dudette!

  30. Lynn, thanks for liking my hair, I find it quite hard to manage nowadays :(

    Tanya Annette, yeah it does change in color because of the NYX e/s, it has hint of purple and blues

    Cris, I'm glad you like this! :) And I'm glad I inspired you to try this color YAY!

  31. wow! i like it! but i doubt that i'll be able to pull of such colors. haha not in my comfort zone. i wanna see a black eyeshadow look. like really smokey. :)

  32. Nikki, you're heaven sent! mwah

    you just solved my dilema on what makeup to wear on Saturday..my bf asked me to watch Eraserheads concert and he specifically said I should just wear shirt, pants and sneaker (he knows I don't know what to wear on a "rock" concert coz I've never been to one hehe) so I will wear this one so I can have a pop of color on me haha..thanx nikki! :)

  33. Soo cool! Very cute! Like so much your lower eye lining with that blue !!

  34. haha i like your rocker pic!! it's cute!

  35. You have to be the sweetest looking rocker chick ever!! hehehe!!

    I love this look to bits!!! will try it out someday for sure! Your eye maps do help makeup idiots like me loads!! :D

  36. lol i've never seen you do a rocker look before but it's a nice change. you should do it every one in a while :)

  37. the last pic is the best! love that pop of blue!

  38. Ohmigoodness, I LOVE this look on you. That blue liner is insaaaane.

  39. I love smoked out looks using colors other than black. Black is over used heehe and you did such a pretty job!!

  40. wow, I love this, it's so cool! You rock!

  41. Oh sis! This really is cute! I love it!

  42. Steph, it is out of my comfort zone too but hey, it'll be wonderful to shock your friends and for parties :D

    Crystal Gale, yay! I'm glad I'll be of help for your upcoming concert :D :D :D Let me know how it goes! :)

    From Beauty and Care Island, thank you, i'm sure the pop of blue looks wonderful on you!!!

  43. Lily, thanks

    Jenn, awww. I'm glad the diagram helps even a bit :D thanks for letting me know!

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, ohhh of course..I'm like you, I'm more comfortable with neutrals and boring look :)

  44. Nicnic, thanks

    B, darling, thanks for stopping by and sending me love!

    Renren, thanks

  45. Mae, I know..let's start changing rocker look! hahahha

    Gio, thanks sweet!

    Gracie! I'm glad you liked it :D

  46. i really like this look on you. makes your eyes pop!

  47. Yumyumsushi, thanks for stopping by and letting me know I'm doing ok with this look :)

  48. I'm too late. But oh well, I just saw this one today and I thought I should leave you a comment. It's an interesting look to pull off. I know you've taken a gazillion photos already but I gotta say, your skin is flawless on this one. I guess your Clinique regimen is doing wonders for you.

    Good job on the rocker look!

  49. Tish sweetie, thank you so much for leaving such a nice compliment! I don't have good skin to be honest, up close my skin is a bit reddish and dry due to skin allergies :) But it's nice of you to say so :)


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