Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Wonder: What's your "THE RED" lipstick?

Happy Red Lippie Day everyone?
Am I announcing today the National Red Lipstick Day?
I can see some hands raising! *nudge nudge*

The reason why I announce today the National Red Lipstick Day due to my own selfish reasons.

  • I am not a red lippie person
  • but I wanted to be one
  • I want to own ONE good red lipstick shade
  • I don't want to spend a lot on red lipsticks
  • I want to purchase THE BEST!
IS THIS POSSIBLE? You tell me!

The first time I've tried red lipstick in public was last year, during the CAS Cosmetic Fair and the lovely people from Paul & Joe gave me a push to try the Paul & Joe red lipstick. (sorry I forgot the shade) but Von applied it on me and I went home feeling conscious but kinda got used to it. Just for that day *winks*

I've done a couple of looks
using shades of red lipstick

And who could forget my "whore" Look?
The brightest red lipstick I wore EVER!

And my lovely friend Grace sent me
2 Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip gloss
in shades of RED because she urges me to wear it!

I tried one in Raspberry Glace

But am I a convert?
Unfortunately, NO!
But you know what?
I just turned 30!
My doors aren't close yet!
I want to know...

"What's the best Red Lipstick you've tried
and you think would look good to anybody?"

Oooh I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Stay Happy!


  1. i think red lips r sexii!! i want to wear it out sometimes except.. i feel weird.. like im puttin on too much or something haha

  2. Maybelline Passion Red, L'Oreal Penelope Cruz Red, and Oriflame Jean (as in Jean Harlow, I think). Those three are my favourites :). In no particular order though ;).

  3. owe! you're beautiful! absolutely love your complete puc! It's awesome!

  4. I'm not a lipstick user, and like you, I just can't get used to red lipsticks. However, recently I purchased my second ever red lippie (the first one I gave to my mum). It's from Rimmel London (so quite cheap), their Lasting Finish line ( The shade is 'Temptation' (#166). Pic of product can be seen here (shot with flash, so a bit lighter than actual product):; on my lips:
    It's a rich, ruby red with gold flecks.
    I quite like Rimmel London Lasting Finish, colour goes on smoothly and is quite moisturising (creme finish). There are also two other red shades in this line, 'Red Hot' (a bright, chilli red) and 'Alarm' (slightly deeper, but still bright, cool-toned red).

  5. Fun & Makeup!!! Me too! I feel exactly the same, if I wear red lippie, I'll be putting like a super think layer! LOL

    Cris, wow! thanks , I'll checkout those colors you've written *hugs*

    Thanks from beauty and care island!

    Liz, sad to say we don't have Rimmel products here :( I'll check out your photos and see if I can find a dupe of those! :D thanks

  6. Awwwwww, that's a pity! I'd be happy to send you a lippie! Just let me know which shade you want!!

  7. i think revlon is the most famous for blood red carpet lipsticks.
    of course at drugstore level.
    haha i dont wear lipsticks either
    only glosses.

  8. i got the same thing for red lippie. it just looks/feels weird on me, and i will be extra conscious when i am wearing it. like, is it too red? is it too over?

    so...i nv own a red lippie before.

  9. The reddest lippie I have is a lip gloss by Lancome in 303 HOT. I have yet to wear it out :P

    Hmm I think I'll do a "whore" look with it in my next FOTD or something. Good for me to experiment. HAHA

  10. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't comment, because I'm not going to recommend a red lipstick, since I don't know one.

    Just wanted to say that I'm so envious about how pretty red lipstick looks on you! ;)

    I still think that I can't wear red lipsticks.

  11. i don't wear red as well but you look hot with it! way to go!

  12. huh i can't use red lipsticks either- i think they're a BIT too flashy for class/ work

    I DO use bright red lip gloss from Urban Decay (sorry dunno the shade, it was limited edition lol) but i tone down my eyemake up a ton

    I know a lot of ppl luv MAC lipsticks in general, including the reds. i've seen a lot of more subtle red lipsticks at mac, if you want to check those out!

  13. OMG i love your "whore" look!! lol!! You look so classy!!! You definitely rock them red lips!! Methinks that you should wear them more often!! :)

    I only own one red lippie (its not even THAT red) from MAC and still I've yet to wear it out, so you are not alone!! :P

  14. i thnk u can definetely do red
    i dont wear red often as i wear too much eyeshadow XD

  15. I still haven't grown to like red lips... :/

  16. My #1 favorite red lippie has to be "Snow White" from NYX. I originally purchased it because of the name (I love everything Snow White related), but when I actually tried it on- it was the perfect red for me. Not to warm/orange or cool/blue. Funny enough I can't find it at the moment....

  17. Liz, sweetie you are so sweet but you know you don't have to! BUt thanks for the offer! :D

    LyNn, oohh I kinda forgot about Revlon, but Yeah, I remember their ads! Great lipsticks they got there!

    Prettybeautiful, I own red lipsticks because I know some clients would like them :) but yeah, you and I feel the same!

  18. Tine, oohh! i'm waiting for your WHORE photo! i'm sure you won't look whorish at all!

    Jess, aww sweetheart! You are too sweet to say that! :) I appreciate your comment and you can comment even if it's not the answer to my query!

    Miemiemie, thank you!

  19. Paint me gorgeous, I actually checked them out last night, I can't decide! hahaha

    Jenn, same here, I haven't worn out red lippies, if I do, I end up blotting them with a paper napkin!!!

    Yumeko, really? You were too much e/s ? Why I don't see that on your FOTD, most of them look wonderfully pretty it's not even too much!

  20. Fuz, but I'm sure if you grow to love them, it'll look wonderful on you coz you have a nicely shaped lips!

    Reyna, thank you !

    Tanya, ooh! thanks for the reco, I never thought about NYX, but yeah, you have to find your Snow White and show a LIP of the day with it!!! :D

  21. try MAC's Russian Red! I used to also have qualms with red lippies but after trying russian red I digress! Its the best red lippie out there! I swear!!

  22. Red lippie virgin over here listening in...

    Whatever red you were using in the whore red pic is pretty darn close to what I would call a perfect pin up red for you!

  23. Same here not a fan of red lipstick, but I like Maybelline's watershine pure lipstick in Glazed Red Apple & Dragonfly Red. It think its flattering on all skintones especially pinays.. =)

  24. i don't think i've used enough red lipsticks to know one that goes with any skintone :P

  25. haha unfortunately i haven't found my red lipstick yet lol. i wanted to but ended up walking out with a neutral/nude/pink instead LOL

  26. Ria, righty!! I remembered Bambi raving about it! Thanks!

    Yas! my co-Red Lipstick virgin! thank you for letting me know it works for me!

    Khymm, maybelline, hmm..thinking on top of my head, do they have like a true red color? I have to check it out

    M, lol you are right! :)

    Yumyumsushi, I purchase one then I wouldn't even touch it, or even if I did, i top it with a nude colored base :P

  27. I'm on SUCH a red lipstick kick myself! I want to buy Russian Red and at least ONE Chanel Red. =)

    I find my most wearable reds are Silk Naturals Rouge Organic mineral wand lip gloss, and Carpe Diem, their black lable LE Red lippie with real 24K gold. For counter-store brands, Max Factor's Long Lasting Lipstick in Chilli is a favourite, and of course, Benefit's Frenched!

  28. OMG red lips suits you so well.. that picture lookslike 1950-1960 style.. so sleek and sexy... ~~~

    one HOT lady

  29. i actually love the Paul and Joe one. i have that too! but, yeah i'm not much of a red lipstick user. hehehe. for special occasions maybe. :)

  30. You beat me to the punch! I was also thinking of writing a blog entry about red lippies, hehe. :)

    Hmm, well, I only have one red lipstick, and that's Viva Glam I from MAC partnered with the their Beet lip liner. My male and gay colleagues call it my "whore" lipstick. haha!

    I'm also looking for a good red lipstick out there. Wanna go through the journey together? HAHA! :)

  31. Hey, Nikki! Just stopped to say Hello! How are you?

    and so thank you for visited me again!

  32. Kahani, you're lucky you've found a wearable red for you :) I have yet to find mine!

    Purple Snowflake, thanks for loving my "whore" look, LOL thanks for making me sound so classy! :)

    Sab, even on special occasions! I Haven't tried wearing a red lippie!

    Gingerbee, go ahead, I'd love to read your post about it and let's do this journey together! I am GAME!!! :)

    From Beauty and Care Island, i am find How are you? How's your hubby ?

  33. Nikki! Try YSL's Rouge Volupte in no. 18 or 17. You'll love it for sure. I think it will perfectly blend in your skintone. I know several Chinese girls who use YSL's no.18 lipstick. It's kinda expensive tho..

    You can also try MAC's Russian Red and Ruby Woo. They're matte tho.

  34. I'm devoted to my two NYX round lippies. They are fabulous! I love love red lippies. :) you don't look like a "whore" there. :) rather like a really really naughty librarian!

  35. oh wow. glad you made this post. coz yknow what? ive also been looking for the perfect red lipstick. im more of a nude lippie person so i can be really conscious about bright colors. but lately, ive been attracted to red. haha.

    Well I heard good stuff about MAC Russian Red. Im planning to check it out if I happen to pass by a MAC store.

    I think the last one, raspberry glaze suits you. :)

  36. Nyx Chloe is the perfect shade of red. I think you look great in red lipstick!

  37. I would have never thought that you didn't like red lipstick so much. You rock it so beautifully! As a darker skinned woman with full lips, I always thought that I couldn't wear it but 3 red lipsticks I love it! I think it is beautiful in moderation. :)

  38. I love Lancome!

    L'Absolu Rouge in Absolute Rogue i think is the best for that classic red lips look.

    though im not that much of a fan of lip colors...
    one red lipstick is enough for me.

  39. I rarely wear red lipstick, but my fave is Lancome Color Fever n°18 So Frivolous Rouge/Dancefloor Red. I think that it will suit most skintones.

  40. I like NYX's Hebe lippie. Cheap and a true red that looks good on asians!

  41. Nikki, you look gorgeous! I do agree, though, that red lippie is a state of mind, and you may change your mind in about 5 years!

    Here are some of my fave red lipsticks:

    MAC Dare You
    MAC Ruby Darling
    Armani Lip Wax No.5--I'm wearing the Armani here:

    You might want to stick with sheer shades, like the new Flamenco Red Dior Addict lipstick I got today.

  42. Gem, thanks! I'm definitely going to check out MAC Russian Red :)

    Shen, Librarian? hahahahha Aren't they usually old and wrinkly ? *sniff*

    Renren, thanks

  43. Steph, thank you so much :D

    Beauty Chest, thanks, I am mustering the courage to one day really wear red lipstick the WHOLE DAY! :) Not just a couple of minutes then wipe it off :D

    B, thanks sweetie, you rock the red lippie! I remembered your red lippie FOTD :D

  44. Thiamere, true, if one works for you, one is enough! :) But for red lipstick lovers out there, it's a different story!

    Gio, hey! thanks for sharing! I'd love to check it out!

    Vivi, oohhh I am hitting myself why I did not order any red lippie from NYX, it's affordable and quality is good!

  45. Jamilla Camel, so true, I may start with the sheer ones then slowly go for the really dark matte ones! Thanks

  46. you sounded a lot like me. want to try but can't accept. but red lips suit you seriously. :)

  47. Nikki,
    I love the reds that you show in the entry, and that "whore" look doesn't look whorish at all. You are rocking that look.

    I love reds. I used to wear them like it was my job. I don't know where the fascination came from, but I have not been able to shake it.

    One of my fave reds is MAC Viva Glam I. It is a great browned down red, perfect for everyday wear. I also like Revlon Certainly red, but that is a touch brighter. I tend to gravitate towards the browned down reds for everyday wear. The other names don't come to mind. However, since you don't want anything super bold, then stick with the stains and the glosses. Then slowly ease into the more pigmented stuff.

  48. yup, they have! Try mo yung Dragonfly red! Its their saleable shade of red.. very natural looking..

  49. Aw, don't yourself as a W. I think you look so glam when wearing red paired with smokey look. Guess a lot of men talked to you on that day, huh *nudge*

    My first time wearing red lip is a NYC color which is weird on me and I didn't use it after so I threw it out. Then, I purchased NYX round in Chaos, BAM, that is a dead on red gorgeous (has pink/blue tone) I like to use it with the almighty lip brush to achieve that "almost damaged" W look.. hehe

  50. Jojoba, I would say the same to you, RED lippie looks great on you for sure because of how classy you look! Gosh, we should give it a go! but it's just US right? lol

    T! thanks for the recommendation, I will check out those that a lot has recommended :) Thank you for saying I don't look whorish at all! LOL I failed the attempt then! :P

    Nessa, thanks

    Khymm, hmm..I will look for it ! thanks girl!

    Vivian, the only "man" who talked to me is my hubby! LOL He can't believe I'm wearing it but he said after some time, he's liking it! :D

  51. you know what i'm gonna say.... :)

    MAC Russian Red!

  52. givenchy has a nice red lippie, i so want to try red lippie but i know i'll very conscious

  53. Anonymous, hahah same here! But i did something yesterday, I wore not reddish red but a bit brownish red lippie, but it's still something out of my comfort zone and i survived the day :) Maybe you can too! :)

  54. I just realized I don't have any red lipstick in my stash! I think I'm going to hunt some just to know how it'll look on me. Haven't worn any red lippie in a while =)

  55. Fifi! :) Because of my realization too! I just recently bought MAC Russian Red lipstick! :)

  56. thanks for posting this blog...


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