Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Dainty Flowers on Bloody Red" Nails

Wow! I am glad I put up a Red Lipstick topic as I have taken down notes and will definitely check out some red lipsticks you gals have recommended. I am also glad to know that I'm not alone on being uncomfortable in wearing one :D

Can I continue the love for red?
I am officially announcing today the National Red Nail Polish Day! :D
Another nail art tutorial from yours truly!
I may not be a red lipstick wearer but hey! I can always start with the polish right?

Let me start the steps and I have to say again and again, I am in no way expert to nail art but I love doing it and I love sharing what I learn out of my own experience :) Enjoy!

Step 1:

Apply 2 coats of any bright red nail polish. In my case, I used The Face Shop's Red Polish

Step 2:

After the 2 coats of polish is dry, apply dots using a Nail Art Pen or any dotting tool to create petals.

Add more dots
if you want more flowers

Step 3:

Push in the dots using a needle to create a more detailed flower look

If you're nails are as long as mine or longer, apply more dots to create more flowers. Check out photo below

Step 4:

Apply a different colored dot for the flower bud

Step 5:

Apply a green polish shaping a teardrop as an illusion of leaves. Does not have to be perfect.

Step 6:

Making sure the nail art is dry. Thinly apply any glittery polish on top of the nail art. I use Caronia Silver Glitter Polish.

Step 7:

Apply a coat of Top Coat. I am using my favorite TFS Top Coat.

Here's as dainty and as red my nails can get Hope you like it!

Again, the flower nail art doesn't have to be perfect!
Seldom do we see flowers that are exactly alike in real life right?

Same with nail art :)

Stay happy!

Stay RED happy!


  1. These are so pretty :)!
    I have to grow my nails XD...They're short.

  2. I like the ring you have, btw...

    Maybe I should try to do flowers on my nails or something like that...well, one day...

  3. that's super cute!...

    I still haven't gotten used to wearing red nail polishes...but i'll have to try too!

  4. oHh i lke it! almost looks like acrylic nails to me =P

  5. cute as always, i should practice nail art & have pretty nails all the time like you :D

    & i LOVELOVE your ring !!

  6. This is such a beautiful nail aplication! Love this so much! Very hot n' tha sametime very pretty!

  7. wow. so pretty.
    national red nail polish day ehh.
    hmm. should i paint mine red as well?

    hey i wanna ask among the face shop, e.l.f and elianto.
    which is your favourite nail polish

  8. i am loving all ur nail posts lately because they become mroe girly and i love it!

  9. the ring really goes well with the design! love your nail art nikki :) my major inspiration

  10. OMG nikki! that is so pretty! love ur nails! :) but I can't do this cause I'm "pasmado". :(

  11. I think red nails suit you Nikki. :)

    Question about The Face Shop nail polishes: do they last long in the bottle without turning thick? I find that Rimmel London's nail polishes, while very easy to use, tend to get thick within a few months and I'd have to use a polish thinner.

  12. Cris :) Thanks I hope to see you do your nails too!

    Citrine, one day, if you did try, let me know!!! OK?

    Mary, wearing red polish isn't that bad :) Really! It does brighten my day!

  13. Fun & Makeup, if you say it looks like acrylic, that is like the BEST compliment ever!!!!

    Yumyumsushi, I bought the ring somewhere I can't remember and I want more colors but can't seem to see them sold anymore! :(

    From Beauty & Care Island, thanks sweetie!

  14. LyNn, thanks, I honestly cannot choose my favorite brand as I buy polish base on the color. I am not afraid to buy even the cheapest one as I make sure to use a base and a good top coat EVERY time :) I would say I like The Face Shop ones especially the matte colored polish, for Elianto, I love their glittery polishes :) For ELF, we don't have them selling ELF locally but I got all the colors from a dear friend Toma, so I'm lucky to have tried it, I like their polish because they dry pretty fast.

    Yumeko, seeing your nails on your photos, I know you are into dainty flower designs! :) I hope you can do yours already!!!

    Prettybeautiful, hey! I would say the same to you, I am always looking forward for your nail art posts :D

  15. i tried this but it didn't work :(

  16. red lips and then red nails? haha! i'm loving the red nikki!

  17. Those are soo adorable! You look really good with red polishes! :]

  18. ya we dont have elf in malaysia either :(
    even if we do i'll bet its so marked up.
    anyway a good base.. any recommendation?
    i know about your face shop top coat <3
    its already on my wishlist.

  19. Nehs, oh no, pasmado is hard ! It's hard to do nails if you're pasmado, I know what you mean! :) Stickers na lang? :D

    Liz, I store all my nail polish in a traincase, I find that it prolongs the life of the polish, or maybe it's just my weird imagination :) but so far, I have 1/4 of the polish left on some TFS polishes and it thickens only a bit, but it's still useable! :D

  20. Aika, really? Hmm..I wonder why, show it naman :D

    Sab, I know, I still remember your red shoes and bag!!!

    Fuz, aww thanks sweetie!

    LyNn, good base? hmm..I am using the Sally Hansen Base and Top coat, I find that I use it as base is better, I have yet to try the base coat from The Face Shop. I'll probably purchase as soon as I finish up the Sally Hansen.

  21. love love love it!

    actually im now slowly getting into nail arts because of your pretty & very easy nail tutorials...

    i got my first milani nail lacquer & im loving it!

    thanks for all the nail tutorials...
    you're simply amazing!


  22. those are so cute! they remind me of japanese cherry blossoms!

  23. this is so pretty nikki! with red lippy ... a red dress ... = sexy! hehe

  24. I absolutely love the ring with the nails. So chic!

  25. so cute!!! I love nail designs with dainty little flowers, you did a terrific job once again! :)

  26. Lovely look! You've got patience and a sturdy hand. I need that. lol.

  27. must learn how to do this!!!! hehehe... i just found a nail store nearby and they have everything from opi, china glaze and essie... im sure they have nail art pens!

  28. I love the way this turned out.
    thanks for the tutorial!!

  29. you're so talented at this. i'd draw all over my hands...

  30. Thiamere, you are welcome! i am really happy to hear that! I hope to see your nail art soon? But take your time though :)

    Lily, oohh I have tried to do cherry blossoms, but didn't really have the chance to be serious about it, thanks for saying it reminds you of the Cherry Blossoms, I'd love it to be that way!

    Jo, hahah I haven't tried doing that YET! hahaha

  31. B, thanks sweetie!

    Audrie, thank you!

    My-my, I honestly do not have sturdy hands, but I don't know why I can do it! I am surprised myself

    Miss Katin, yay!!! I'm sure you'll find one!!!! goodluck!!!

  32. Tina Marie Online, I'm glad you liked how it turned out :)

    M, NO WAY, if you can do make up, I'm sure you can do this! heheheh but I can do your nails anytime! Just let me know!

    Fab Beauty, :) do you use red polishes too?

  33. I love your nails Nikki!! They're so feminine!! I hate mine cuz they're so squarish and short, just like a man's!! >.<

    I'm digging the little flowers!! They look like stickers!! So pretty!! hehe!!

  34. Vanessa dear, thank you!

    Jenn, lol !I doubt yours look bad, squarish nails look wonderful! My nails are actually..well squarish/ovalish...not even a shape! hahaha I'm glad you like the li'l flowers and I love it that you say it looks like stickers! YAY!

  35. You're so talented! The nails are gorgeous!

  36. While I can't see myself sporting red puckers except on a glam night, my tips and toes are always bloody. Red polish creates an illusion of fairer skin :)

  37. Niiki! You are the creative nail designer that I always come to first; your designs are one of the best out there without using store-brought design and rely heavily on your artsy skills.. Just beautiful... I'm so impressed.. Love

  38. Gio thank you!

    Renren, thanks!

    Tish, so true! :) I love red toenails!

    Vivian, thanks for your sweet comments, I am glad you enjoyed my nail art, I would like to keep it easy for people to understand how it's done :D And trust me I can't do intricate designs! LOL

  39. Love what you did. I wish I wasn't so lazy when it comes to my nails. =/

  40. Tokyostargirl, thank you :) I know, there are times I get lazy too! :)

  41. To be honest the only nail polish I like is a clear one or a french manicure. That maybe because it's the most natural look. I find strong colors a direct turn-off. -But again. We're all different. I love natural looking girls. They are way more beautiful than girls carrying a metric tonne of cosmetics on their body.


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