Sunday, April 26, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC Shadesticks

I only own 2 Shadesticks and thanks to Mona for selling them because I won't have the chance to even try them because I've checked MAC Philippines and I was told they don't sell Shadesticks for quite some time now. Not sure why!

So I got 2 of the "in demand" shadesticks.

MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing
and MAC Sharkskin

MAC Shadestick Beige-ing

Beige/Nude/Champagne color
with Shimmer

MAC Sharkskin

A bit grayish black
with a lot of shimmer

MAC Shadesticks says ---

A smooth and silky, rich and creamy eye shadow delivered in a sophisticated stick-style format. Provides rich gem-style color overlaid by soft semi-precious finishes of shine. Glides on: works as a shadow - or a liner. Builds up coverage from sheer: color always looks fabulous. More than an eye shadow. Total I-impact.

1.5 g / 0.05 US oz

Askmewhats says ---

  • Packaging is wonderful, easy to take along
  • Love it that its retractable, no sharpening needed! (as opposed to NYX Jumbo eye pencils)
  • Beige-ing is great to intensify light e/s, Sharkskin is great to intensify any dark e/s colors both gives out different color dimension
  • great as e/s base
  • non-messy, fuss-free!
  • doesn't dry easily as compared to MAC's Paintpots
  • both colors can be worn alone, just have to blend them well with brush or fingers
  • one tube can lasts for a long time
  • creases my e/s if applied without base
  • requires a bit of tugging if the shadesticks aren't warm enough

I find that shadesticks are a good addition to your makeup kit, but it is NOT required. Some people love this as a base but to some people with oilier lids probably need additional help with an eyeshadow primer.

I find that shadesticks are wonderful to intensify ANY e/s colors and they are great to give a certain e/s color a different "FEEL".

  • for people who lives in warm weather (like I do), always use an e/s base before the Shadesticks, it'll protect you from creasing
  • warm the shadesticks by rubbing between your hands to prevent pulling during application
  • pat on e/s instead of rubbing it on top of the shadesticks
  • MAC Sharkskin can be used as thick eyeliner
  • MAC Beige-ing can be use to brighten up the inner corner of the eyes and browbone
  • can use MAC Sharkskin on its own and blend for a quicky smokey look
  • you can go for NYX Jumbo Pencils if you can't find shadesticks
  • if applying it directly on your lids felt dry, gently rub the shadestick with your fingers for the products to be warm up and easier to blend
Will I repurchase?

No, and it's not available anyways.

Where can you purchase and how much?

for approx $16.00 at MAC stores
I've checked with MAC Philippines and I was told they don't sell it anymore

Do you own shadesticks?
Are they worth it? Or not?
I personally think I can go without it
but it's nice to have one or two in the collection :)
Have a great weekend!!!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks for the review ^_^!
    OK, I won't be buying any while I live in warm weather XD, I'm way too lazy to use base :-P.
    I did swatch the new red one from Sugarsweet and it's so pretty :), but I have red eye shadow in my new Sephora palette now ;D.

  2. there are the two things ive been wantig to get. im just holding it off coz i dont really need it lol.

    Anyway, Queen of Blending of youtube only uses beijing shadestick as a base or primer coz its the only thing that works for her. It doesnt crease on her. I wanna try it coz i wanna find out if it will work on my oily lids. I was gonna get this instead of the paintpots but the MUA at Mac convinced me that paintpots are better. Well my paintpot creased on me :(

    On the lighter note, thank you for the review.

  3. Ooooh... Sharkskin looks amazing.

  4. They do look convenient! Beige-ing looks pretty.

  5. nice review!! Sharkskin looks really pretty, it would be lovely for a smoky eye.

  6. hehe i wonder if maybelline and elf would be a good dupe for this.

  7. i never knew there was MAC shadesticks.. and i dont own any shadesticks myself... lol im kinda bad when it comes to makeup.. i really dont have much wen it seems like i do..

  8. So you're the one that snagged those from M when I tried to pick them up!!! hahahaha

  9. wow!!
    thanks for reviewing this! ^^

  10. thanks for the review.. :)
    if they were available, i don't think i'd be purchasing them anyway lol.. way past my budget for an e/s stick!
    but i'm inspired to find close dupes..i love finding dupes! especially more affordable ones..

  11. im ok with shadesticks. its easy to bring around like you said but i prefer benefit's creaseless creams :)

  12. Cris, really? You're lucky! You don't need base at all!!! WOW!! The one from Sugarsweet is calling my name too! But good luck! It won't arrive til forever here! :D

    iambeautiful20, well if you have wonderful base to use for your e/s you can live without these :) But yeah, I saw Queen of Blending using them, so those PANACEA81 :)wow if paintpots creases on you, this probably will!

    Catherine, yes, Sharkskin is surprisingly pretty!!!

  13. Kasumi, :) Do you use any Shadesticks?

    Audrie, Sharkskin works really good for smokey eyes, I've used it over the weekend! FAB!

    LyNn, I think ELF doesn't have one for now..I think the perfect dupe for this is NYX for sure!

  14. FuN and MakeUp, no way! I've seen you with make up and you don't look bad at all! You honestly look like a PRO

    K, so sorry!!! :( Forgive me?

    Anastacia, thanks!

  15. miRaCLe, no problem, its my pleasure!

    My Beauty corner, yeah, I think locally we have the Careline and Fashion 21, but they could crease if you're not careful!

    M, I've seen you use the creaseless creams..and they look fab!!!

  16. I have beige-ing too! While i love how vibrant my shadows are with this underneath... this is one shadestick from hell - it is soo dry and it tugs on my lids like crazy! Needless to say its been sitting in my makeup box for ages already!! hehehe!! :D

  17. There's shadesticks from the Sugarsweet Collection. Its already available in our MAC counters. You might want to check it out.

  18. hi nikki!
    i jst bought my first shadestick also and i think they're quiet similar to NYX crayons in terms of pigmentaion and they're much cheaper also! what do you think?

  19. Jenn , I know what you mean abou the dryness, I need to have eye cream before I use this ):

    Anonymous, really? I just walked passed MAC Glorietta today and I didn't see it, or am i too bline? LOL

    Jo,NYX jumbo pencils are creamier and tends to crease even more, but I like the consistency of NYX Jumbo Pencils but it depends on the color though...the shimmery ones form NYX are WONDERFUL!!!! The matte ones are a bit too chalky :):

  20. I like MAC Shadesticks a lot... hehe~ Thanks for the review! :)

  21. thanks for the review! The NYX pencils creased even when I used UDPP underneath. Looks like I'll pass on this one! Try Sharkskin with light iridescent colors too. It gives a very cool effect :D

  22. Conniem, I know NYX creases on most oily lids! I think it does to me too unless I use primer! Thanks for the tip :)


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