Monday, April 27, 2009

Askmewhats Report & Weekend Food Tripping at: WTC

What the world am I doing for a weekend food tripping at the World Trade Center? LOL It's not a restaurant obviously but I wanted to blog about this because I had some snacks here and took some shots. I twitted about going there last Saturday! And I went there and had fun! This bazaar was quite small but I like it that its small because I was able to go around the whole area without having to feel the pains on my poor legs :P

But before I go further on the bazaar, I want to share a super funny story. I've heard about the bazaar a couple of days ago, so without any doubt, I went there with the hubby. When we arrived at the parking area, we saw a huge banner that says : "HOG FESTIVAL" and there's a cute cartoon of a pig (which at that time I didn't feel it was amusing at all). Me and Keith looked at each other and he wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry! LOL After parking, we walked and saw pigs of all sizes! LOL Keith kept on reassuring me that there must be some other stuffs selling at the bazaar. So we went on to sign the registration form and I nearly laughed when the form has -- FARM , SOW LEVEL on it! Good thing we didn't give up and went ahead and ask the guard. LOL *whew* there is another "Fiesta Bazaar" happening at the other side.

But yeah, that's a funny experience! Pigs do smell!!! But they're still cute!!! I do feel bad for eating them after I saw them! :P

So back to the Fiesta Bazaar :D Are you ready?

When we got in we have to eat! We haven't had any snacks and the sausage that's been cooking makes us sniff all the way to the booth! :)

Manila Deli
shares a booth
with Potato Corner

The Hungarian Sausage
that's been cooking
right in front of you

There's Mayonnaise,
Ketchup and Mustard

hidden below the sausage

Shawarma stall
with a lot of home cooked meal

And we have to drink!

I chose Four Seasons Juice Drink

Aaww the kid is too cute!

She couldn't concentrate
on the filling the cup

A bit distracted with the cam-whorer

The Russian Cookie House

Hand Made cookies

I've tasted those minis

And decided to purchase
Mini Jan Hagels
36pcs for Php250.00 (approx $5.20)

Had a stopover at a Korean seller
She sells BB creams,
nail polishes
and masks!!!
I bought a couple of masks!

Stopped by
Embodyment booth
Tested on their lip balms
and moisturizers

Love their body butter!
Shen, I know why you're addicted to them

Lovely Adeline explaining to me

the function of each soap

Eeekk so many to choose from
They all smell heavenly!

Took home these

Will review them soon!

Hope they work for my skin

I had a wonderful time!
Afterwards, went to the home of Keith's pal
they played mahjong, I sang Karaoke :P
Wanna hear me sing?LOL
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. I wanna hear you sing!!!!!!!!! please sing for me pretty Twin! hehe

    Fiesta Bazaar looks fun. The sausage looks yummy. I look forward to your weekend food tripping all the times...just so I could drool on my keyboard ~~~ :P

  2. I´m stuck on a conference call, starving, looking at your pics!! YUM!!

    Really funny about the Sows!! LOL!

  3. Hey, Nikki!
    I love your weekend posts!
    Very exciting!

  4. cute outfit nikki! :) how much are the body butters?

  5. nice haul!!

    I do love bazaars like those, wish US would have those things...! I went to a few in Thailand awhile back..and I loved it!!

  6. i love going to bazaar too! :D but usually i will try not to bring too much cash with me as i am always tempted to buy stuff that i dont really need. :P

  7. wow looks lke u had a blast!
    i looove korean makeup/ skincare (but i'm biased...i'm korean LMAo)

  8. I wanna hear you sing for me, i can't eat unchopped lechon. I feel guilty too hehe

  9. Wohoo!! BAZAAR! :D my ninang is my partner in crime with these things. hehe. we must've gone to every major bazaar in the metro during Christmas season - too bad we missed this one! :D

  10. mMmm food chocolate deserts.. my favorite!! and of course makeup!! lol
    the hotdog looks really diff from ours.. our hotdog isnt designed with swirls.. but i think i want hotdog for dinner tonite! lol u got me cravin


  11. your weekend is fun!:D I love going to WTC (especially during book fairs hehe) but my dad won't accompany me T^T sad faith. Did you buy anything from the Korean seller? if you do post it! :D I am looking forward to your posts this week ate nikki! ^_^

  12. EbeautyBlog, TWIN!!! hahahah nah! you have to sing duet with me! :P I'm glad to see you enjoying my weekend food posts..i do drool too! Even after posting about it!

    Jamilla Camel, hahahah sorry! Conference calls aren't as exciting as food eh?

    Anastacia, you find them exciting? hahaha

    Catherine, yes, it was ! Excpet the HOG festival! LOL

    Steph, thanks. Body butters? The 50g costs Php150.00 the 100g costs Php300.00

    Mary,thanks . I love bazaars, you see a lot of stuffs in one area and you can always bargain :)

    Prettybeautiful, true, all the cash I brought with me....are GONE!!!

    Paint Me Gorgeous, hey! i didn't know that! thanks for letting me know!!!

    Ury, I don't eat Lechon overall..PERIOD! Lol

    Gingerbee, Christmas bazaars are the BEST!!!

    LipStick Staiin, it swirled because he cut it with a knife, it came out really pretty, like ribbon fries :) What did you have for dinner?

  13. OMG!!

    That hotdog look super good =)

    You look so pretty and cute!

    May I ask how old you are? Cause you look like 18.......

    whats the secret if ure older than 18 !!

  14. Gia, aww aren't you a sweetheart, I know what you mean about trade fairs, good price, lots of freebies especially for food! :) I love tasting! hahahha

    Beeyoutiful7, awww thanks!!! You really want to know how old I am? Lol I missed out my birthday post! I am darn old 30! and there's no secret, just be crazy! LIKE MOI :P

  15. yummy foods!!
    that's such a cute story! :p
    luckily you didn't end up buying a piglet. hahas.

    nice haul! the cherry lipbalm looks cute~ ^^

  16. lol... thats so cute!! You must have been shocked when you found out that there's a pig festival going on!! lol!! :D yes pigs are cute!! hehe!! :D

    Nice hauls you have there Nikki!! and the hot dog made me drool!!

  17. ahahah me love Karaoke! You know I always drool over your Food Trip post and those soaps look so yummy too....for my nose in that matter hehehe

  18. looks like you had a great time!

    Nic haul and th food looks yummy!

  19. never pako nagvisit ng bazaar. hahaha i know i know, i'm such loser -_- haha just got home from school and sobra naman ako nagutom sa mga food photos mo :(

    thanks for the comment on my nails. haha still trying to make some patterns like yours kaso mahirap hahaha

  20. You are so lucky to be able to hit up all of these super cool restaurants. That swirly hotdog looks kinda cool.

  21. miRaCLe, oh wow! that's a new thought, buying a piglet and call him BABE! awww!

    Jenn, Trust me, I nearly left the area ASAP! LOL The sausage tastes wonderful!!!

    Nanzy, I'm glad you are into Karaoke too! Maybe you start to make your YT videos singing? LOL

  22. Gio,I had a wonderful time and I'm glad with the hauls, I've got more, but bought them for swaps and gifts :) So I don't blog about them , its supposed to be a surprise lol

    Miemiemie, you're not loser you're just busy with studies :)

    B, I know! I love restos and that's also relaxing for me!!! :)

  23. you look so cute nikki!

    haha and i laughed when you said you were gonna cry when u saw the pig sign lol. i would've felt the same

    and i wish i was there everything looks so yummy!

    how often does the bazaar come?

  24. food and beauty!! the best of both worlds xD

  25. those goodies look great! Love lip stuff :D

  26. Sometimes I can't decide if I like your food posts more or the beauty posts!! Hehehe.

  27. Jo, i know! the hubby kept teasing me about it UP TO DATE! LOL Bazaar? I dont' think it comes often, for cosmetics and clothes, they have different fairs :) But I believe there's a lot of makeup / cosmetics bazaar in different places down here, one thing coming up is THE FORST :)

    NicNic, So true !I am in love with both food and beauty stuffs :)

    Connie, me too! I am into lip stuffs :)

    Fuz, hahahah you better NOT decide woman! Coz I won't stop blogging both :)

  28. hi nikki! just wondering if you have the contact info of the person selling bb creams in the bazaar? i wanted to try sana since i read your bb cream reviews e :)

  29. Hi Anonymous, kindly send me back an email or something so when I go back home, I can check back the flyers I got and will send it to you their contact information :)

  30. ooh please do tell us how the body butters smell! i wanted to order some, but i think they're still in the process of getting their products sold online.

  31. Lily, oh sure! i am currently using both! Lavender at night and the Olive during daytime, I love them!!!


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