Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AMW Makeover: Graduation Day

(Note from author: I would like to thank Rhea for permitting me to post her photos)

Happy day everyone!

The weekend has been busy for me! One busy thing that I love to do is doing a makeover for Rhea, graduating for her MBA degree! She also requested a long lasting makeup as her graduation starts at 9am and she will be busy with her daughter's birthday party in the afternoon.

Long lasting makeup! :) That's a challenge I am willing to take!

Here's Rhea and
her wonderful daughter
Andie the cutie :D

Since Rhea is such a cool mom!

She said she's open for any eyeshadow colors!

I did quite a colorful
yet not so overwhelming eye look

This makeup will complement
her white graduation outfit!

She also trusted me to do her hair!
I am in no way an expert on hair

But I do know a thing or 2 on curling! :)

Rhea Before

Rhea after

Products Used ---

For the face:
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light
P&J Cream Foundation in 03 Clear
P&J Dual Powder Foundation No. 30

For the brows:
MAC Coquette

For the eyes:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay e/s in Last Call
Urban Decay e/s in Gridlock
MAC Carbon
Kate Gradical eyes in white
Stila Smudgepots in Black
P&J Curly Mascara in Black

For the cheeks:
MAC Grand Duo in Light Over Dark
Nars Orgasm

For the lips:
Kiehl's no. 1 lip balm
ELF lip pencil in bitter
Ellana lip color in Romance

Congratulations Rhea
on your graduation day!
And Belated Happy Birthday to Andie
thanks for the big hug Andie :)
Thanks for making me a part of your special day!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Very pretty and appropriate!

    Congratulations to Rhea on getting an MBA!! Woohoo! And happy birthday to Andie!!

  2. awww...
    she look pretty...
    she got a sweet smile!

  3. What a lovely job you did! Congratulations to Rhea too! Wow!

  4. beautiful!! You did a wonderful job, congrats on her MBA! That's a big accomplishment :)

  5. Great job Nikki! Her skin looked flawless after the makeover.

  6. wow with a professional camera tooo! u did a nice job...


  7. You did a great job with her look, its very fitting for a graduation! I like her curls too :)

  8. That's a really nice look, polished by she still looks herself...

  9. the make up suits her very well! :D I just love it when a person shows her glamorous self it's very refreshing~ and the colors are not too strong for her face. she's just uber pretty :)

  10. good job, nikki! she looks great.

  11. great job nikki! she looks really gorgeous, lurrrrrve her hair! i have only attempted to curl my hair once and never did it again because i totally sucked at it! :(

  12. I looove that first picture. How cute is that? And she looks absolutely beautiful. You did a great job on the foundation!

  13. Nikki! thank you so much for this! I so love what you did to me! and the curls, gorgeous! :) hahaha :) super duper thank you! :)

  14. Nikki! Where were you when I was having my graduation! I'd have looked like a million bucks too! :D Great job

  15. You did such a pretty look on her! She looks so bright and gorgeous. :)

  16. Nice makeover! I always enjoy reading your makeover post. It's fun to look at the transformation. It's the reason y we love makeup so much!!! hehehe

  17. So so beautiful, lovely lady, even lovelier after going under your hands, and amazing pictures as well [i love photography, that's the first thing i've notices].

  18. Great job, Nikki!
    Nice makeover!
    I like that look :)!

  19. Congrats to her ^_^!
    When I grow my hair again, I'd love you to curl it XD :).

  20. OMG i love what you did to her face and hair!! So lovely and elegant!! You're such an expert Nikki!! :D

    Congrats to Rhea for your graduation! :D

  21. great job, you enhanced her features beautifully!

  22. Great great job sis. Super pretty & flawless work. I'm sure she loved it too. I can see it sa smile niya.. hehe..=]

  23. Ooh great job. Man you're a super makeup artist, Nikki!

  24. wow! congratulations to Rhea! I'll text her later :)

    great hair and makeup Nikki! I like what you did to her hair..I really dream of trying curly hair and see what I look like haha *curious* :)

  25. You did a great job, she looks gorgeous!

  26. great work nikki!

    you know your friend reminds me of the korean actresses on them drama series hehe

  27. Thanks everyone for the sweet comment! :) I am lucky Rhea is such a breeze to put make up on, she's such a cool person and she has a wonderful pretty face :D

  28. You did an awesome job!! She looks so happy, haha.

  29. Wee! So pretty yet so elegant! Congrats, sweetie :) Andie is sooo cute! Congrats to your friend, too :)

  30. Wow! You gave her such an amazing make over! She looks absolutely gorgeous! Good Job! :)

  31. WOOOOT! Awesome makeover! You did really well *pat on the back* ;-)

  32. great job with the hair and makeup! she's definitely glowing :)

  33. she looks beautiful!!! great job!

  34. great job nikki! congrats to rhea too on finishing her MBA!

  35. You did a great job! You made her even more beautiful. Congrats to the graduate!

  36. Great makeover!:) She looks so pretty and elegant. I love what you did with her hair.:)

  37. Congrats to Rhea

    I love the look :D pretty yet simple :D

  38. *tears* you are becoming such a well rounded makeup artist! Remember me when you're famous lol!


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